Point Boosters

Point Boosters

Point Boosters is a veteran owned credit repair company. Point Booster was founded in 2007 by Senior Credit Expert Derrick Harper and is based out of Georgia. Point Booster has a high success rate for helping customers improve their credit scores. The company has specialities in consumer, business and mortgage credit and can help a customer with goals in these avenues. Point Booster also offers unique discounts for a couples package, which can be used with family members or friends, as well as a discounted veterans package.

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The Good

  • Tiered Packages
  • Educational Resources
  • Three-Month Guarantee

Tiered Packages

Point Boosters offers several package deals that lets the customer choose which package tailors their needs. Each package gives a detailed description of their services as well as who would benefit most from each package. One package offers a small discount to couples who enroll together. The couple can be couples, family members or friends. Point Boosters also offers a discounted package deal for veterans for a limited time.

Educational Resources

Point Boosters has tips throughout its website on how customers can help boost their credit on their own. The website also has a page detailing what credit score is and the percentage of items that affect credit score. There is also a section that gives a list of negative items that can remain on a credit file for an extended period of time. The company also offers a consultation, classes and answers to questions to all of their clients.

Three-Month Guarantee

Point Boosters offer clients a free three months if they are unable to remove 25 percent of the negative credit items from all three credit reports. Point Boosters has a 100 percent money back guarantee on monthly payments if 25 percent of all negatives worked on are not removed, you have been with their company for six months, you had at least five negatives on your credit report at the time of signup. You also must not have used another credit-consulting agency two years previous to signup and must agree to send updated reports from all three credit bureaus within five days of receipt.

The Bad

  • Limited Phone Consultations
  • Expensive Packages

Limited Phone Consultation

Most plans do not or have limited phone consultation. These plans offer emailing credit specialists with your credit questions. Point Boosters guarantees an answer to your questions within 24-48 hours, but for the price of the services the customer should receive more feedback.

Expensive Packages

While we appreciate the tiered package options, the prices are quite steep. The bottom tiers are average for the industry, however the top tiers are quite expensive. The most expensive package is $199.99 monthly and also requires a $199.99 fee to start. This can be a huge investment for potential customers, especially with the initial costs.

The Bottom Line

Point Boosters has some impressive statistics that show that they work for their clients. The varying levels of packages make it ideal for people to choose a tailored fit for their particular circumstances. Point Boosters speciality in mortgage and business credit can also be beneficial to certain clientele. It is recommended to research and find the credit repair company that best suits your personal credit repair needs before making a final decision with Point Boosters.

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    May 30th, 2017

    This company was great. I gave them all the information, and I got good scores across the board. I would definitely recommend this company, because the customer service people are sweet, and Derrick H is a great help.

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