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LAST UPDATED: June 2nd, 2022

Founded in 1988, Protection 1 has grown to become one of the largest full-service security companies in the nation. This company is not a do-it-yourself solution, but provides free professional installation. Protection 1 protects nearly 2 million customers and operates more than 90 full-service branch locations across the country. The company offers four security packages ranging from $34.99 to $54.99/month. 24/7 non-automated phone system-meaning, when you call, you get a real person every time.

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The Good

  • Access to 24/7 Non-Automated Customer Support
  • $1,000 Deductible Protection
  • $150 Moving Credit
  • Wireless Systems
  • Remote Garage Door Control
  • Free Professional Installation

Access to 24/7 Non-Automated Customer Support

Protection 1 operates a non-automated customer support center that is available 24/7. This means you get connected to a real person when you call. The company also provides a "live chat" customer service option. All of this results in little to no wait times and real customer service-not always the case with other security providers.

$1,000 Deductible Protection

In the event of a loss due to burglary or fire damage, Protection 1's "Safety Net" coverage ensures the company will pay up to $1,000 of the home insurance deductible. This is a unique feature not offered by many other security providers.

$150 Moving Credit

Additionally, if a customer moves during their contract term, Protection 1 will install a new or existing system in the new home and provide a $150 credit towards activation costs.

Wireless Systems

All Protection 1 equipment is wireless, making installation easy and non-intrusive.

Remote Garage Door Control

While most of Protection 1's home automation and security equipment is industry standard, the company does have a unique remote garage door control that isn't offered by most competitors (most security providers simply provide a garage door sensor). The LiftMaster MyQ garage door controller allows customers to check the status of whether the garage door is open or closed-and even remotely open or close it. Customers can also program the feature to automatically close the garage door at a pre-set time after the security system is armed.

Free Professional Installation

As Protection 1 is not a do-it-yourself solution, equipment is installed by a professional, and the company provides this service at no cost. 


The Bad

  • 36-Month Contract
  • Limited Fine Print Information About Policies, Fees, Warranties, etc.
  • Poor Cancellation Terms
  • Equipment is Always Owned by Protection 1
  • No Doorbell Camera Feature
  • The "Affordable" Base Model Option Requires a Landline Phone

36-Month Contract 

Like most security providers, Protection 1's equipment and services don't come without a commitment-in this case, a 36-month contract.

Limited Fine Print Information about Policies, Fees, Warranties, etc.

And while the company provides little to no detailed information regarding its policies, fees and warranties, we were able to uncover its cancellation terms.

Poor Cancellation Terms

If customers want out of the three-year contract, they are responsible for 100 percent of the remaining balance (other providers give a 20 percent or more cut on the balance). Additionally, customers only have a 14-day window to try out equipment, which is significantly shorter than 30- to 60-day trial periods offered by other providers. If a customer does decide to terminate their contract within the initial 14-day period, they are responsible for return shipping costs and a $79 restocking fee. 

Equipment Is Always Owned by Protection 1

Due to the nature of Protection 1's packages and contracts, all equipment is always owned by the company rather than the customer; however, this is common with most professionally installed providers.

No Doorbell Camera Feature

The company also doesn't provide the popular doorbell cam feature, which is now widely offered by most large security providers.

The "Affordable" Base Model Option Requires a Landline Phone

Protection 1 offers a variety of packages, but it is important to note that the affordable $34.99/month option is only compatible with landlines, which are vulnerable to cord-cutting burglars. 

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The Bottom Line

For a professionally installed provider, Protection 1 has a lot to offer with competitive prices, exceptional customer service and the latest home automation equipment; however, if you're a non-committal consumer who doesn't like the idea of paying the full price of a three-year contract (even if you cancel early!), then you might want to continue your search. Additionally, if you think you might move in the next 36 months, you'll want to make sure the area is covered by Protection 1. If not, you'll still be responsible for paying out that pesky contract.

