Clear Credit was founded in 2004 in South Carolina. Clear Credit offers an affordable credit repair plan and is well below the industry price average for similar credit repair plans. Clear Credit works with all three credit bureaus to repair client’s credit. Clear Credit offers one affordable package to fit customers credit repair needs.

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The Good

  • Low monthly price
  • Low initial cost


Clear Credit offers a very affordable credit repair program. It is substantially lower than the industry average for monthly and initial fees. This affordability gives lower-income clients an opportunity to fix their credit without breaking the bank. The monthly fee is $50 and the initial fee is $60 making their plan available for almost anyone. Clear Credit offers one package for credit repair, which simplifies their services.

The Bad

  • Limited plans
  • Have to send files
  • No consultation

Limited Plans

Clear Credit only offers one package, the credit repair program for $50 monthly with an additional initial fee of $60. Other credit repair companies offer different packages to tailor to credit repair needs. Some of these varying packages may offer more in depth services for higher prices, or have specialized services for clients with extreme circumstances. With Clear Credit there is only one option that has to fit everyone.

Sending Credit Files

A major drawback to Clear Credit is the process of having to receive credit reports and send them to Clear Credit. This can take a great deal of time and effort to send and receive files versus having the information online. Most competitors have the information online or have the information available over the phone. Other credit repair companies also have online tools to enable clients to see the progress of disputes.

Consultation and Education

Clear Credit does not offer educational materials to help their clients maintain good credit or become more financially educated. Other credit repair companies usually offer videos, tools, articles, guides, courses, or blogs to help their clients become more well informed. Clear Credit does not offer consultations or coaching sessions. Consultations can be very beneficial for a client to learn and improve. It’s also an opportunity for a client to ask questions and become more clear on specific topics.

The Bottom Line

Clear Credit would be a great option for potential customers who cannot afford competitors prices. Clear Credit does not offer consultation, education, and only offers a one plan fits all package. Clear Credit also does not have some of the convenient features that its competitors offer such as online status of disputed items, or 30 day automatic updates. It is recommended that potential customers research their options before choosing to repair their credit with Clear Credit.


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