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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Peachtree Debt Relief works to help clients overcome a wide range of financial difficulties. The agency helps individuals overcome burdensome debt by identifying and negotiating debt solutions in order to create a more sustainable financial future. Helping clients to satisfy debts is what Peachtree Debt Relief does best. 

Each client that enrolls in a Peachtree Debt Relief program will receive financial guidance and assistance from start to finish. The guarantee that Peachtree Debt Relief specialists offer to clients is that a reliable solution that maximizes overall savings is part of the process. In fact, Peachtree Debt Relief is so confident in its services that there is a Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee offered in every case. 

Depending on the type of debt relief or financial service required, Peachtree Debt Relief will provide consumers with varying options. Each case is handled in a responsive and professional manner by a dedicated specialist that is available and open for communication. 

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The Good

  • Wide Variety of Resources and Solutions Offered
  • Debt Settlement Service Benefits
  • Proven Process
  • Specializes in Consumer Credit Card Debt

Wide Variety of Resources and Solutions

Even though Peachtree Debt Relief is known for its consumer credit card work, the company offers a number of resources and solutions to those overwhelmed by financial debt. Services available include:

  • Consumer credit counseling
  • Debt consolidation
  • Credit card consolidation 
  • Debt negotiation
  • Bankruptcy consultation

By offering a wide range of debt, negotiation, and counseling services, Peachtree Debt Relief clients can rest assured that the firm has the background necessary to successfully navigate a number of debt needs. Not all debt relief agencies will span into other areas of debt, but Peachtree Debt Relief does with its bankruptcy, medical debt, and even student loan counseling sub-services. 

Debt Settlement Service Benefits

By enrolling in Peachtree Debt Relief’s services and programs, clients will receive a number of financial and case benefits that will allow for a brighter financial future. These benefits include the following:

  • Reduction of overall debt amount by up to 50%
  • Reduce time and save money through the payback program
  • Each client will be responsible for one affordable monthly payment 
  • Zero upfront costs for services
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Proven program success

Clients are not expected to pay for services before work is completed. Clients also are not expected to pay if Peachtree Debt Relief services do not meet expectations. Those are guarantees other agencies cannot compete with. 

Proven Process

The process each client goes through when enrolling in the Peachtree Debt Relief program has proven successful by helping clients successfully navigate crippling debt. The process breaks down as follows: 

  • Debt evaluation — This consultation is free and the analysis provided will help consumers make a decision regarding enrollment. 
  • Payment plan creation — A customized payment plan, that each consumer can afford, is created. This plan includes one, low monthly payment that is sustainable. 
  • Negotiation — The Peachtree Debt Relief team will then negotiate and settle parts of the debt. 
  • Settlement — The creditor is paid throughout the program and debt is officially settled. 
  • Debt free — Once all enrolled debts undergo this process, the client will start to enjoy financial freedom. 

This program has worked for past clients and continues to work for current ones. Not all debt relief agencies are willing to disclose program specifics like this, but Peachtree Debt Relief is confident in its practices. 

Specializes in Consumer Credit Card Debt

Like many debt relief agencies, Peachtree Debt Relief has a specialty that most of its clients fall into. For Peachtree Debt Relief, that specialty is consumer credit card debt. The team at Peachtree Debt Relief is trained and experienced in handling overbearing credit card debt cases and identifying the best solutions to overcome this specific type of debt. 

This specialty is valuable to many consumers as credit card debt is one of the most common and difficult forms of debt to negotiate. The Peachtree Debt Relief team can find a reasonable, monthly payment that works for all involved parties. 


The Bad

  • No Accreditation Disclosure
  • Minimum Debt Requirement 
  • Charges Percentage of Debt

No Accreditation Disclosure

Within the debt relief industry, a number of accreditations can be obtained by agencies and their professionals on staff. These accreditations, while not necessarily required, go a long way in determining expertise, knowledge, and skill. Many debt relief agencies will have one or more of these industry-specific accreditations. 

Unfortunately for Peachtree Debt Relief clients, it does not appear that the company has yet obtained any of these associated accreditations. While that does not mean that the agency’s practices and processes are not effective, it does display some level of discrepancy between the firm and its competitors in the same space. 

Minimum Debt Requirement and Cost

In order to qualify for Peachtree Debt Relief services, a minimum debt requirement must be met. The minimum debt requirement for services is $10,000. Anyone struggling to overcome debt beneath this base figure will have to find an alternative provider. 

Charges Percentage of Debt

Just like any service, Peachtree Debt Relief requires payment in exchange for services. However, while some companies charge a flat rate or monthly payments for work completed, Peachtree Debt Relief charges a percentage based on debt. This percentage ranges depending on the state in which a consumer lives, but a Peachtree Debt Relief program will cost a client anywhere from 15 percent to 25 percent. This can be relatively steep for someone trying to get out of debt and set on a more stable financial path. 


The Bottom Line

Peachtree Debt Relief offers a number of financial resources with accompanying debt solutions that are designed to help lift consumers out of debt. Consumers who turn to Peachtree Debt Relief will find that its debt settlement specialty comes with a number of overall financial benefits, in addition to helping identify the most realistic payback plan possible.

Since its founding, Peachtree Debt Relief has proven its programs work by identifying an affordable payback plan. Peachtree Debt Relief is best known for its consumer credit card service, which has helped a number of individuals steadily get out of credit card debt. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Peachtree Debt Relief for debt relief and credit card debt solutions, prospective clients should be aware of some limitations. Within the debt relief industry, providers can obtain various accreditations proving its proficiency in certain areas. These are absent from the Peachtree Debt Relief platform. Peachtree Debt Relief also requires a debt minimum and charges a percentage of the debt to cover the costs of the service. 

Consumers feeling overwhelmed by insurmountable credit card debt or in need of other debt relief services will likely benefit from what Peachtree Debt Relief offers to clients. Those looking for more long-term or future financial planning resources may want to look into other alternative providers. 

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