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National Credit Solutions is a credit repair company that has been operating since 2006 and is headquartered in McKinney, TX.

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The Good

Results are important when it comes to choosing a credit repair company, and National Credit Repair attempts to provide the customer with plenty of that. Testimonials directed to particular consultants are included along with a webpage dedicated to improved credit reports. It should be noted, however, that it can be hard to test the legitimacy of customer testimonials, even if it’s a video or audio clip. But again, National Credit Repair also seems dedicated to alerting the customer of their legal rights in the credit repair industry, which is a good sign of legitimacy.

Visible Results

National Credit Solutions has a web page dedicated to showing dozens of examples of improved credit reports from past customers as recent as November 2015. Deletions are highlighted on each of the forms.

Information on Credit Industry

The company provides links to government websites explaining credit and credit repair law. A company that alerts their customers of their rights as consumers is typically a good sign of legitimacy.

The Bad

The fact that National Credit Repair doesn’t offer upfront information on legal expertise, pricing, or a money back guarantee doesn’t compare well against other industry competitors. Many credit repair companies will give you multiple pricing plans upfront along with a free consultation. It’s also ideal to have licensed attorneys on staff because much of credit repair takes place through legal processes, and some customers may want to have legal representation if problems arise.

No Licensed Attorneys

Although National Credit Solutions has a team with lots of experience, no one on staff is a licensed attorney. This can be a concern since much of credit repair is done through legal processes.

No Upfront Price Information

Potential customers must schedule a consultation in order to gain information on pricing. The consultation is free, and requires the customer’s name, email, phone number, where they got referred from, zip code, and comments/questions.

No Money Back Guarantee

No information was given on National Credit Solutions’ website regarding a money back guarantee, so it can be assumed that there isn’t one.

The Bottom Line

National Credit Solutions may be a good option for those who wish to take the plunge and talk to one of their representatives, but some customers may want to save the time and simply look into other companies that offer more information upfront. Even though customer testimonials are a nice touch, it can be difficult to test the legitimacy of those claims. Customers would do well to look into other top competitors before making a final decision.

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  1. User Score


    February 28th, 2013 Plano, TX

    Another company that basically makes you feel good at the beginning and then forgets you. $1300 investment. Terribly dissapointed win NCS, Mckinney,Tx.

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  2. User Score


    September 20th, 2012

    This Co. acts like they are your best friend and makes you so many promises until they cash your check. When you call and complain because nothing is changing on your report after a long period of time then they come out with the hidden charges and things that didn’t seem legal, wanting you to pay for fake credit. Are you kidding me!!! They charge a lot for very little work and no results. Refuse to give any money back. Stay away from this company!!!

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