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LAST UPDATED: March 23rd, 2023

Founded in 2008, GeoArm was a pioneer in the home security market based on the principle that business and home security should be easier and cost less money. GeoArm focuses first and foremost on the customer experience before anything else. GeoArm established itself as a low-cost business and home security solution for all skill levels of do-it-yourselfers. There are no contracts, no third party bills, and no hidden fees. Monthly monitoring starts at $8.

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The Good

  • Online Transparency
  • No Contract, No Cancellation Penalty
  • Monthly Fees Starting at $8
  • Home Security Equipment Options from Top Brands
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • DIY Option — 2GIG EDGE

Online Transparency

GeoArm's website provides ample product and pricing information. Both desktop and mobile platforms offer users an integrated search feature, and will soon introduce filtered search and product comparisons the aid users in finding the best home security products and packages for their needs. The site also provides clear policy information, and even a copy of the customer monitoring agreement.

No Contract, No Cancellation Penalty

As a diy security system provider, GeoArm provides most of its monitoring services and security packages under a no-contract obligation, which means customers can cancel at any time if they provide a 30-day notice.

Monthly Fees Starting at $8

Monitoring is provided by CSAA-certified All American Monitoring for as little as $8/month (more expensive service plans include remote video surveillance).

Home Security Equipment Options from Top Brands

GeoArm sells security and home automation equipment from more than 15 brands, including 2GIG, Alula, Honeywell Home, Interlogix, Qolsys, and Resideo. This includes an impressive suite of alarm, camera, and other home security system equipment that can be customized for any home. GeoArm's self dispatch options allow customers to get in touch with police in the event of a break-in.The company also offers an alarm monitoring service for every occasion:

  • Burglary intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Commercial fire alarm monitoring
  • Standalone video surveillance and door camera monitoring

The company also offers a host of wireless security system and alarm panel options by, Qolsys, and DSC among others. This type of alarm system is as reliable as any hardwired system, and installation is easy.

In terms of security cameras, GeoArm stocks a fully arrayed of video monitoring service to protect both interior and exterior spaces:

  • Smart cameras with AI video analytics*
  • 1080p resolution
  • Dome cameras
  • Infrared cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Pan-and-tilt cameras
  • Wifi and wireless security cameras

*Video analytics can help distinguish between people, pets and vehicles so customers get only the notifications they wish to receive (not spamming them with tree limbs moving in the wind). Video analytics can also make it so when an possible intruder walks in front of a camera it can automatically turn on Z-Wave automation lights to bring the home or business to life.

The security provider also provides video verification services through Videofied and Both these services offer priority police dispatching. GeoArm also offers a variety of motion sensor options, as well as stream video recorders from top home security brands that can store up to 12 terabytes of video data.

Free Lifetime Technical Support

All equipment is covered by free lifetime tech support. This additional service is designed to assist the customer in the event of an unforeseen issue. GeoArm's tech support scheduler can be easily be found on the company website. Customers simply select the service or services they need help with, and are shown how much *time GeoArm anticipates needing to resolve them.

*GeoArm lists an hourly fee for customer support tickets that take the technician longer than the estimated time to complete.

DIY Option — 2GIG EDGE

In addition to its professionally installed home security system, GeoArm now provides customers with a DIY security option through the 2GIG EDGE wireless system. This system comes with a seven-inch touchscreen control panel with built-in dual-path wi-fi/cellular communication protocols. The EDGE panel also comes with the following features:

  • Touchless bluetooth arm/disarm
  • Facial recognition access control
  • Supports up to 100 users
  • Supports up to 32 key fobs
  • Compatible with Honeywell security sensors
  • Integrates with Z-Wave security sensors
  • Compatible with voice controls (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc.)
  • Integrates with all security camera models
  • Supports up to four simultaneous camera feeds

The Bad

  • 6-Month Interest-Free Financing
  • 1- to 2-Year Factory Warranty

6-Month Interest-Free Financing

GeoArm offers customers who check out with PayPal Credit six-month interest-free financing.

