Step 1 Credit seeks to provide simple and affordable credit repair services to its customers. The company is very proactive in responding to customer complaints, and will on occasion provide good-faith refunds to customers who feel they have been wronged. However, the company also requires customers to purchase their own credit reports, and is severely limited in how it can legally represent its clients to creditors and reporting agencies.

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The Good

Step 1 Credit helps clients resolve a wide variety of credit inaccuracies and negative items, including late payments, bankruptcies, short sales, repossessions, and more. The company provides these baseline services at a lower monthly rate of $69.95 (plus a $99.95 first work fee).

Lower Monthly Rates

Step 1 Credit charges monthly rates that are below the industry average.

The Bad

Step 1 Credit does not provide access to attorneys in the event that customers require legal assistance or representation with their credit repair. Although this is not a legal requirement, it is a feature employed by many top companies, and offers customers an additional level of protection against creditors and debt collectors. Step 1 Credit customers will also be required to take a more active role in the credit repair process by either regularly purchasing updated credit reports from all three bureaus, or enrolling in supplemental credit monitoring. The company does not appear to offer a service warranty or money back guarantee.

No On-Staff Attorneys

The company cannot legally represent customers or put a stop to collection calls.

Does Not Pull Clients’ Credit Reports

Customers are required to purchase updated credit reports separately.

No Money Back Guarantee

Step 1 Credit does not appear to offer full refunds for dissatisfactory service.

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The Bottom Line

If you are already enrolled in credit monitoring, you may consider Step 1 Credit as a less expensive alternative to other credit repair companies. But if you find that your credit repair issues require legal representation, you may find some top credit repair companies are better suited to help you restore your credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Step 1 Credit services cost?

Step 1 Credit has a two-tier program. Both tiers require a $99.95 first work fee due in the first six days of signing up. Monthly costs are $69.95.

Does Step 1 Credit allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

Step 1 Credit signs up individuals only.

How does Step 1 Credit repair my credit?

Step 1 Credit helps consumers repair through different methods such as unlimited creditor disputes, inquiry disputes, and validation letters.

Does Step 1 Credit provide Credit Monitoring?

Step 1 Credit does not provide credit monitoring.

How long will it take before I start to see results with Step 1 Credit?

Step 1 Credit customers can expect to see results within the first few months of signing up.

What results can I expect from Step 1 Credit?

Step 1 Credit promises to help consumers improve their credit by providing consultations, creditor disputes, and other legal methods.

Here are the different ways consumers can contact Step 1 Credit:

More Information

Published Results

Step 1 Credit promises to help consumers do the following:

  • Remove questionable negative items from credit reports
  • Credit consulting
  • Credit report management and repair
  • Provide credit education (e.g., Step 1 Credit provides a credit repair news and information center.)

Price Breakdown

Step 1 Credit has a two tier pricing structure available to customers who pay the setup fee of $99.95:

  • Premier Program is $79.95/month
  • Standard program is $59.95/month
  • Customers can cancel at anytime.

How It Works?

  1. Sign Up
    Step 1 Credit makes it easy for consumers to sign up either over the phone or on its website.
  1. Free Consultation and Payment
    After signing up, consumers receive a free consultation. This consultation will help both Step 1 Credit and the consumer understand what steps need to be taken so the consumer’s credit score can be improved. Consumers pay the fees required to receive the benefits of the services provided by Step 1 Credit.
  1. Access to Services
    After signing up and paying the setup fee, consumers will be able to work with Step 1 Credit to improve their credit score. Step 1 Credit will provide services such as unlimited creditor disputes and same day representation. These services are expected to help consumers reach their credit score goals within a few months.

What to Expect when Signing Up

  1. Sign Up Online or via Phone
    Consumers can sign up online using an online form or over the phone by calling Step 1 Credit.
  1. Free Consultation
    Like many other credit repair companies, consumers will receive a free credit consultation. This free credit consultation will help them be able to determine what needs to be done for consumers to achieve their credit score goals.
  1. Pay Setup Fees
    Consumers must pay a $99.95 first work fee within the first six days to get started with Step 1 Credit’s full services.
  1. Services and Resources
    Consumers will have access to the services and resources provided by Step 1 Credit after paying the fees required by Step 1 Credit. Consumers can expect to have inaccurate or misleading credit reports that’ll negatively affect their credit score.


What Can Be Removed?

  • Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Short sales
  • Charge offs
  • Foreclosures
  • Late payments
  • Liens
  • Collections
  • Inquiries

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    May 15th, 2016 Morgan City, LA

    I tired this company before going back to Lexington law I didn’t see no results but they wanted their first works free besides that they ran my card for credit reports without asking me for a charge of 39.95 and now their mad cause I haven’t made one single payment why pay if I don’t see any results.

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