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Last Updated: April 2nd, 2021

Guest Post by Juned Ghanchi

For some years, advanced technology and innovative mechanisms have been increasingly used for fields that were otherwise considered out of context for tech innovation. From poverty alleviation to enhanced public safety to agriculture production, modern technologies are being used with increased efficiency. From mobile app development for real-time remote monitoring to fully fledged intelligent surveillance systems, security continues to get smarter.

Now, for safety and security in a smart city environment, high-tech innovations are playing a significant role. From saving public property and people's lives from global terrorist threats to preventing natural calamities from taking a toll on the livelihood of people and cities, technology has many roles to play. Smart security technologies are primarily making cities smarter.

As saving natural wealth and environment is increasingly important for the human race to survive upon the planet earth in the years to come, administrators and governments in many parts of the globe are after technological innovations that can help protect forests or make oceans less polluted and safer. From protecting the wildlife and green cover to encouraging sustainable livelihood, modern technologies are now being used in a multitude of ways to make life better.

Considering the increasing role of technological innovations for smart security in the cities, it is essential to know some important examples of modern technologies for all these purposes. Here we explain some of the latest tech options:  

Pre-crime cameras

Pre-crime cameras for detection of the signs of a crime before it is actually committed are no longer something out of a science-fiction writer's imagination. In China, researchers have already developed a system by using thermal imaging cameras for detecting all the signs that typically appear before people commit a crime. The changes in body temperature and expressions in the face can easily be detected by such cameras that can send prior alerts to the security company. Signs exhibiting anxiety and stress for many people can help security personnel to monitor the potential criminals and people in the brink of committing something scary with close attention.

There are other such technologies in the offing as well. A new surveillance camera system developed by BRS Lab can now monitor human behavior and can detect irregularities and deviations from the normal behavior. These cameras study hundreds of hours of footage to learn about normal human behavior. They can then predict potentially threatening behavior of a person. BRS Lab has used artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to build this unique surveillance system.


For many large business corporations around the world, preventing espionage and leak of information remains a constant concern. In spite of taking the utmost care and having the most sophisticated mechanisms and measures, information leaks can not always be prevented. This becomes particularly alarming when the leaks exposes the company's future plans, product pipelines, and security solutions to outsiders.

Drainware came with a full length of software solutions that, by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, can easily detect threats to sensitive company information and files. The system can also help governments and administrators keep track of the confidential information, their storage location, and how and where they are shared. The system will also detect applications vulnerable to security breaches and unsolicited data access.

Laser microphones

Laser microphone surveillance technology can bring revolution to smart city security. This system uses unique laser systems that can quickly detect any little vibration in a room and record the tiniest of sounds. The security impact of technology on surveillance systems is vast.

Thanks to this technology, a spy camera equipped with a laser microphone can hear and record a hushed conversation within a room by merely focusing the laser on the window. Consider how top military intelligence agencies and city security professionals now can use this technology to nab security threats before they even come out of their closet.


Every one of us likes shortcuts to save time when going somewhere. Well, we have Rudder, an intelligent algorithm-based mapping app to help us find shortcuts while taking any road to our destination. By simply calculating the shortest possible path to the destination, this app helps us save time. In a smart city environment, this can decrease traffic congestion, improve productivity, and enhance security at certain times when individuals need to rush home for an emergency.

Rudder achieves this surprising accuracy of finding the shortest paths with an intelligent algorithm that can compare various routes as per the database. The app can even use your smartphone camera to help you evaluate the distance with the inbuilt light meter to evaluate how well-lit the road is.

Driver's Little Helper

In a smart city environment, we now have some useful apps like Driver's Little Helper for helping children to get home safely and without worries. Since children can disobey directions and create security concerns, this app uses a wireless monitoring system and a host of connected car seat technologies to inform guardians whether their kids are getting out of car seats or whether the seat belts are not fastened.

The bottom line

Security has become smarter than ever before, thanks to technological innovations. In the years to come, we can expect more security vulnerabilities in our life to be addressed by new and innovative security solutions. In the meantime, if you're looking for security innovations to protect your home and family now, check out the top-rated home security companies in your area.

Juned Ghanchi is a marketing strategist at IndianAppDevelopers, a high-quality Android and IOS platform-based Android app Development Company that he co-founded. He guides a range of organizations from big brand companies to startups for developing top-notch mobile applications.

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