1- to 2-Year Factory Warranty

Also, GeoArm's equipment is only covered by a one to two-year factory warranty (depending on equipment), whereas industry leaders extend a lifetime warranty on equipment.

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The Bottom Line

If you're in the market for a do-it-yourself system that provides a wide array of security, home automation, and camera equipment, GeoArm might be a good option. The company's "no contract" policy and favorable cancellation terms sets it apart from other companies in the industry. And while the security company does not feature any upfront costs, the mere one- to two-year factory warranty could be a turnoff for some.

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Matthew Titus Lexington Park, MD

I've been looking forward to leaving my previous Alarm company for YEARS. As soon as the date was within reach I looked into alternative providers and I came across GeoArm after being referred to them by themselves. Drew at GeoArm answered all my questions about switching over and what I needed to consider. After I finally had all the things I needed I reached out and within an hour Drew was able to assist me in getting me switched over. After dealing with the mostly unhelpful and often dismissive customer service department of my former Alarm provider it was a great relief to find that GeoArm doesn't operate that same way. If you have an above average understanding of the DIY Alarm landscape and looking to get away from your current provider consider reaching out to GeoArm.

4 years ago

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Paul Seeberg Marion, MA

Great company. No pressure. Great products. Great support. NO CONTRACT. again..... NO CONTRACT!!! you buy and install the equipment, and get monitoring service if you want! They are very helpful setting up the system. Newest technology - dual path (cellular and wifi), geofencing, built in home automation.. If you dont like the service, cancel your monitoring (and system in 30 days as well!) You own the equipment! You can access the programming of the alarm panel! Most companies lock it out. You can add sensors and modify the system to your liking without having to call the installer because the installer is you! They have the latest DIY wireless systems like QOLsys which are cutting edge including security, home automation, video, wifi and cellular technology! One note. You will be charged for the hardware when you place the order. The order, if not in stock, may take a week or more to get. Just the way it is. Cutting edge hardware, dual path monitoring, outstanding support. Can't get much better than this!

6 years ago


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Reggie Fairchild NC

I've been using GeoArm for remote monitoring of my fire and security system for several years. The no-contract monthly cost is right and service is great. I just talked to their agent Sal. In a friendly, helpful way, he guided me over the phone so I could get the system to recognize a new smoke and heat detector. I've talked to Sal before. I appreciate the care he and the rest of GeoArm have provided.

2 years ago


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Steven Ronsen Buffalo, NY

Don't think for a second that GeoArm's low cost means anything other than the best service and support. The only times I've needed their help is when my equipment (purchased directly by me from third parties) failed, and they didn't hesitate to intervene with the manufacturer to solve my problems. Just a great company to do business with. Two + years as a customer.

2 years ago

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rkruz3 ,

Geoarm worked with me to improve my almost 20 year old alarm. They evaluated, considered and suggested a DIY solution without any pressure or hard sale. Phone support to install was excellent. They were very knowledgeable and Id say expert best of class even with my old alarm. Patient and worked with me for 2 hours on the phone to support my installation with no extra charge. All well above and beyond.

3 years ago

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Ed Schneider Wray, CO

Called a number of other companies that had much higher rates and many tried to get me to replace my system. GeoArm was completely different. Signed up online - spent about 30 minutes on the phone with a technician who gave me some codes to type into my control panel and magic! It worked.

3 years ago

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Jim R Cleveland, OH

I have never had the level of support from a company that I have received from Geoarm. My recent experience with Drew was impressive. I have never had anyone go to the lengths that he did to help me out. Every company should strive to offer this level of customer service.

