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LAST UPDATED: June 5th, 2020

NetDebt is a debt relief company based in Plano, Texas that provides debt settlement services. According to the company’s website, it can help most customers become debt-free in 24 to 36 months. 

The company offers only debt settlement services, not other debt relief options such as debt consolidation, debt management, or bankruptcy.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • AFCC Membership
  • Flat, Performance-Based Fees

Free Consultation

NetDebt offers a free consultation for interested borrowers that allows them to explore at no cost whether NetDebt’s debt settlement program is the right solution for them. 

AFCC Membership

NetDebt is a member of the American Fair Credit Council, an organization that fights for consumer rights and ethical debt settlement business practices. Members of the American Fair Credit Council must agree to abide by the AFCC’s code of conduct and demonstrate commitment to high ethical standards.

Flat, Performance-Based Fees

NetDebt doesn’t charge any advance fees for its debt settlement services. NetDebt customers are only charged after the company has successfully negotiated a settlement that the customer accepts.


The Bad

  • NetDebt Reviews
  • No IAPDA Accreditation
  • Lack of Website Information

NetDebt Reviews

Although NetDebt doesn’t have many reviews on, the majority of those reviews are negative. Many NetDebt reviews mention trouble getting in touch with NetDebt representatives, poor customer service, and dissatisfaction with the results of NetDebt’s debt settlement services.

No IAPDA Accreditation

Although NetDebt is a member of the American Fair Credit Council, it does not appear to be accredited through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. Many top debt relief companies have both accreditations.

Lack of Website Information

Although NetDebt offers potential customers a free consultation, its website doesn’t offer any important details such as the average cost of its services, which states its debt settlement services are available in, or the company’s minimum debt requirement.


The Bottom Line

NetDebt has several characteristics working in its favor, including its membership in the American Fair Credit Council, free consultations, and performance-based fees. However, there are still too many drawbacks for us to feel comfortable recommending this company.

The company is missing an important accreditation, and many of its reviews are poor. Whether you have credit card debt or medical debt, we recommend looking at other debt settlement, debt management, debt consolidation, and credit counseling companies for your debt relief needs.

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Julie Hutchings

Received an official looking notice from NetDebt offering to settle an amount at about a third of the cost, but it had a different phone number than listed on the site, no web address.... It just didn't seem correct.

6 years ago

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Abreham Baltimore, MD

Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 A minute ago Attention Attention Please stay away from this scam company. They have a great coustmer service no doubt about it. Lets give you guys one example when I was decided to start this program what I was heard from the agent this was a government program that helps people who have struggled to pay their debt. At the beginning the will tell you if you are eligible to that program which is lier Anyway here’s the details One of my Bank of America credit balance was 3638 after settlement bank agreed to pay them 1634 and I was accepted which is which is almost half price but this scam company was charged me 22 percent which 799 which don’t make sense If I am able to pay 2433 you better pay the entire balance with you bank clean your mess keep your credit card. This is a good example. Please guys before you sign make sure do the number.also if you decide to continue with this program even after you paid off still the negative points will stay for 5- 7 years believe me they won’t tell you because the scam. because the don’t care if you are screwup . The best way call the creditor and try negotiate with them . Sometimes they will offer you like chase bank.

4 years ago

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Gary Pitt Lincoln, NE

I closed my account before Halloween and I still haven't received my money or a itemized bill showing where my money went, I think they gave more money to United Member Plan, then advertise. Every time I call customer server with NetDebt, I'm on hold for hour and when they said they call me back if I didn't want to wait on hold, I still never had a call back from anyone in the company. When I told NetDebt that I was getting a loan to pay my credit cards, they told me that was a bad ideal, really!!! NetDebt, give me my money and a itemized record to where my money went and pay me? Do not let one your so call customer service call me, only communicate by email? I 'm thinking about going to our local TV Station and see if they can find out what is going on?

6 years ago

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Silvia Fargo, ND

when I signed up for this I was quoted one amount I would be paying for 36 months. I actually paid thousands more to pay off sooner. My husband had to take a loan out because I was facing a judgment against me. I did not want to have wage garnishments. Now I finished 14 months sooner and all my creditors have been paid off. They continue to draft money , I am going to my bank now and put a stop in. But no emails, nor phone calls have helped so far. Emails now get ignored and phone calls give me the run around. 2 months in a row I was told I would get a refund, this past Monday when I was drafted again, I called and was assured that I will receive my refund as soon as it clears on their side. It cleared my bank already. Yesterday I was drafted again, WTH. I called while I was on my break, had to listen to their music for 18 minutes, never talked to anyone. They are a rip off, stay away. My husband said he wants to file a small claims for the money they took illegally. I just want to get it behind me. Not sure if reporting them to BBB would help.

6 years ago

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Aaron Plano, TX

The company has awesome reviews on the bbb and the fact they do not have sign up fee or monthly fee and have over 23k in customers this review is biased to say the least.

6 years ago

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LnzB Southaven, MS

The only reason they got one star for me is because that's the lowest option I had! I enrolled in this program in January and it is now mid October and I still have nothing settled out of 4 accounts. I could have had at least one thing settled but they won't call me back. I have more money in that account than I have in two of my accounts that I have enrolled with them. Just went with Freedom Debt Relief per my co-worker who has been in the program for 2 months and has already seen results! When you call freedom debt relief, Tell them Lindsay Bryant sent ya! ;)

4 years ago

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Lynette Birmingham, AL

I called Netdebt, just to inquire about what they could do for me. I still had other options, but did not enter into an agreement. They called me 3 times a day, for about 2 weeks. Finally, I decided that their program was the best fit, once I signed up I didn't hear fin them again. I decided to cancel, because I was quoted a significantly lower monthly amount for the same debt. It's been a week, the money was still drafted from my account and no one will return my phone calls. I'm going to get on my social media accounts and warn everyone about them.

5 years ago

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roland burt Phoenix, AZ

i contracted with netdebt in 2014 for a sustantial fee to negotiate 2 credit card debts with citibank. the did settle one and then said they needed 2 more payments which i agreed to. then they started calling me every month for more money which i refused. now they have thousands of dollars of mine and havent settled the second and i havent heard from them for months

7 years ago

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John gleiforst Saint Louis, MO

Please don't use them they will take your money with no results no results they always saying you're more money they just keep taking and taking when you're going more than what your original balance was please take my advice don't use them

6 years ago

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Vaughn Bruenn La Puente, CA

Cancel yet they refuse to reply, called several times, emails and text messages, only response is "reviear wing" when I demanded a response after emailed signd cancellation were emailed. I have no idea of what comes next. Suggest anybody looking at NetDebt for services, to proceed with extreme care.

7 years ago

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Jefftheref Knox, IN

Poor customer service, They don't respond quickly to subpoenas or pending judgments. They don't seem to be concerned with my needs.

4 years ago

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Inna Zalucki Albany, NY

Very poor customer service, bad communication, negligence. Some stuff members are rude and incompetent, not eager to help, unresponsive . Would lie just to brush you off.

6 years ago

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james stine

Cancelled my contract with netdebt, and wow, no money left in my account, after months of asking for a paper statement. Different answers with each call, never again!

6 years ago

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Sandy Summers Pomona, MO

This company is THE worst. No settlements poor settlements. Owe more now. Refused to cancel my service

3 years ago

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Slow as a turtle!!! Not helpful!!! Big liars!!!

6 years ago