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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2023

Better Debt Solutions provides consumer credit and debt relief services. Better Debt Solutions helps customers mitigate the stressors associated with debt, including frequent communication from collection agencies.

Each client will work directly with an accredited debt specialist. Once a client meets the enrollment eligibility requirements, a debt specialist will immediately develop a plan to maximize results and potential financial savings. 

Better Debt Solutions is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has maintained “A” status. The company is also an accredited member of International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and a part of the Consumer Debt Relief Initiative organization. Former clients have publicly expressed their satisfaction with the services and debt relief tactics utilized by Better Debt Solutions on their behalf. 

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The Good

  • Debt Relief Services
  • Proven Process
  • Progress Tracking
  • Custom Consolidation

Debt Relief Services

Debt relief covers a number of areas and not all debt relief services are offered by all debt relief providers. This is why it is critical that potential clients determine what debt relief services are needed and ensure that the desired provider provides those specific solutions. Better Debt Solutions offers a wide range of debt relief services including:

  • Debt settlement
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Credit counseling and debt management 
  • Bankruptcy

While Better Debt Solutions specializes in debt settlement services, the professional staff is well-equipped to handle a number of financial need based solutions. 

Proven Process

Better Debt Solutions has developed a thorough process for each client to go through:

  • Assessment 
  • Customized plan 
  • Negotiation 
  • Implementation 
  • Progress tracking 
  • Debt-free future 

Progress Tracking

Throughout the duration of the debt relief process, Better Debt Solutions will keep all clients up to date with constant communication and notification updates. Not all providers will put in the extra effort to make sure consumers know where they stand on their debt relief journey, but Better Debt Solutions does.

Through an online portal, clients can conveniently access and track their individual progress. This online portal offers real-time account information and updates. It also allows for free flowing communication between the debt settlement provider and the consumer. 

Custom Consolidation

While Better Debt Solutions has created a step-by-step process to help clients achieve financial freedom, there is a customized aspect of the service as well. Better Debt Solutions wants to ensure that each client is paired with the best consolidation provider and is utilizing the most beneficial strategy in order to reach financial goals. 

Many debt relief agencies will simply utilize a cut and dry process for each consumer regardless of outlying factors. This can cost clients additional money and keep them from utilizing the best possible debt relief strategies. That is not the case with the Better Debt Solutions program. 


The Bad

  • Service Fee Structure
  • Unknown Agreement Structure

Service Fee Structure

Most debt relief agencies utilize a similar performance-based debt settlement fee structure. This is where the debt settlement company will ultimately charge a fee based on a percentage of settled debt. The more debt that is settled, the more a client will ultimately have to pay.

Where Better Debt Solutions differs is in the percentage of debt charged. The average client will pay anywhere from 14 percent to 27 percent which is above average within the industry. That means that it could cost clients a little bit more to utilize the Better Debt Solutions program. 

Unknown Agreement Structure

Some debt relief agencies can provide a more accurate timeline concerning when a debt settlement will be reached. That is not the case with Better Debt Solutions for a number of reasons. These new agreements will take time to craft and the length of time it will take varies depending on the following factors:

  • Amount of debt
  • Creditor that debt needs to be settled with
  • Negotiation progress

As a result, Better Debt Solutions clients can expect the debt settlement process to take anywhere from several months to a number of years to fully complete. Other providers may offer shorter timelines to clients. 


The Bottom Line

Better Debt Solutions offer consumers comprehensive debt consolidation services that can save money and set clients on a path of financial freedom and independence. 

There are a variety of debt consolidation and related services that are available through Better Debt Solutions that consumers can take advantage of. These include, but are not limited to, debt settlement, debt consolidation loans, bankruptcy, and more. 

Additionally, Better Debt Solutions has crafted a proven process to help clients financial freedom. Clients can track account progress throughout the duration of the debt settlement negotiations online through a client portal.

Lastly, Better Debt Solutions is well-equipped to connect providers with clients in an effort to offer completely custom consolidation solutions.

While there are a number of reasons prospective clients should consider Better Debt Solutions for debt relief help, there are reasons to consider alternative providers as well. The service fee structure can end up costing those with substantial debt a great deal in the long run. It should also be noted that there is an unknown agreement structure due to the nature of consolidation negotiations.

Considering all that Better Debt Solutions offers to consumers in need, those looking for professional debt relief aid should consider Better Debt Solutions if they are eligible to meet program requirements. 

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