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LAST UPDATED: November 30th, 2023

Gutter Guardian is an online resource that allows users to instantly determine a number of contributing factors, get an idea of what pricing and options are available, and find the best local providers in the area to come and install the gutter system. 

Gutter guards have become increasingly popular among homeowners. When clogs build up in the gutters, mildew rot and foundation damage can start to take place. If a homeowner is not consistently on top of regular cleanings, the home will inevitably experience damages or erosion in some fashion. With gutter guards, these issues can be mitigated. 

While gutter guards in theory are an ideal solution for many homeowners, not all products and installers are created equally. Certain types of gutter guards and systems will work better for particular climates and environments. Figuring out what gutter guard system to go with and what professional to use in the actual installation of the gutter guards can be difficult.

Instead of pouring hours into identifying the brand, system, and provider needed for a particular job, Gutter Guardian has done the heavy lifting. The researching phase when it comes to gutter work can be exhaustive. There are dozens of local providers to sort through and all types of guard systems on the market. Gutter Guardian will quickly sort through and help narrow down search results to identify what homeowners are looking for.

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The Good

  • Discloses Pricing
  • National Service Area

Discloses Pricing

A key determining factor for many homeowners considering installing gutter guards or similar type products is the cost. Depending on the size of the home, the surroundings in terms of tree growth, and what grade of equipment is needed, prices can fluctuate drastically. With pricing ranging based on actual gutter guard make as well, it can be difficult to identify just what this type of home project will end up costing. That is where Gutter Guardian comes into play. Understanding that pricing and product options vary so much, the platform Gutter Guardian has created allows interested homeowners to quickly identify suppliers in their area that will fit their budget and provide the product desired. Actual gutter professionals may not take the time to educate prospective customers on competitor prices, but Gutter Guardian clearly discloses all of that information. 

National Service Area

Most gutter professionals are local providers meaning the actual service area is geographically limited. Since Gutter Guardian does not actually install gutters or gutter protection systems, it is able to provide service on a national level. Gutter Guardian will help interested clients quickly sort through local companies that can complete the project. Essentially, Gutter Guardian provides a national service on a local level. 


The Bad

  • Not Actual Gutter Supplier/Installer
  • Third-Party Involvement Required

Not Actual Gutter Supplier/Installer

While Gutter Guardian is an excellent resource, the company itself simply provides information and helps homeowners make connections. It does not conduct any actual gutter-related work nor does it sell gutter guard systems. Simply put, Gutter Guardian is an informational resource that homeowners still in the research phase of the gutter project will benefit from. Outside of that, Gutter Guardian will not be of assistance. 

Third-Party Involvement Required

For any work to actually be done relating to a property’s gutter system, a third-party company will have to get involved. Gutter Guardian will help identify the right pricing points and providers for a particular job, but the actual work will have to be carried out by gutter professionals. Those looking for more specific installation work will have to go directly to the third-party provider for these types of specifics. 


The Bottom Line

Gutter Guardian provides homeowners with information needed to make an informed purchasing decision when it comes to gutter guard products. The site will help interested customers identify the right price point for the system while comparing it to competitors in the same space. The service that Gutter Guardian provides ultimately cuts down on the amount of time prospective gutter clients spend researching providers and products. Since it is a researching tool, Gutter Guardian is able to assist clients throughout the entire country, identifying local suppliers in the area. 

While Gutter Guardian is an excellent resource or tool to narrow down search results, the company does not actually provide any labor or sell gutter guard systems directly to prospective clients. That work will have to actually be done by a gutter professional. 

Clients in need of a researching tool to start their gutter guard search will likely benefit from the service that Gutter Guardian provides. However, those looking for specific details regarding particular products and services will have to go directly to the professional conducting the work for those answers. 

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Jesse Hines Snellville, GA

Gutter Guardian did our gutters 8/29/08 we have a Lifetime Warranty materials, workmanship Includes: No-Clog, & No fade. The company changed their name & phone number. Then they left all their customers hanging with no fulfillment on the Warranty My name is Jesse.

5 months ago