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Credit Smart Repair was founded in Los Angeles California in 1999. Credit Smart Repair offers unlimited consultation and a website with educational articles, blogs and videos to keep clients informed. The company focuses on credit repair, and are selective with disputes to optimize credit scores for their clients. Credit Smart Repair works directly with all three credit bureaus to ensure that their clients credit score has maximum results.

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The Good

  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Selective with Disputes

Unlimited Consultation

Credit Smart Repair offers unlimited credit consultation from their team of credit specialists. A lot of similar companies limit consultations and in place offer forums that can take days to get responses to. Clients appreciate the ability to call and receive personalized information to their questions within minutes. The website also offers a plethora of videos, articles and blogs to help clients become more informed. Some of these articles discuss common myths about credit, the importance of credit scores and tips on how to improve credit.

Selective with Disputes

Credit Smart Repair recognizes that some disputes can actually lower your credit score. The specialists focus on the items that will improve credit scores and leave the items that if removed would lower credit scores. The specialists customize each plan to tailor to the client's specific needs. Credit Smart Repair customer's see results within 30-45 days and offer a 90 day money back guarantee on their services.

The Bad

  • Limited Plans
  • Must Call in for Updates

Limited Plans

Credit Smart Repair only offers one package, the Correction Program for $99 monthly with an additional initial fee of $100. Other credit repair companies offer different packages to tailor to credit repair needs. Some of these varying packages may offer more in depth services for higher prices, or have specialized services for clients with extreme circumstances. Credit Smart Repair states that clients with extreme situations tend to stay on the program for a longer period of time.

Must Call in for Updates

Credit Smart Repair does not offer a portal or platform to check the progress of disputes. They also do not offer a calling service to update clients. If a client would like to know the status or progress of their disputes they must call. This can be inconvenient for clients depending on call waiting time. Similar credit repair companies offer online sources to view the progress of their disputes.

The Bottom Line

Credit Smart Repair has a lot to offer customers and at an industry average price. Unlimited consultation with credit specialists is a really great service that they offer. There are some drawbacks in the service, such as not having an online portal to view progress of disputes. Published results would also help potential customers in their decision making process. It is recommended that any potential customers research their options before choosing to repair their credit with Credit Smart Repair.

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