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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is a specialized debt relief company that primarily focuses on helping consumers navigate the confusing debt and credit world in an effort to get back on a path to financial freedom.

In order to protect consumers from deceitful commercial and creditor practices, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection works with each client to provide education surrounding their rights and inform them of the regulations that exist to govern businesses that deal with consumer finances. 

More specifically, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection works directly with consumers to solve problems caused by creditors, law firms representing commercial clients, debt dispute providers, and debt settlement operations. Rather than prey upon those in the midst of financial turmoil, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is designed to help these individuals get back on their feet financially speaking. 

In addition to providing education and financial resources, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection also deal in the settlement, credit repair, and debt relief world. 

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The Good

  • Consumer Rights Focus
  • Services Offered
  • Attorney on Staff

Consumer Rights Focus

Advocates 4 Consumer Protection aims to provide financial education and resources to consumers unaware of their consumer rights. Because many consumers do not have a basic understanding of these rights, they are commonly exploited by outside financial institutions and influences. To help consumers navigate these complexities, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection helps clients settle these disputes.

The staff at Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is well versed in helping consumers fight back against attorney general complaints, FTC complaints. BBB complaints, and Consumer Bureau (CPB) complaints.

Each Advocates 4 Consumer Protection client will be assigned a dedicated professional to help them dig deeper into their debt settlement agreements and double check for errors in legal documents or breached contracts. Not all debt relief agencies have this objective or provide this educational and support services. 

Services Offered

In addition to helping clients as advocates for consumer rights, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection also provides a number of quality services to those working through strenuous financial times. These services include summary reviews, credit repair, and tax debt resolution.

Each prospective client is entitled to a complimentary consultation with a consumer rights professional at ADvocates 4 Consumer Protection. In this consultation the services needed will be specified as well as what can potentially be done on behalf of the client.

This clear understanding is not always offered to consumers in this industry where clients are routinely taken advantage of. That does not seem to be the case with the Advocates 4 Consumer Protection platform. 

Attorney on Staff

While it is not required for operation within the industry, it is highly beneficial to have an attorney on staff. Having an attorney that knows the ins and outs of the legal jargon while also having an in-depth knowledge of the laws and codes provides invaluable insight for consumers in dire need. Advocates 4 Consumer Protection employs an attorney directly on staff to help clients that need these services.

It should be noted that most debt relief agencies do not offer this same level of legal expertise, meaning Advocates 4 Consumer Protection goes above and beyond in this area of service and knowledge. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Accreditations 
  • Unknown Pricing and Standing Requirements
  • Service Area

Lack of Accreditations

Most companies that operate within the debt and credit industries are accredited with one or more of the following organizations:

  • AFCC
  • NFCC
  • FCAA
  • ISO

Depending on exactly what a company offers its clients likely determine what accreditations a particular provider has. That being said, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection does not appear to have obtained any of these accreditation.

While it is not necessarily a requirement to be accredited with any of the listed organizations, it does go a long way in demonstrating service legitimacy and industry compliance. 

Unknown Pricing and Standing Requirements

For consumers looking into debt relief or credit counseling services, the most common concern is the cost for service. Many debt relief agencies will charge clients a percentage of the debt and bill over a course of time. Some may provide services on a monthly or annual basis depending on the client’s needs.

However, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection has not publicly disclosed what its rates are for any of its services making it difficult to determine the affordability of its services. 

Additionally, many debt relief providers will also require clients meet certain needs in order to qualify for services. It is unclear what requirements Advocates 4 Consumer Protection requires of its clients, or if there are any such requirements, because the company has also not disclosed this pivotal information. 

Service Area

There are a number of debt relief and credit counseling providers that have found ways to provide services on a regional, if not national, level. These companies have the ability to reach consumers from coast to coast and offer comparable services to what Advocates 4 Consumer Protection provides its clients.

Unfortunately, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection is relegated to servicing just five states currently. Consumers in the following states may be eligible for Advocates 4 Consumer Protection Services: 

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • New Jersey
  • Florida
  • Texas

It is also odd that the company operates out of California but does not provide services to consumers that reside in California.


The Bottom Line

Consumers in need of help navigating the complexities of financial laws and taxes have turned to Advocates 4 Consumer Protection for help. That is due to the company’s main focus on protecting and educating consumers of their rights. Additionally, the company offers summary reviews, credit repair services, and tax debt resolution. The Advocates 4 Consumer Protection staff also retains legal professionals, including licensed attorneys on staff for cases that require such expertise. 

Despite offering a consumer-first service, there are some glaring holes in the Advocates 4 Consumer Protection platform that should be noted. This includes the lack of accreditations the company as a whole has yet to obtain.

Additionally, there is no disclosed information regarding the pricing of the Advocates 4 Consumer Protection services nor does the company provide basic requirements for consumer review. Lastly, Advocates 4 Consumer Protection only provides services in five states, limiting who the company can actually help. 

Taking into consideration what Advocates 4 Consumer Protection offers in addition to the undisclosed information needed to make an informed decision, it is difficult to determine whether or not the company is a premier provider in the debt relief space. 

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