3 years ago

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J KO Chicago, IL

Do not use these folks. I was told they would change the zone on my panel if I bought the sensors from them. I bought the sensors from them, and then they could not "find" the invoice. They can't find their own invoice a few weeks old? Then they "determined" that my vista panel was not "bought" from them. (Yes, 7 years ago it was not purchase with them.) They then wanted to charge me $75 to make a 1-2 minute programming change in the zones b/c the "panel was not purchased". One bait and switch from these folks after another. I phoned and spoke with their "General Manager", who insisted that this was their policy. However, I've upgraded my kit with them several times, purchasing from them, and clearly they are honoring what their employees say on the phone. They are belligerent on the phone. Uncooperative. And they fraudulently advertise that they will support hardware that you buy from them. Do not trust these folks. Avoid at at all cost.

1 year ago

GeoArm Logo

Reply from GeoArm

Hello J Ko (aka John Overton),

As replied to on Yelp, we will also reply here as well. Client was charged a $75 tech support fee for programming equipment in accordance with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are agreed to by every client and transparently provided on our website.

John signed up with GeoArm back in 2017 (terms and conditions are not set for eternity). Over the past 5 years we have indeed performed free tech support at no additional cost.

However, over the years the policy has changed, and unfortunately John does not seem to like this. I wish we could have continued to offer free support for our clients forever.

With all due respect, as in your case so the public can take note, you have a Honeywell VISTA 128BPT commercial burglary system. You have a rather extensive system (not a simple wireless system that runs on batteries) but rather a large enterprise hardwired platform, which we have worked on for free in the past as stated above (reducing slim profit margins further). And, retaining the knowledge for older more complicated systems like that is rare and this knowledge is hard to retain.

Time is money and to grow our business the free tech support model was not something we could continue to offer without sacrificing having the BEST EMPLOYEES. We believe in offering a better product/service for our clients through technology and automation. We could not continue to handicap our potential much like how even Amazon charges for things that were previously free.

John, we know you are a business owner too, and understand receiving such reviews is hurtful for business. Your business too would be adversely affected from such reviews written in a defamatory manner across many platforms. Not a good thing.

What we will do is waive this fee for you this one time, if you take down this review HERE and the review you also posted on Yelp.

We want to work with you to fix your issues that have consumed you (being billed $75) and that you have spent much time writing about. Please call us, we want to help make you happy.

GeoArm Team

PS: The public can feel free to read our fair rates for service by going here (a fraction the costs of our competition ADT, Brinks, Vivint...)

Mar. 24th, 2023

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alex Lake Worth, FL

after having this service for about 5 years and always paying my bill for the 12 months up front to get the one free month I was told by Steve R "General Manager" that they don't offer this any longer..... but if you look at website its there, not happy with the customer service!!! as Steve "General Manager" mentioned to me that I didn't have any service problems with them for 5 years, well I was never broken into so my alarm was never used, just bad customer service!!! canceled my account and moved to a nother company saving me money!! thank you Steve! Here is what they have on the website...2. BILLING. CLIENT agrees that monitoring charges will commence according to the online monitoring date or thirty (30) days after placing your order whichever is the lesser. The online monitoring date is the date CLIENT'S system was tested and programmed to successfully communicate with the central monitoring station. CLIENT authorizes GEOARM to bill in advance any charges including; applicable taxes, fines, fees, liquidated damages as defined in Paragraph 17, third party vendor expenses and/or rate increases due in accordance with the type and term of the monitoring payment cycle CLIENT selected. CLIENT may pay in advance for GEOARM monitoring services. In the event new CLIENT selects to pay in full for one (1), three (3) or five (5) years of GEOARM monitoring services, GEOARM will provide CLIENT with one (1), three (3) or six (6) months of GEOARM monitoring services at the conclusion of the term.