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Lynn Webb Salt Lake City, UT

I kept getting messages telling me that my credit card was being declined. The first one was valid. The rest was bogus. After the second alert I called protection 1 and paid my bill in full. And then I canceled my account and removed authorizations for automatic payments. After that I started receiving collection calls. I told them I paid and that I verified it with my bank. I gave them the date and approximate time that I called and made the payment. Those calls occurred several times. Each time I told them to contact their accounting department and they could trace the payment. After those several calls I got an alert from my bank telling me they took more money out after I canceled. I called and they confirmed that they had done no research and they had no intentions on doing any research. They also confirmed they had no record of my payments they generated from my account. Since they refused to accept ownership and responsibility for there billing. I took the responsibility and contacted my bank and the bank provided all the details that they would need to trace my payments. After this I got my first positive confirmation in an email that they would research it. Two weeks Later I’m still getting calls and emails. I don’t know if they want me to fly to there head quarters and take their hand and walk them through the process of tracing a credit charge receipt. I’m being sarcastic. But the way they handled this is indicative on the way they handle security issues. The two can’t be separated By the way about 2 weeks before this started I got a call for a false alarm. My doors were all closed and my alarm was still set to ready. I’m very skeptical on protection 1 to function.

4 years ago

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Pete Tarpon Springs, FL

We have had Protection 1 security for about a year. They're monitoring program has never worked nothing but problems. If our alarm goes off for any reason, we never get communication from them over the two way. We have had five of their technicians out to look at our system. They replaced it three times, tested the system, determined that our signal is strong, and yet it still does NOT work . Don't sign a contract for a service that they can't provide. They lie. Dishonest in their misleading contract, and their commitment to hold up their end of it. They expect us to hold up our end of the contract, yet they are not willing to hold up their end of the contract for the service that we are paying for. When you buy or pay for a service, you expect it to work. Their service has never worked. Their response is to threaten you into fulfilling the remaining four years of their contract for a service and security that they can't provide. We will see them in court.

4 years ago

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R. Flores Fresno, CA

1. Poor communication: They rarely communicate with their customers. They also try to create fear in the customer to maintain their service after the contract is completed. Cancelling the service AFTER the contract is completed is nearly impossible, and they LIE about much of the legal requirements! 2. THEY LIE! They lie to customers about the "realities" of the monitoring business and the associated costs! As they bought monitoring contracts and companies, they acquired MASSIVE DEBT but falsely blamed increasing healthcare and other costs for price increases when in fact their actual costs for monitoring had DECREASED! [The true nature of their lack of profits was poor business decisions, NOT increased costs!] The also LIE when they claim to realize that their customers have other "options" as they pull every trick in the book to keep their ignorant customers from discovering their deceptive tactics and the true pricing of alternative monitoring systems where the norm is to DECREASE the costs dramatically after the contract expires!! 3. Pricing: They dramatically increase pricing AFTER the contract is completed with "scare tactics" relative to (a) claims of poor service from competitors, (b) inability of competitors to service their systems, [which is partly true as they try to only use proprietary products, BUT it is easy to replace such equipment and cheaper than their extortion pricing!], (c) they LIE about the reasons for price increases [Gain sympathy - For example, they claimed that an increase was due to "healthcare increases" when they PASS ON such increases to most of their employees!!! Only "fat cat" executives get FREE healthcare! AND, they imply that all of their competitors are experiencing the same increases (A LIE!)] 4. Cancellation LIES: They force you to speak with three or four people who all try to STOP your cancellation with more distortions/lies. [It is emotionally draining as they "interrogate' you and try to STOP you with false/distorted information. Lastly, they try to put you on a contract for 3-6 years at a reduced rate. [Why did they NOT reduce the rate years ago??? Insulting, but true!] Worse yet, they LIE about the process for cancellation. (a) They claim that they require a "30-day" notice, which is NOT TRUE! (b) They require you to disclose all of the reasons for leaving AND your "new" provider's name! [This is utter NONSENSE!] (c) They attempt to use FEAR and implications of "danger" and poor quality protection...BUT, they only have a 4.5 rating (Out of 10) and are ranked 18th out of 20! (WHO offers poor quality??) 5. LIES about the industry and pricing: They refuse to admit the truth regarding monitoring as they offer obsolete "solutions" at outrageous prices! We were able to obtain high quality monitoring for $6 per month with NO contract while Protection 1 (P1) was at $42/month!!! SEVEN TIMES as much!!! AND, P1 requires a land line!!! 6. Unfair contracts!! After paying for equipment via contracts with high monitoring prices, they still require 5-year contracts for their "best" pricing of $20+/month. WORSE YET, you must "buy out" the contract for early cancellation!!! [I can understand this is part of the equipment price is in the contract, but this is NOT the case!!! There is NO reason for a contract...esp after you have paid dearly for the equipment! The truth... They are just greedy liars! 7. Free System LIE!! There is NO FREE ANYTHING! Presently, they limit the equipment for those "free systems" and most people end up paying $500 to $1000 IN ADDITION to owing about $50/month for 5 to 6 years!!! Here is how it works. The actual "cost" of the systems to P1 is about $500 tops! (including installation!) They take in $500 to $1000 up front. Monitoring presently costs about $3-$4/month. (Actual wholesale cost to dealers.) So, over time, they hit you up for about $3,000 (min) to $4,000 for that "free" system. [For min - $500 down and $50/month for 5 yrs. For max - $1000 down and $50/month for 6 years.] So, they make a huge profit; yet, they complain about their poor performance as a company because they made poor business decisions and took on too much debt!!! [They LIE and make it sound as if they are the "victims" of Obamacare!!!] RUN...RUN FAST!!!

