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LAST UPDATED: February 14th, 2023

Wyze is one of the most (if not the most) affordable home security systems on the market. The DIY home monitoring system is easy to install and comes with everything you need to protect your home. 

Wyze's Home Monitoring Service is designed to keep homeowners safe. The security system not only alerts users when there is a security threat but from threats such as fire and water damage.

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The Good

  • Affordability
  • Installation and Setup
  • Contract Length
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


Wyze's home security system is extremely affordable. You can get a professional home security system that only costs $5 per month. Compared to other home security systems, which generally cost anywhere from $15 per month to $40+ per month, this is incredibly affordable. 

Plus, if you select Wyze's Core Starter Kit and pay annually, you'll receive 50 percent off. 
The Core Starter Kit comes with the following:

  • Wyze Sense Hub
  • Wyze Sense Keypad
  • Wyze Sense Entry Sensors (x2)
  • Wyze Sense Motion Sensor
  • Window Decals (x2)
  • Free Shipping

However, if you choose to pay monthly, the kit is still only $79.98 (a reasonable price for everything that comes in the box). 

Whichever plan you choose, there are some benefits. You're only billed once a year, and you get 50 percent off the Core Starter Kit. The annual plan comes with extra features. All in all, everything should be around $100 (and honestly, you're getting a lot for a really decent price).

That said, the monthly plan is still a good option if you want to pay less money upfront. You are only charged for the Core Starter Kit (which is a one-time fee of $79.98) and your $4.99 monthly bill for the Wyze's Home Monitoring Service. This puts your total around $84.97. You still get free shipping, so you don't have to worry about that. 

Installation and Setup

Setting up your Wyze Home Security System should only take about 40 minutes to an hour to complete. While this isn't the quickest setup time we've seen, it definitely beats paying for an installer. Wyze's instructions on installing the system are straightforward to follow, so there should be no surprises.

Once you've set everything up, it's time to place the sensors, keypad, and decals around your home. We love Wyze because the sensors, keypad, and decals are extremely easy to place (and great for renters). The sensors and keypad come with sticky backs that are easy to place and stick anywhere on your doors, windows, and walls.

You can easily place your motion sensor near a backdoor or somewhere on your property that doesn't have a camera and receive alerts whenever someone or something walks by in that area. 

Contract Length

While other home security companies will lock you into one or two-year contracts, Wyze lets you cancel at any time without penalty. 

1-Year Limited Warranty

Wyze does have one of the shortest warranties among DIY security companies. There is a 1-year limited warranty, but after that, you're pretty much on your own. However, the shorter warranty is kind of offset by the affordable prices on Wyze products. 


The Bad

  • No Cellular Backup
  • No Standalone Products
  • Products Are Not for Outdoor Use

No Cellular Backup

Wyze does not support cellular backup. The company explains that this feature is only helpful if there is an internet outage during a home intrusion. Wyze also explains that if it did offer cellular backup, it would increase monthly costs. 

No Standalone Products

Remember that Wyze's motion, climate, entry, and leak sensors are not standalone products and require the Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit. 

Products Are Not for Outdoor Use

Wyze's home security products are not suited for outdoor use. If you want to, you can put your sensors and keypad outside, but plan on this negatively affecting the battery life and reducing the product's overall effectiveness.  


The Bottom Line

Wyze is the perfect option for those who want a home security system but perhaps don't have the budget to afford a system from some of the bigger-name home security companies. We also appreciate the fact that Wyze's security system is easy to set up and install (since not everyone is a tech genius).

Keep in mind that Wyze doesn't have the longest warranty, so you may find yourself replacing and paying out of pocket for extra sensors. While this is a little inconvenient, all the products are fairly affordable. 

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