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LAST UPDATED: March 24th, 2023

Humana offers Medicaid, Medicare, and group health plans. Customers can also purchase dental and vision insurance from Humana.

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Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana was founded in 1961.

One of the bigger names in health insurance, Humana was actually bought out in June 2015 by an even bigger name that has company roots in the 1850s, Aetna. In many ways, this merge makes two strong companies even stronger, serving millions of members jointly.

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The Good

  • Positive Reviews
  • Full Range of Medicare Plan Offerings
  • Easy Health Plan Shopping
  • Group Health Insurance Features
  • Additional Group Insurance Plans
  • Helpful Member Resources
  • Helpful Apps
  • Go365® Rewards

Positive Reviews

Humana has received a number of positive reviews on Praise includes satisfaction with claims, healthy incentives, satisfaction with provider networks, and good experiences with customer service.

Although a good chunk of Humana reviews on Best Company are positive, there are also a sizeable number of negative reviews. More information on these reviews can be found further down the page.

Full Range of Medicare Plan Offerings

Humana also offers Medicare coverage. You can find Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement (Medigap), and prescription drug plans. Specific Humana Medicare plan options and monthly premium rates will vary. Work directly with the insurer to learn more.

Easy Health Plan Shopping

Humana also makes shopping for Medicare beneficiaries easy. You can search for plans by state. You can also enter your prescriptions to view prescription drug plans that cover your medications.

Group Health Insurance Features

Employers looking to include a health insurance plan with their benefits package can find health plans geared for small businesses and large groups. 

Most plans include features like participation in a rewards program that encourages healthy habits called Go365® wellness, access to telemedicine through Doctor On Demand®, and prescription mail delivery through Humana Pharmacy®. 

These helpful features are becoming more common in the industry, so Humana's group health plans are competitive.

Additional Group Insurance Plans

Beyond health insurance, employers can offer dental and vision insurance plans through Humana. Humana offers group life insurance to small business employers. Large employers can offer wellness programs and group Medicare plans from Humana.

If you want to offer a robust benefits package to employees, Humana has many options worth exploring further.

Helpful Member Resources

Enrolling in a Humana plan makes an individual a Humana member. Humana members can access a large collection of patient resources that are commonly offered across the industry. 

With these tools, Humana makes it easy to check a claim status, view member rights and responsibilities, understand drug pricing, and find in-network physicians as well.

Helpful Apps

Humana stands out among competitors for several features. One of these is the four mobile apps the company has set up for members. Each app has a different purpose. MyHumana is for members to access and manage their health plan accounts.

HumanaPharmacy is a way to keep track of your prescription drugs.

Go365® Rewards

With the company's Go365 program, you earn points for receiving preventive care, participating in local activities, and completing workouts through SilverSneakers® or using a fitness tracker. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.

Extra benefits like these are fairly standard for the industry, so this program makes Humana competitive.


The Bad

  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • States Serviced
  • Minimal Online Information on Individual or Family Health Plans
  • Limited Medicaid Availability

Negative Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, Humana's negative reviews are about as common as its positive reviews on Best Company.

Complaints in Humana reviews include difficulty with prior authorization, issues with communication, and coverage issues.

Although negative reviews are not uncommon for the industry, Humana's split between positive and negative reviews make it difficult to make a clear recommendation on Humana.

States Serviced

Humana health plans are available in many parts of the United States. However, if plans are not available in your area, Humana health insurance may not be an option for you.

Minimal Online Information on Individual or Family Health Plans

Humana doesn't offer much information online regarding its offerings for individuals and families. If you want more information, you'll need to work iwth a Humana agent.

Limited Medicaid Availability

Humana offers Medicaid in Florida and Kentucky. It offers combined Medicaid and Medicare plans in Illinois. You can find more details regarding Medicaid coverage options on Humana's website.


The Bottom Line

Although Humana has mixed reviews on Best Company, it is a well-known health insurance company for Medicare, Medicaid, and group plans. Medicare beneficiaries can find prescription drug coverage and Medicare supplement plans to pair with Original Medicare.

Humana also offers Medicare Advantage plans for Medicare enrollees choosing the private option. As you explore Humana's plans further, keep reviews in mind as you ask questions and compare plans.

If you are looking for an individual or family health plan, you'll need to find another insurer.

For those living in one of Humana's service areas, Humana's helpful tools, member resources and discounts, health rewards, excellent customer service, and perks make it a good insurance option.

Humana also offers a good selection of health insurance plans in addition to vision and dental plans. Mobile apps also add convenience and speed when managing your health plan.

Furthermore, Humana is now backed by another health insurance carrier that also has a great reputation and lots of health plan options, Aetna.

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Jlbflatx Pompano Beach, FL

They need to get faster referrals and list pending referrals on their website. Drs office personnel are not very dependable with follow thru. Could use better drs over all. I also don't understand why we need primary doctors when you get emergency or sick you can not get in to see them. Primary doctors are suppose to coordinate your medical if you have to go to a urgent care center they have no knowledge of your problems. Drs office just seem to want to make money for the practice by quality of Patient's and doing blood test. I would like to see something where doctors have to fit in sick patients.

3 years ago

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Linda McAlister Kissimmee, FL

My mother is 86. We have humana as her Long Term Care medicaid waiver. She has been in the hospital off and on since Dec. 25th 2018. After 3 months of hospitals and now Hospice at home, they cut her hours of care! We will be changing companies this week. She can never be alone again! But her hours of care were cut by 21 hours! We have explained and still nothing. Even an employee told me to take my mom to another company. He said Humana does not care about the patients. So she only had 40 hours a week and they said she has not been hospitalized enough and has not been sick enough for 40 hours! Yet... Now hospice is involved! Humana is not good. Stay away...

3 years ago

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Customer Service is need work. I have been searching for doctors in my Area and had to call them after sending me a sheet and them resending sheets instead of helping me. They do not let you know what services they offer or send you a booklet, I received my update card later in the year 2018 and I had to call for the card after being told I would get the card in January of 2018. You never feel like the service is smiling. I've had only 3 CS agents treat me professionally and was willing to help.

4 years ago

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Judy Lincolnton, NC

My mother was in generally good health and we decided to gamble on the cheaper Humana Advantage plan one year. That was the year she had a bleeding stroke. Our gamble did not pay off well. By the end of the year we had to come up with $3000 out of pocket.

4 years ago


Review Source

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Karen Torino Tallahassee, FL

Humana has horrible deductibles, barely any coverage in my zone, and is expensive. I should not have to pay a $4000 deductible before my appointments start getting covered. It is also very hard to find clinics that work with my form of Humana.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Lesa Burgess Pleasant Grove, UT

Humana was kind of disappointing. I don't feel like Human has quite as good coverage as some other companies for what I was paying. I also don't feel like there were as many doctors who accepted Humana insurance, especially out of state while we were traveling.

4 years ago

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M Muthusubramanyam Roswell, GA

I had hard time getting my hearing aid claim approved. Finally after my filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner, I got it approved.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Rocio Diaz Tallahassee, FL

Coverage is very limited, especially in rural areas or small towns. They do however cover lots of costs. They are very expensive too.

1 year ago


Review Source

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cami harward American Fork, UT

I have had Humana health care in the past. The price went up a lot so I had to look for a new insurance company

4 years ago

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Newton Bunch Trinity, TX

Reduce copays and increase pharmacy products and services

3 years ago