2 years ago

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Aimee Nicole Washington, NJ

For the past FOUR MONTHS GeoArm has had my Township and County wrong, and called police that are TWO HOURS away from where I actually live. Here's how I found out... At approximately 8:15am on 2/19 I accidentally opened my back door before disarming the alarm. I was called immediately by GeoArm. I couldn't remember the passphrase, and couldn't reach my husband who was out of town, so police were alerted. Time passes and no police arrive. I call my local non-emergency police number. They have NO call from GeoArm and have not dispatched anyone to my residence. Meanwhile I reach my husband for the passphrase and I call back GeoArm. They have told me that the police have all ready been alerted. I state that I understand and expect that, but that no police have arrived, and that my local police have stated they've received no call from GeoArm. I believe I spoke to a "Jonathan" at GeoArm's dispatch number who became extremely rude and argumentative towards me, stating repeatedly that the police WERE alerted. I stated that I UNDERSTOOD what he was saying, but to listen to what *I* was saying... that it's been 15-20 minutes now and NO police have arrived and my local non-emergency police dispatcher is telling me that he hasn't received a call from GeoArm... so SOMETHING IS AMISS. I asked if I could give him the number that the police gave me, as they have a specific number for alarm company's to call in on. Jonathan made a rude statement along the lines of I must think I have a better number for the police than they have. Well clearly something is wrong here otherwise the police would be at my door? After continuing to argue with me, Jonathan finally told me that he can't do anything to help me anyway and transferred my call. I get transferred to Ralph. To my surprise and chagrin, Ralph is also rude and argumentative. I explain to Ralph that something must be amiss here because what I'm being told by GeoArm is NOT what I'm being told by my local police. Ralph says that he will call the police number that they have on file to confirm things and call me back. Ralph calls me back and states that the police did indeed come to my home, didn't see any signs of a break in, and left. I ask Ralph if he called the police for the "town of Washington, Washington Township, Warren County?", Ralph says yes. I explained to Ralph that I've been standing at my front door this entire time (about an hour now) and that NO police came. I state again that something is CLEARLY wrong here, and that I would be dead if this was an actual robbery instead of my own human error. Ralph is dismissive of my concerns and continues to tell me that the police came and all of the information GeoArm has is correct and that I am wrong. (Disturbing how both Ralph and Jonathan have this same sort of attitude towards me.) I ask for the telephone number that he called. It has an 856 area code. My local police have a 908 area code. I explain that this is weird. Ralph doesn't seem to think so and dismisses my concerns. He gives me his personal number if I have any more questions. His personal number however, does not work. I continue to investigate because I KNOW something is not right here. I call the 856 number. It is for the police in Woolwich Township (Gloucester County). Not Washington Township (Warren County). Coincidentally, there is the same street name in Woolwich Township (Gloucester County) as my street name in Washington Township (Warren County), so the police were sent to the wrong address by GeoArm. For the past FOUR MONTHS GeoArm has had my Township and County wrong, and called police that are TWO HOURS away from where I actually live. Since Ralph's number doesn't work, I call into GeoArm's main number and speak to a representative named Justin. I explain as simply as I can what has occurred. I ask if I can PLEASE give him the correct 908 number for my local police. I tell him that I am in the "town of Washington, Washington Township, Warren County". He says he needs to call the 856 number to confirm. I tell him that's not the police for my Township and County, but he puts me on hold to call them anyway. Justin comes back on the line and in a frustrated and annoyed manner asks me for the "correct" 908 numbers that I've tried to give him already (the misogynistic attitude towards me continues...) and he calls them to confirm. He comes back on the line and claims he has now changed my information. No apology. No offer to return the four month's I've paid them with the INCORRECT information on file. No nothing. Just that it's been changed now. I ask Justin if I may speak to Ralph's superior. I'm sent to a voicemail. Several hours go by and I'm called back by I believe a Steve. GUESS WHAT. Steve is a misogynist too! Steve spoke to Ralph and Justin before calling me back, and told me that he doesn't need to hear the details of what happened because he's already heard it. Although he didn't hear from Ralph that Ralph was dismissive and rude towards my (valid) concerns and he would talk to him, but in 32 years of working with Ralph he's never had a complaint. Also when I asked Steve to PLEASE verify that Justin changed my information, he just shrugged it off and said "I'm sure he did it". So... the misogynistic apple doesn't fall far from the misogynistic tree, and Steve was just as dismissive towards my concerns as EVERYONE ELSE at GeoArm. ZERO apologies. NO offer of a refund for the MONTHS they've charged us when we were NOT being protected. No, oh hey wow, you taught us something, you were right and we were REALLY WRONG! We should have listened to you! Nothing. By the way, GeoArm's website claims that they are Better Business Bureau Accredited, but according to the BBB themselves, GeoArm is *NOT* BBB Accredited. Liars on top of misogynists.

