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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Credit Blast Off is a relatively new credit repair company based out of Margate, Florida. The company works to help Floridians reach their financial goals through credit freedom. In order to do this, Credit Blast Off systematically works through negative items on a client’s credit report to bolster credit scores. 

In addition to providing traditional credit repair services, Credit Blast Off also provides additional financial and credit resources to help clients maintain and build upon the credit work that is done on their behalf. 

Currently, Credit Blast Off only provides its services to Florida residents and customers will need to meet in the office to go over their credit repair case. While many of the documents and information can be provided online, Credit Blast Off customers will at some point need to meet with a Credit Blast Off team member. 

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The Good

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Pay per Deletion
  • Free Credit Consultation
  • Credit Resources

No Upfront Costs

Upfront costs are common in the credit repair industry. Many companies will charge to pull a client’s credit report, conduct an itemized analysis, or to compile all necessary financial documentation. These upfront costs typically hover around $99, but there is a range in what many credit repair companies will charge for these initial services. Credit Blast Off offers a different pricing model which does not require an upfront cost from clients. By not charging any upfront costs, Credit Blast Off keeps money in the pockets of clients trying to improve their financial situation. 

Pay per Deletion

Monthly services fees are what credit repair companies typically charge clients to remove negative items from credit reports. Depending on how many items an individual needs removed, it can take a credit repair company months to complete a case. Rather than follow the industry norm, Credit Blast Off charges per deletion. This means that a Credit Blast Off client will only have to pay for work that is actively being done to improve their credit scores. 

Free Credit Consultation

Clients interested in using Credit Blast Off for credit repair services will find the free credit consultation to be extremely valuable. In this consultation, Credit Blast Off clients will receive an in-depth credit analysis along with credit recommendations on how to move forward. Industry competitors will charge for this type of service, but Credit Blast Off offers it free to its clients. 

Credit Resources

In addition to providing credit repair services, Credit Blast Off is committed to improving clients’ financial literacy. The team at Credit Blast Off offers an e-book to clients, 101 Fast Fixes To Boost Your Credit Score, that details how to develop a personalized credit repair plan utilizing the strategies used by credit repair experts. The book also provides clients with strategies needed to build positive financial habits and maintain high credit scores. Most credit repair companies will provide credit repair services and then let clients maneuver their finances despite displaying poor spending habits. Credit Blast Off is trying to combat this by providing financial tools that set clients up for success. 


The Bad

  • Only Certified in Florida
  • No Money-Back Guarantee

Only Certified in Florida

Credit repair services are legal at the federal level and in most states — including Florida. Since so much of the documentation and financial information can be shared through online platforms, many credit repair companies are able to serve on a national level (where credit repair services are legal). That being said, Credit Blast Off only services those in the state of Florida, and more specifically, in geographical proximity to the company headquarters in Margate.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Typically, credit repair companies offer some sort of money-back guarantee to customers. Since item removal cannot be guaranteed, credit repair companies will provide a level of protection for the client. While most companies that offer a money-back guarantee charge monthly fees, there are some that will provide it to clients regardless of how charges are set up. Money-back guarantees are generally standard in the credit repair industry, lasting anywhere from 30-180 days. That being said, Credit Blast Off does not offer a money-back guarantee. 


The Bottom Line

While Credit Blast Off seems to be working toward building a reputable service, there is simply not enough known about the staff, credit repair process, experience, or overall service to recommend the company to those in need of credit repair. On top of the unknowns surrounding the company’s dealings, it is limited in who can be serviced, and it is unclear how long the entire Credit Blast Off process will take. 

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