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Is a Home Warranty Worth It? Experienced Customers Weigh I...

August 20, 2018

Like many homeowners, you've probably wondered if you should get a home warranty. You want protection for your home syst...

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11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Home Warranty Company

February 07, 2018

The amount of money you save on home appliance repairs will be directly affected by your choice of home warranty covera...

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Is Your Home Warranty Company Ripping You Off?

September 30, 2017

One of the most common tactics of some less ethical home warranty companies is to sell you a "unique" selection of item...

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    The Real Reason People Are Scared of Home Warranties
    With recurring expenses like warranties, most homeowners focus on two things: risk and necessity. Most people assume that home warranties are both risky and unnecessary, simply because they aren't often required for obtainin...
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    The Best Way to Unpack and Stay Organized After Moving
    So you've finally found that perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. You've purchased your home and are ready to move in. Now what? This is the beginning of what could be one of the most stressful processes of adult life. Y...
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    5 Essential Tips for New Homeowners
    Moving into a new home may be one of the most stressful events of adulthood (right alongside having a job and raising children). Choosing the right home is half the battle; what you do with that home is the other half. Make s...
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    How to Find the Best Home Warranty Plans and Avoid the Scams
    It’s no secret home warranties do not have a good reputation. However, that reputation does not change the fact that there are reliable, reputable home warranty companies out there; you just have to know what to look fo...
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    Is Your Home Warranty Company Ripping You Off?
    One of the most common tactics of some less ethical home warranty companies is to sell you a "unique" selection of items covered by a warranty when, in reality, the coverage is actually average or below average. The best thi...
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    3 Tips for Proper Home Maintenance
    In order to qualify for a home warranty, most home warranty companies require you to have adequately maintained your appliances and home systems. Having a home warranty can provide peace of mind, but not having to replace or...

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