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While Allstate is better known for its car insurance policies, it also offers home insurance. It stands out from others for its wide variety of discounts and its HostAdvantage® policy that covers stolen property if you rent your furnished home.

You can also benefit from online quotes and the ability to work with an insurance agent.

While there are benefits to working with Allstate, its review count on is low. It's promising that most of these reviews are positive. However, a few reviewers discuss serious concerns with the claims process.

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The Good

  • Large Variety of Discounts
  • Customizable Policies
  • Multiple Types of Homes Covered
  • HostAdvantage® Policy
  • Online Quotes
  • Competitive Financial Strength Rating

Large Variety of Discounts

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Allstate homeowners insurance is its selection of discounts. Some of the key discounts it offers are as follows:

  • Easy Pay Plan® (discount for setting up automatic payments)
  • Multi-policy
  • Claim-free
  • Protective device
  • Early signing
  • Welcome and loyalty
  • Home buyer
  • 55 and Retired
  • Smoke-free
  • Home features (storm shutters, hail-resistant roofs, etc.)

With so many discounts, Allstate makes it easy to save on premiums.

Customizable Policies

Allstate offers the standard options for the industry including dwelling coverage, liability coverage, personal property coverage, and medical payments coverage. 

Allstate's home insurance policies can be customized to include unique features like green improvement reimbursement, yard and garden, electronic data recovery, musical instruments, sports equipment, business property, scheduled personal property, water backup, and identity theft restoration.

An Allstate insurance agent can also help you buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. Its homeowners policies do not cover floods, which is typical for the industry.

This optional coverage builds on your home insurance policy to offer extra protection to meet your insurance needs.

While some of this additional coverage is also available through other homeowners insurance companies, Allstate stands out for the green improvement reimbursement coverage option.

Multiple Types of Homes Covered

In addition to houses, Allstate offers insurance policies for landlords, condos, and mobile homes. Whatever building you call home, Allstate has coverage options to meet your needs.

HostAdvantage® Policy

Allstate further stands out from other insurers with its HostAdvantage® policy. This policy offers coverage for stolen belongings if you are sharing your home temporarily with renters.

You can identify the items in your home through Allstate's app using the Digital Locker® Tool.

This policy also includes a Merry Maids discount on your first four cleanings.

If you're renting your furnished home, Allstate's HostAdvantage® policy offers helpful insurance coverage.

Online Quotes

Allstate makes it easy to get an online quote for home insurance coverage. After providing some personal information, you can view insurance rate quotes. You can also save your quotes and return to them later.

While common among companies offering online quotes, the ability to save your insurance quote makes it easy to view costs, check other homeowners insurance policy options, and return if Allstate is the best fit.

Competitive Financial Strength Rating

Allstate has received a high financial strength rating from A.M. Best. This rating indicates that Allstate is financially stable and likely to be able to meet claims obligations.

Most competitive insurers have high financial strength ratings, so Allstate's rating makes it competitive.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Reviewer Concerns with Allstate Claims

Limited Customer Insight

Allstate customer reviews on are limited, which means we don't have enough information on the customer experience or customer satisfaction to make a clear recommendation. 

However, most of the insurer's reviews are positive, which indicates a positive customer experience.

Reviewer Concerns with Allstate Claims

While most of Allstate's reviews on are positive, there are a few negative reviews from people with low claims satisfaction.

For example, one reviewer noted that Allstate doesn't send a licensed claims adjuster to assess damage, which means that some covered damage may go unnoticed and unreported.

Claims are the reason you pay a regular insurance premium. Concerns about Allstate's insurance claim processes should be taken seriously.

As you consider an Allstate home insurance product, ask questions about the claims process and how the insurance provider performs inspections when damage is assessed.


The Bottom Line

While Allstate has many handy policy features, discounts, and a high proportion of positive reviews, reviewer difficulty with the claims processes are concerning.

If you're considering buying a home insurance policy from Allstate, be sure to ask questions and thoroughly understand how the homeowners insurance company handles claims before you buy a policy.