5 years ago

GeoArm Logo

Reply from GeoArm

Hello Aimee,

I wanted to let you know that I read your complaint in detail. After having done so, I reviewed all of our recorded phone calls and case notes.

You did have an alarm, and the statement above regarding the dispatch is correct, in that, the wrong police department was called to dispatched to your property. Unfortunately, it so happens that an address (identical to yours) was dispatched to and documented by that police department (as sent at 8:14am and arrived at 8:20am). When addresses have duplicates, this can happen. When filling out the customer information sheet (including the county you live in), we call to get that counties dispatch numbers. If you have this knowledge on your police dept. we do allow space in our customer info. forms for you to please inform us. As you can imagine, you know your property best.

The operator was wrong with how he affirmed that the dispatch occurred to your property when in fact it did occur but to another property close-by to yours with your same address.

To continue, I then listened to the phone calls between you and Steve and Rafael. I have to say, I am not too sure what else you wanted them to do for you. They listened to your complaint and got to the bottom of your problem and treated you with the utmost respect.

So once again, I/we do understand an error happened in your dispatch, and we sincerely apologize for that.

We work really hard for you, at rates unheard of and would appreciate a respectful dialogue.

Please take care,

Feb. 21st, 2019

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scott St. Petersburg, FL

I ordered in March, delivery was not until the end of April. I called and made sure what I ordered would work with my existing system. I tried to install and it was not the correct system so I had to order another part, so I did. It never showed up and I asked for a refund of all of it. I spoke to a Steve and he agreed to give me a full refund. I sent the one item that showed up back at my cost, and did not get a credit for two weeks. I called, emailed, and left voice mails to no avail. I had to contact my credit card company to get my money back and they only refunded me part of it. I now am fighting for the rest of my $100 no including what my cost was to send the item back. Once they had my money they did nothing to return it to me and now i am fighting a month later for my $100 back that they kept from a unit that would not work. The kicker was they told me what they were shipping me would be phased out and if it was not installed by 5/31 it would not work. They promised it would be to me on the 28th. On the 28th I called and was told it would ship that day. That was after they told me it was going to ship on the 22nd to get to me on time. They lied to me three times and now have refused to honor what Steve at extension 114 told me to refund me all my money because they lied about the compatibility, the shipping, and the unit being able to work. I was going to let them refund me and get a new system, but I will never work with these people again. I did my homework as much as I could and called several times, got email confirmations that it would work, and did their online chat feature in order to ensure this would work for me, yet I was lied to and now they have part of my money and will not return it.

6 years ago

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Ordered a system for my business in Georgia. Just before I placed it online I called to ask some questions. Sort of got answers but not really. They also promised me that the system would be shipped within 24 hours and would arrive the following week. That didn't happen. I wasted a flight because they didn't ship until 2 weeks later. I ordered a system for my home July 4th. It's August 3rd. No response to three emails to customer service. Credit card was charged already. I called they said it shipped but didn't have a tracking number. I called the next day and they still didn't have a tracking number. is this a sign of things to come? Will I ever get customer service if I need it?

6 years ago

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Sbob Merrick, NY

I sent them a spreadsheet with all my wireless devices and they programmed my panel. Very good tech support

4 years ago