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11 Important Freedom Debt Relief Facts You...

You're looking for debt relief options because you're either deep in debt, or you know someone who is deep in debt. Th...

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(2019 Review) Freedom Debt Relief vs. Nati...

Freedom Debt Relief or National Debt Relief? National Debt Relief is a company that specializes in debt settlement. NDR...

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The Debtor's Guide for Raising Your Credit...

You need to raise your credit score. Here's how: Piggybacking, error disputing, and credit utilization tracking are jus...

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    Six Finance Goals for Your 40s
    Guest Post by Bryce Welker Are you in your 40s and starting to worry about the state of your finances?Maybe things are looking a bit better than they did in your early 20s, when you were living off ramen noodles and struggli...
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    Startup Debt Isn't Scary: 5 Tips for Launching Your First Business
    Guest Post by Susan Guillory The idea of becoming mired in debt before you’ve even started your first business might seem like a bad idea, but getting financing before you launch your startup can help you succeed even f...
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    Freedom Debt Relief Named 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award Recipient in Debt Relief by
    Pleasant Grove, UT - January 7, 2019 - Freedom Debt Relief has been named the 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award recipient in the debt relief industry by, an independent consumer review site. Freedom Debt Rel...
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    Budget Like a Pro: How to Manage Your Business Expenses
    Guest Post by Susan Guillory Businesses of every size have one thing in common: they need to constantly monitor their finances to stay in the black. If you’re new to managing business expenses, you may need a little gu...
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    14 Great Gift Ideas for Impoverished Friends and Relatives
    I'm not being dramatic when I say that the only things more difficult than choosing the perfect gift is giving birth or trying to peel a mango with wet hands. On a more serious note, buying the right gift is even more diffic...
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    4 Signs That Debt Relief Offer Is a Scam
    Written By: Stan Brown Cash-strapped consumers staring at mounting credit card debt, student loans, and car payments know all too well the dread of answering the phone or opening an email. After all, chances are it will be a...
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    How to Become Debt-Free in 4 Steps (2019 Guide)
    Debt doesn't just disappear because we want it to go away. Many of us have friends and family who have lost jobs, been overburdened by student loans, or seen their credit scores plummet after missing credit card payments. So...
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    Opening a Checking Account: Key Considerations for 2019
    Whether you're a small business owner with several employees or an army of one operating under an LLC with your name on it, your company needs a business checking account of its own. That means even if you're the one handlin...
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    9 Fantastic Ways to Manage Cash Flow for Your Small Business
    The future of your small business greatly depends on its ability to stay solvent. Here, we're not just talking about its ability to cover major expenses like the rent, the utilities, and the cost of supplies. We're also talk...
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    Why You Don't Have to Pay Taxes for a Debt Consolidation Loan
    You're in debt — you don't want to spend more money than needed.   Unfortunately, some debt relief options, like debt settlement, have tax consequences. Debt consolidation loans are an entirely different matter. &...

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