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Suzanna Wootton Springville, UT

I've had a positive experience with Allstate. I had to get a tree in my backyard trimmed back because there was a limb right above my roof and I appreciated that Allstate sent us a notice in the mail to let us know we needed to get it removed. However, I do wish they would've given us a little more time than they did, time to take care of the issue.

3 years ago

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Jma55 Smithfield, UT

We have used Allstate insurance for the entirety of our home ownership. They are always friendly and approachable when we have concerns or questions.

5 months ago

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Molly Keogh Ogden, UT

We have had Allstate home insurance for about 15 years. The time we have had to use it for a flooded kitchen they were very helpful and quick to get us the money. I wish they were not so quick to penalize for just one usage in all our time.

1 year ago

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Aunt Cathy Bay Saint Louis, MS

We've had them for about 33 yrs now as our home ins. True they have gone up since Katrina, but they were about 90% good on replacement monies for repairs. Just good to know they are here when we need them.

1 year ago

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Geoff Hk Beverly Hills, CA

Allstate hired a consulting firm years ago which advised it not to give out any payouts to insured customers even if they were entitled to do it. And to fight it everystep of the way. My neighbor is a doctor who had house insurance with them and his house was destroyed by a fire (not his fault) and even though he was clearly covered in the details of his policy they denied his claim. He had to take them up the court system (took years) to finally get justice. He won his case but it was a huge headache and use of his time. Stay away from Allstate. You're NOT in good hands with Allstate! (Besides their 'hands' are there just to pick your pocket if my neighbor's experience is any indication). I myself had a small policy with them but cancelled it after this incident.

1 year ago

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Mandie Bremer Moncks Corner, SC

My parents had this insurance about 20 years ago our basement caught on fire and Allstate did everything they could to make sure the process ran smoothly and we got everything that was lost in the fire replaced.

10 months ago

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Linda Larabee Houston, TX

My agent, Adam P, is absolutely fantastic! While I have not had to place any claims through Allstate yet, I am more than confident they will handle my claim expediently and properly!

11 months ago

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Sheri Wiggins Upper Marlboro, MD

I've been an Allstate member for 30 plus years and have excellent representatives.

3 months ago

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Steve Edwards Dallas, TX

Allstate doesn't send licensed adjusters to your home any more. At least this is the case with the first few rounds of having a loss. They send an unlicensed rookie to you home to hold a camera for someone else in a different part of the world. Probably China! They do this to save $$$ for their share holders. They do this so that rookie misses all kinds of damages owed under the policy. Then they can claim that oops, we didn't know that... So when you file a claim, they will ask you a list of questions. If they mention Eagleview, Drone or Virtual Inspection, don't do it! Tell them you want a licensed adjuster to come to your home and that you refuse to accept anything other than that. They will buck like a bronco! Refuse, Refuse, Reuse, then report them to your State Insurance Commissioner. I know multiple friends that have been burnt by Allstate and I myself have been too!

2 years ago

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Andrea Smith Idaho Falls, ID

We have had a great experience with our Allstate homeowner's insurance. When we had damage to our home after a storm, they were quick to take care of it and it was a smooth easy process.

3 years ago

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Taylor Siren Gilbert, AZ

Allstate costumer service is like none you will ever experience, they provide comfort and peace of mind to you and your family.

2 years ago

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Leslie West Jordan, UT

Allstate is the best insurance I’ve ever had. Cost is great and my agent is easy to work with.

2 years ago

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Sara Jane Crestwood, KY

The service took good care of us during a power outage. But the cost went up after that so we had to change companies.

2 years ago

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Mary Walker Georgetown, KY

Allstate has always been prompt with claims

2 years ago

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Troy Siren Gilbert, AZ

Got a great deal with my home coverage. Rate was cheaper than I expected.

2 years ago

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Chris Wootton Ogden, UT

Not a great company to work with ok product value.

3 years ago

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