4 years ago

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Jeanette Marie Ray New Orleans, LA

I was in the middle of a contract period (with a company that sole their business to Protection 1) and had recently installed a brand new system with another company in September 2016. Because I had prepaid a year with Protection 1 (original company), I opted to just ride out that contract and not use their system as it had already been disconnected from my old panel. I didn’t use the service after September 2016 since I had the new system and vendor. In April 2017 when the contract was up for renewal, I contacted Protection 1 and stated that I was canceling my contract. About a month later I received a call from them saying I owed the $168. I explained that I had canceled my contract and they said I had not spoken to the “correct “ department. Calls went back and forth for months. They are now sending me to a collection agency. I have a credit score of about 830+ and will write to all three credit bureaus and explain Protection 1’s harassing and fraudulent ways.

4 years ago

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Robert Ligh Arvada, CO

Signed up with a friend for both our homes. Very poor installation that took till 10pm at night and then still did not work. Was told that they would maintain system but had to figure out battery replacement on my own. Completed my service contract and notified that I was moving and was told I still owed 700+ more to cancel. I have received non-stop recorded messages for over 6 months now. Anywhere from 1-6 calls a day from auto dialer. They refuse to stop or produce a contract that I signed. Also had one time the alarm went off and was told by police in my city they needed two different ones to confirm an issue. Avoid this company at all cost. They have also joined with ADT so neither one should ever be used.

4 years ago

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Albert Martinez Lubbock, TX

Our protection one rep lied to us , stating that his company (another home security company ) was now offering a lower rate, when, in actuality , he moved our services over to protection one. Also, he put us on a near five year contract! And the only way out was to pay the full amount ! I can’t wait until our contract is up so we can change companies. Sad part is, the security service is good; but I can’t believe the deception to get us in as customers.

4 years ago

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Sally Sloane Las Vegas, NV

This is the absolute WORST company to try to deal with. The will not release you from your contract even if you move. They keep saying that they will help but they won't. They want a huge amount of money to cancel service that is just sitting in a box. They will not allow me to return equipment! Don't get this one....there's plenty of others to choose from! Read the google reviews first! !! Too bad ZERO stars was not an option....they don't deserve 1 star!

4 years ago

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Susan Rowen Agoura Hills, CA

Signed a contract for 3yrs. Moved and transferred service to new address on, what I thought was the same contract.. When I moved again and stopped service after selling home. They said I still owed on the contract because I had signed an e-signature on a new contract. The outstanding amount they said was 400+dollars. They agreed to reduce amount by $100 dollars. I said, "No way"! Additionally, the service is terrible.

5 years ago

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Julie Schossow Lake Elsinore, CA

My mother passed away and her house was sold. 3 months later I am still getting a passed due bill for months when the protection was canceled. They are daily harassing me 3-4 times daily. I have spoken to at least 3 account managers that have assured me the issue has been taken care of but continue to be billed and harassed.

1 year ago

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Brad Starbuck, MN

This system is complete garbage do not waste your time or money !!! There customer service is in desire need of help after spending over 6 hours on phone with them was hung up on after being switched to 7 different representatives with no knowledge on how to fix the problems with there worthless system !!!!

2 years ago

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Ray Watters Land O' Lakes, FL

We were changed to ADT Protection 1 when we thought we were just changing equipment. As a result, when we moved in October 2018, we were charged an early termination fee, even though we had the same company for nearly 14 years! This is a scam company...stay away!

4 years ago

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Ryan Juntunen

Can't find my contract. However, they said I have a 4 year contract. Refuses to get a copy of it. Says their legal department will enforce it even if they do not have a contract copy.

5 years ago

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Henry Tyszkowski Santa Clara, CA

This company is terrible. Show up a day later than scheduled, cost was higher than quote and rude customer service. Stay Away!!!

5 years ago