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LAST UPDATED: May 2nd, 2022

Spark Alert provides smart protection for residential and commercial clients. It provides 24/7 monitoring and gives you the ability to interact with your system through the Spark Alert app. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Bundles
  • DIY Installation
  • Home Automation Integrations
  • U.S.-Based Customer Service

Equipment Bundles

Spark Alert offers three equipment bundles which include the following equipment:

Starter Spark Bundle  $99 Spark Plus Bundle  $119 Spark Plus Bundle  $119
  • 1 smart hub, Alexa integration
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 remote/key fob
  • 1 smart hub, Alexa integration
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 2 door/window sensor
  • 1 remote/key fob
  • 1 smart hub, Alexa integration
  • 2 motion sensor
  • 2 door/window sensor
  • 1 remote/key fob

You can select the package that best meets your needs and budget. If you need additional door/window sensors or motion sensors, you can purchase more for $29.99 each. You arm/disarm and monitor your system through the Spark Alert app, which is available to download for free on Google Play and the App Store.

DIY Installation

Each equipment bundle includes instructions so you can install your system yourself. The smart hub and sensors are battery operated. There is no need to drill holes in your walls or run power to the sensors. However, you will need to monitor the battery life of each piece of equipment to ensure your system is functioning properly.

Home Automation Integrations

Spark Alert’s smart hub can integrate with Alexa and other Amazon Echo equipment. This allows your security system to integrate with any other home automation products that are compatible with the Amazon Echo system.

Smart Alert’s equipment uses Zigbee to communicate with each other. Because Zigbee is used by many smart home ecosystem providers, you should hypothetically be able to integrate your Spark Alert security system with any Zigbee powered product. If you have specific questions about Spark Alert’s home automation compatibility, we encourage you to contact a sales representative for more information.

U.S.-Based Customer Service

Spark Alert’s customer service center is based in the United States. You can contact the company’s support team via phone or email whenever you have a question.


The Bad

  • Limited Monitoring Information
  • No Security Cameras

Limited Monitoring Information

Spark Alert’s website states it provides 24/7 monitoring services. However, it does not provide any information about the price of the monitoring service or any contract obligations. You will need to contact a sales representative for more information on this service. 

No Security Cameras

Many security companies include indoor and outdoor security cameras as part of their security systems. Spark Alert does not provide this option. If you’re interested in adding security cameras, you will need to ask a sales representative about compatible equipment options or look for a different security system.


The Bottom Line

Spark Alert is a great, DIY security system. It provides the necessary security equipment at an affordable price. It integrates with the Amazon Echo product ecosystem, allowing you to control your system through Alexa or the Spark Alert app. For this reason, we would not recommend this security system for anyone who is not comfortable using technology. 

Spark Alert’s equipment is all battery operated, which makes it simple to install. However, this requires you to actively monitor and replace batteries to ensure your system remains functional. You also do not have the option of adding security cameras to your security system. If security cameras are a must-have equipment option for you, you will need to consider a different security system. 

We do not currently have any Spark Alert reviews. We recommend you compare its security system with our top-rated security companies to ensure it's the right choice for you.

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