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LAST UPDATED: June 2nd, 2022

Founded in 2014, abode is relatively new to the market. The company focuses its home security products on being compatible with major home automation protocols. This allows customers to build a fully automated home with devices that easily communicate with the Gateway and can be controlled with the web, iOS, or Android app. The number of components that can be added to the system is impressive - up to 155.

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The Good

  • Highly Customizable and Expandable
  • Transparent Pricing
  • No Contract or Professional Monitoring Required

Highly Customizable and Expandable

Customers selecting abode as their home security/home automation system will appreciate the system's simplicity and the number of devices that are compatible with the system as well as the ease of control. Customers can add Z-Wave, Zigbee, IFTTT, WiFi, and Nest components to the system and control them via the mobile or web app. The system can control up to 155 devices per Gateway, which is usually more than most people would use or need.

Transparent Pricing

Instead of not giving information about its pricing, as is the norm with the better part of the industry, abode is highly transparent with its pricing for its equipment and monitoring options. Customers opt into paying for cellular coverage and professional monitoring. It's highly unusual that customers can purchase monitoring for spaces of 3 or 7 days at a reasonable price.

No Contract or Professional Monitoring Required

There is no contract or professional monitoring required with abode.


The Bad

  • Limited Options for Customer Support
  • Higher Prices for Equipment
  • Less Time in Business
  • No Mobile App for Windows Devices

Limited Options for Customer Support

Customers have limited options for contacting the company, especially if they are not subscribers to the monthly monitoring plan which includes more options for customer service, namely premium phone support.

Higher Prices for Equipment

The company's prices for equipment are higher upfront than many companies that essentially finance a customer with the cost for equipment spread out over time, usually a three year term. Customers do not receive as much in the starter kit from abode as compared to other company's starter packages, which further increases the cost of the system if buyers try and create comparable systems to other companies' offerings.

Less Time in Business

Having only been in business since 2014, abode is a newcomer to the field. The passage of time will show if the company can remain competitive in a crowded market of companies with more experience. Customers with a Windows mobile device are not able to add an app to control the system on their devices, decreasing the capability of the system for many.

No Mobile App for Windows Devices

These users may control their system from an internet browsing session on their device, but notifications are not received in the same fashion as those with iOS or Android mobile phones.

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The Bottom Line

Customers can find many reasons that abode is a good choice for them. The company's flexibility and ability to integrate so many devices into a home security and home automation system is attractive. Those looking for a self-monitored system with the ability to add professional monitoring at a later time or occasionally will be able to do exactly that with abode.

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Mark Troxel Provo, UT

The system is pretty straight forward, if you have had previous experience with alarm systems. We have a pretty large house and all of the devices seen to be connected without any problems. Poor instructions come with the doorbell camera. I have the camera working ok but can't get the doorbell to chime or alert when someone is present. It appears that that I have followed all instructions. The system is pretty expandable. Started with 10 door and window sensors, two interior motion, 3 cameras, and smoke detector monitoring. All have been working well and I have ordered 3 more window sensors and 2 keypads. The phone app is nice and allows you to do most things. Making groups is still easier on the website on a desktop. I have ordered the professional monitoring, NOTE TO ABODE: Contact information for the monitoring center should be very clear and supplied in writing with the system. I should not have to go online and search for the number. Some of the complaints you have received from others has been the inability to find your monitoring center phone number. The time to go look for it is not when you are having an alarm go off or the police or fire department are on your front door. I have 3 complaints. The first two are listed above. The third is that if I'm installing over $1000 worth of equipment I should get more than 1 sticker to place on my windows. I'm advertising for you that my home is protected with your equipment. If you are so friggin cheap that you only supply one sticker, either you don't think much about your system or you don't understand word of mouth advertising. Stickers are cheap. I live in a nice neighborhood. I would think that you would want my neighbors to know about your product.

1 year ago