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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2023

CPI Security provides customized home security and automation solutions for its customers in select states. CPI security costs are not listed on its website regarding equipment fees, and the overall CPI security price for monthly monitoring is not publicly disclosed. Home security and automation options feature remote system access, instant text/email alert notifications, and free professional installation. The company designs and installs its own home security equipment and provides customers with 24/7 professional monitoring and around-the-clock customer service support.

Read the rest of our CPI Security review below to learn about the pros, cons, and our final assessment of the home security company.

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The Good

  • Free Professional Installation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Remote Mobile App System Access
  • No False Alarm Guarantee

CPI Security offers home security solutions that includes free professional installation, remote system access, and up to $2,100 in free equipment:

CPI Security Package: inTouch Essentials

  • inTouch SmartHub Control Panel
  • inTouch App (accessible via any smart device)
  • Fire Communicator
  • Motion Detector
  • 5 Encrypted Door/Window Sensor Devices
  • + one free security camera (Video Doorbell camera, Outdoor/Indoor Camera, 180º Camera)

Home security customers can also add smart home equipment to their alarm system:

  • smart thermostat
  • keyless door lock/smart lock (access control)
  • wireless garage door controller

24/7 Professional Monitoring

The CPI Security company provides 24/7 professional monitoring from a team of certified professionals. This security monitoring service is UL-Listed, Five Diamond–Certified by The Monitoring Association, and the company's monitoring center was the 2013 CSAA Central Station of the Year.

Remote Mobile App System Access

Customers are able to choose from a variety of home automation, energy management, and video surveillance options. CPI Security also offers fire and carbon monoxide protection equipment. Interactive security services can be accessed and controlled through the inTouch mobile app downloaded on a customer's smartphone, tablet, or computer. These interactive services included lighting and thermostat control, video alerts, and door lock remote access. Monthly monitoring features rapid response times and instant text/email notifications. The cellular communication systems do not require a phone line connection.

No False Alarm Guarantee

Customers who have the Real Time Response System installed will not be charged fines for false alarms due to home security equipment malfunctions.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Monthly Monitoring Costs
  • Early Termination Fee
  • Undisclosed Service Transfer Fee
  • Additional Fees

Undisclosed Monthly Monitoring Costs

CPI Security price is unknown. The company is not fully transparent on its website on a number of important details regarding its home security plans. There are no specific packages to choose from and CPI security costs, including monthly monitoring, are not listed.

Early Termination Fee

Customers are assessed a fee of up to 75 percent remaining on their service agreement if they choose to terminate the contract early. While this policy is not unique to CPI Security, potential customers should take note of it, as such fees are not widely publicized among home security providers.

Undisclosed Service Transfer Fee

The company also charges an undisclosed amount for transferring services if a customer moves to a new residence. Customers will need to pass a credit check in order to be approved for activation.

Additional Fees

If customers desire outdoor video surveillance equipment, they will be charged an additional $99 equipment fee. Renters must pay a $299 upfront installation fee. The company offers an equipment warranty that provides coverage on parts replacement and labor costs for only 90 days. After that, customers are responsible for all service fees and repair costs for the length of the contract.

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The Bottom Line

CPI Security offers customized home security, energy management, and video surveillance solutions for customers. The company professionally installs its own equipment at no charge and provides 24/7 monitoring with certified dispatchers at its central monitoring stations. However, the company is not completely transparent with CPI Security costs, such as upfront pricing, monitoring costs, and other service fees.

Homeowners are encouraged to weigh this information against our verified CPI Security reviews below to determine if this company best suits their specific home security needs.

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Julie Carithers Taylors, SC

The way they started out years ago was good. Their response to alarms is quick. The technicians have lost their skills and their response to clients is poor. Cancelling has been such a time consumer- they do not do maintainence on their equipment! they ask you to- you can not reach them for service ever without unreasonable periods of waiting, they are dishonest about helping you to cancel as they give you no direct way to do that- they make you hold for hours to request a form they need you to sign and send back. The reason you cant download the form off their online account with you?- why because it isnt available on their app.???!!! Ha- so funny. Make it unavailable says it all. Total consumer abusers. Also they are over priced for such lack of service and instead of keeping competitive in the market they abusively wait till you request to end service and then come up with their best rate.

2 years ago

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David M Sanders Charlotte, NC

We have had the system now for over a year and cannot wait for the contract period to end so we can get rid of them. they are the WORST! First off, they installed an old style (UGLY) control panel in spite of our protesting that we wanted the newer style (which my daughter had installed at the same time as we had ours installed). In spite of repeated request to replace it we have always been refused until today when they said it would be an additional $300! Second, we have had a continuous problem with sensors going bad, malfunctioning and going off in the middle of the night for no reason. Techs have been to our home a half dozen times over the past year replacing them. Third, we have a ;Smart Home; and CPI's system is NOT Smart Home friendly unless you buy all their equipment which costs thousands. I wish I had never heard of them and the end of the contract period cannot come soon enough for me. YOU SHOULD NOT BUY their service IMO.

4 years ago

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Stephen Parker High Point, NC

I've been with CPI for 7 yrs now. Techs are very friendly and helpful and provide excellent service in person. I concur with the review about undisclosed fees...they are not open about them. I moved my service and had to pay more than I felt was reasonable. I like their usage of Alarm.com's hardware intregrated into the InTouch system. It's really easy to install but tech support will swear that they are the only one's that can install the equipment and all of it must be purchased from them or it will not work. I don't like being lied to so they can charge me installation fees and overcharge for the equipment. Ebay sells all their products at a fraction of the cost. Service other than that is good but lying to me is what pulls my score down to average.

6 years ago

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Ted scercy Cleveland, OH

I really like CPI except for customer service I am out of state I have a problem with my system I used the automated phone system after I entered the correct prompt I was told that they would call me on Apx 13 minutes the next time they said 20 minutes the next time they said 30 minutes still no call from a technician this would not concern me too much if I wasn’t so far away however I am hours away. I am seriously thinking about finding a different alarm company when I get back home. What good are you if you won’t respond when you are needed. This is not the first time

1 year ago

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TheFrances50 Gaston, SC

Their smoke detectors are cheap. I’ve had their service since the summer and am on my second smoke detector. It goes off for no reason and this has happened several times. My hard wired detectors never go off! Fortunately I’ve been home when the equipment has malfunctioned or I’d be stuck paying a service fee to the county for false alarms. I’m told by the tech that it’s probably due to dust. Really? Dust! Can’t you get a better product. Not sure what I’m going to do if this continues. Not happy.

1 year ago

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Preston Ingalls Raleigh, NC

I have been with CPI for about 18 years and was overall happy with them until I moved. I needed a credit check and hardware restrictions became a headache. I started bypassing their system with my own cameras because theirs would drop out often. I filed complaints with their office. They have a major penalty if you leave. Wish I had shopped around before picking these guys.

6 years ago