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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2022

With over three decades of home security service, JM Resources installs home and business systems in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. JM provides standard remote access for each security system and a free on-year warranty. JM Resources is not just a security company but provides very intricate home automation and entertainment systems. Some may see this as an added benefit or a downside when choosing a security company.

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The Good

  • Telephone Line Not Necessary
  • Free One-Year Warranty
  • Remote Access Standard
Older security systems require the use of a telephone landline. JM Resources' security systems do not require a landline in order to monitor your system. JM uses AlarmNet Communication which is a device that allows your system to communicate with JM's central monitoring center regardless of having a telephone line. This feature increases the security of your system by eliminating the ability for the lines to be cut by an intruder. Another benefit of JM Resources' security solutions is that all new systems come with a free one-year warranty. This is an added benefit over that first year to ensure that your system operates properly and runs smoothly. If you would like to extend your equipment warranty beyond that first year, you have the ability to do so at an additional cost. Also, for JM Resources' customers, remote access comes standard with each security system allowing you to view and control your home system from wherever.

The Bad

  • Poor Online Transparency
  • Negative Customer Feedback
  • Not Just A Security Company
  • Limited Service Area

It is difficult to evaluate online if JM Resources is the right security company for your budget as it does not list its pricing online. A free consultation is needed in order to understand the full details of the contractual agreement, upfront costs, and monthly payments. If you are shopping online for a home security system, this may prolong your search. Online customer reviews share frustrations and negativity surrounding post-installation, service repairs, and cancellation experience. If you make buying decisions based on current and previous customer feedback, this may discourage you from going with JM Resources. Also, JM Resources isn't just a security company. It provides not only security and home automation services, but entertainment and fire and life safety services, as well. The company services businesses and even works with home builders. If it doesn't bother you for a company to have a wide range of expertise rather than a specific, localized specialty then this shouldn't be an issue, but it is something to keep in mind. JM Resources also only serves the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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The Bottom Line

If you are looking to monitor your security system remotely and live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, JM Resources may be a good option for your security needs. However, if you are looking for clear online pricing and are influenced by the negative customer reviews on the Internet, then maybe you should explore your options.

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