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LAST UPDATED: September 22nd, 2023

B Safe Security offers a comprehensive range of home security solutions for customers in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Monthly monitoring rates range from $29.99–$47.99 along with one time $149-$799 upfront sign-up fees for professional installation and equipment. The home security company is both NICET and UL-certified and provides 24/7 professional monitoring for its customers from central monitoring stations. B Safe Security has been in operation for 38 years and its owners have 57 combined years of experience in the home security industry.

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The Good

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Self Installation Options Available
  • Mobile Remote System Access
  • Full Home Automation Features

B Safe Security offers a comprehensive selection of home security solutions with 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile remote system access. Both professional and self installation options are provided for customers. Pricing information for all equipment is fully disclosed upfront on the company's website. B Safe Security offers customers burglary intrusion detection systems, fire safety alarms, energy management control, video surveillance technology, and home automation features. Unlike some other similar marketplace competitors, B Safe Security provides its customers with full home automation features. Customers are able to remote access smart thermostats, home lighting, small appliances, door locks, and video surveillance equipment from any mobile device. Customers are able to receive text, email and verified video alert notifications on all activity. The home security company offers various home security discount offers on its website and new customers are able to receive a free initial security analysis.


The Bad

  • No Equipment Warranty Information
  • Expensive DIY Kits

Home security equipment and professional installation costs can be quite expensive. Customers are charged for service technician visit fees if they do not select the self installation option and these charges are not disclosed upfront on the company's website. Customers must choose equipment kits ranging from $149-799 and commit to a 36-month contract. The company also does not offer any equipment warranty information. However, a limited warranty may be available directly from the manufacturer. Customers may also be subject to service transfer and early termination fees. Exact amounts for these costs are not listed on the company's website. Home security agreements may contain an automatic renewal clause. An alarm permit must be acquired at the customer's expense from the local municipality in order to receive emergency personnel response to triggered alarms.

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The Bottom Line

B Safe Security provides complete home security protection solutions with 24/7 professional monitoring and remote system access for customers based in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Customers must pay upfront costs for home security equipment as well as monthly monitoring fees and commit to a service agreement for at least one year.

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we have had b safe security. for about 10 yrs we make mistakes and set off the alarm. no problem they helped us.its great no problems the people there take great care of us we will stay with the .

4 years ago

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LynnyBee Designs Perkasie, PA

A disgusting company. Stay away from them. We called over and over again to cancel service because it was horrible. Months go by and they send us a letter we owe $750. They NEVER called back for services issues or to discuss cancellation. I'm shocked by reading all the other reviews that this POS company is still in business.

8 months ago

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robert nucciarone Great Barrington, MA

Yes after repeated attempts they did finally cancel my service. Since I didn’t have a contract with them I asked if I was entitled to a refund since I paid a year up front and cancelled around the six month mark. All my calls regarding this matter, just like my attempts to cancel my service, we’re rerouted to different people and then rerouted again. It took about a month for them to cancel my service and so far no update on my refund.

9 months ago

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Lorraine Mariella Wanaque, NJ

Dishonest company do NOT do business with them. I had a previous alarm company that was sold off to bsafe. They sent me a contract for a ridiculous term, i think it was 5 years. I refused to sign it as i only needed monthly monitoring and had a month to month contract with my previous provider. I told them at the time i would not sign a contract with them, but would use them for month to month service. Fast forward a few years and on dec 22 I contacted them to cancel my service even though I was prepaid until the end of the month. They then send me an invoice and tell me I have to give them 30 days notice (even though I never agreed to this). And they will not shut off the monitoring system until I pay up. So the alarm was already taken down, and the alarm monitoring company calls me EVERY day to tell me my alarm has no signal. I tell them that is because the alarm has been disconnected and to please stop calling me. They say they will not stop calling until BSafe tells them to. So basically they use the alarm monitoring company as a means to harass you. Is this really the type of company you want to do business with???

3 years ago

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Mark Richboro, PA

HORRIBLE COMPANY, DO NOT SIGN ANY AGREEMENT WITH THEM. THEY ARE UNPLEASANT, ABRASIVE AND DISHONEST. Susan G, their representative, was extremely rude to me when I spoke with her regarding our agreement and hung up the phone on me. Here is our story; you can make your own judgement as to whether you want to do business with this organization. We were referred to BSafe by our security company when they closed their business. We thought, given the reference, that this new organization was like our previous company which renewed its contract every year. We only needed monthly service since our security system was already installed. BSafe provided an agreement, which in small print, stated that the contract was for a five-year period AND renews automatically for another five years if you don't notify them in writing that you want to discontinue service. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A CONTRACT LIKE THIS. THEY NEVER VERBALLY NOTIFIED US of this when we signed which I think is sneaky and deceitful. Also, they did not install our system so why is an automatically renewing five-year contract necessary? No reputable company has a contract like this, even if they did the installation. Five years is excessive, and the fact that it automatically renews for another five years if you don't write them a letter is criminal. The second part of the story concerns our home renovation. We talked to our contractor about installing new windows in the spring of 2017. We had contacted BSafe at least twice about this renovation, asking how this would affect our system. At no time were we told about a renewing contract, especially since we were nearing the end of our first five years. The windows were installed in late November through early December 2017. On December 12, 2017 my wife spoke to a salesperson named, Lew S about a new system; she told him our wired security system was disconnected because of the new windows. My wife talked to Lew about options but said that she was going to talk to me about the information he presented. We NEVER said we were going forward with them, and Lew never mentioned this automatically renewing five-year contract! Our system was disconnected by Dec 1, 2017 and this dishonest company knew this. We had paid them for our current year of service from March 2017 to March 2018. This also doesn't make sense; why are they telling us our agreement is from Dec 2012 to Dec 2017 if we always paid in March? Since Dec, I have had several discussions with this company. They told us we own them $735 for the next five years! This is ridiculous. Then representative Grear called me to discuss what "they could do". She said we could pay a one-year penalty but I told her, no, since we shouldn't have to pay anything. In fact, they owe us for several months paid from December 2017 to March 2018, when we had no security system being monitored. Since that call last week, we received a SUMMONS from this company by a court in Delaware to collect $735 for doing nothing for us. If this isn't a SCAM, I don't know what is! We simply wanted to stop our service at the end of the year that we'd paid for. We want to let as many people as possible know about this terrible situation and dishonest company. We will be getting a lawyer. I would rather pay a lawyer and take them to court than pay them one more cent. I will also be speaking with businesses in my community who use this company for security (I've seen BSafe stickers on windows), to let them know what I'm going through.

6 years ago

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Vic Mullica Hill, NJ

Any respectable company would not trick their clients into a automatic renewal contract without notice cannot be trusted. Even after their customers have a 3 year agreement signed by their representative they still want us to pay for two more years of no service. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and trying to save some money cutting my costs and thought I’d take my chances with my home being less protected by canceling my monitor services. Now I find that the real criminals are running the alarm company.

2 years ago

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SOIT Rumson, NJ

Company is dishonest and cunning. Susan G will lie to your face and owner Philip G, who is also an attorney, will be happy to sue you. Be very careful...they have an auto renewal fine-print clause and even though you speak with them several times to cancel the renewal they will wait until a year later and sue you for the years you didn't even think you were a client because you did not send them a certified letter. Horrible, awful company.

4 years ago

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Josi Lewiston Wilmington, DE

Run away! They did not notice our alarm was not connected to monitoring for 2 years. After fixing, the carbon monoxide alarm went off and said it would take a week to get someone out to investigate. I guess they thought we should move out for a week. Switch to any other company

1 year ago

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Barbara Anchorage, AK

Pay $49.95 a month. Was told -because of age-over 65- that I could cancel at anytime. Tried to cancel and was told I had a 5 YEAR contract !!! Can not cancel a unit I DO NOT feel safe with. TOO many false alarms. MY opinion DISHONEST Company and salesmen.!! WOULD NOT recommend this company to anyone !

6 years ago

star star star star star

Brian omalley

The best with installation and response. So glad I went with b safe and also installed their product in my beach house.

7 years ago