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LAST UPDATED: June 19th, 2023

The 700 Credit Scores program helps consumers in the area of loan qualification and improved interest rates on approved loans. 700 Credit Scores focuses on getting consumers approval ready, specifically for home/mortgage loans, auto loans, and for high-limit credit cards. This is done by removing inaccurate negative items across all credit reports. 

In the past, consumers were forced to wait years to get accurate results displayed on credit reports, often delaying the ability to qualify for needed and eligible loans. 700 Credit Scores is a credit repair provider that helps clients bypass those substantially long wait times and become eligible for desired loans in a matter of months. With improved credit scores, consumers are also able to qualify for better interest rates saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest payments. 

In addition to receiving aggressive credit repair services, 700 Credit Scores provides clients with a number of additional resources free of charge. These include the Ultimate Guide to 700+ Credit ($49 value), the Inquiry Removal Guide ($49 value), and the Secret Lenders List for Funding ($99 value). All of these resources are designed to help 700 Credit Scores clients establish a solid financial foundation and build towards a more financially sound future. 

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The Good

  • Metro 2 and E-OSCAR
  • Aggressive Disputing Efforts
  • Eligible Items for Removal
  • Results and Benefits

Metro 2 and E-OSCAR

A critical component of the 700 Credit Scores program success is its implementation of Metro 2 and e-OSCAR. These methods and programs are not available through all credit repair agencies which is why it is worthy of noting.

The Metro 2 compliance disputing method is used in conjunction with e-OSCAR. 700 Credit Scores can determine what items on a credit report are in alliance with compliance regulations. There is a huge difference between credit repair companies that utilize Metro 2 compliance based disputing and those that use alternative methods. 

The e-OSCAR system is a web-based program that was developed by the main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion. It is an automated system that enables data furnishers and credit reporting agencies to essentially create and then respond to consumer disputes. This drastically speeds up the disputing process and efficiently removes items in a systematic fashion. A credit repair agency that utilizes e-OSCAR like 700 Credit Scores is uniquely positioned to help consumers quickly and efficiently.  

Aggressive Disputing Efforts

Most credit repair agencies are not necessarily incentivized to get a consumer’s credit “repaired” in a timely manner. That is because the service is usually subscription based. That being said, 700 Credit Scores is committed to utilizing an aggressive style disputing process specifically designed to have negative and inaccurate items removed in a timely fashion. 

These efforts include filing multiple disputes with all credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies. This is done by implementing a number of various tactics with the intent of having the negative information removed for good.

When using aggressive credit repair disputing methods, 700 Credit Scores will file a dispute for each individual negative item regardless of legitimacy to speed up the process and make up for time in the case of communication lag with creditors and bureaus. 

Eligible Items for Removal

Some credit repair agencies specialize in removing particular negative and inaccurate items from credit reports. Not all credit repair agencies can remove all negative items which is why it is important to ensure that a credit repair provider offers removal of the items a consumer needs deleted. With 700 Credit Scores, items eligible for removal include:

  • Collections
  • Charged offs
  • Hard inquiries
  • Student loans
  • Repossessions
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late payments
  • Incorrect information

If these are the particular items that a consumer is looking at having removed, a consultation with 700 Credit Scores would be wise. 

Results and Benefits

One of the first questions prospective credit repair clients are interested in is how long the credit repair process will take. While no credit repair company can make any sort of guarantees in terms of how fast results can be obtained, some companies are more aggressive in disputing efforts resulting in faster average result speeds.

Some clients will see results in as little as 30 to 45 days with most 700 Credit Scores clients seeing desired results in 6 to 9 months. Not all credit repair companies offer this kind of aggressive disputing resulting in these average case closure speeds. 

The benefits of working with 700 Credit Scores are another differentiating factor between its service and those offered by competitor credit repair agencies. Benefits of the 700 Credit Scores platform include:

  • Free 30-min credit consultation
  • Monthly credit restoration included
  • Access to private client portal
  • Customized and personalized dispute strategy
  • Clients have access to email, text, and phone support
  • Receive a credit journey road map
  • Aggressive disputing with Metro 2
  • Licensed, insured, and verified
  • Signed contract not required, and consumers can cancel anytime
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee

Not all credit repair agencies offer a no contract and money-back guarantee service like 700 Credit Scores does. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Service Costs
  • Unknown Service Area/Coverage

Undisclosed Service Costs

Despite making claims that it offers flexible monthly payment plans, 700 Credit Scores has chosen not to publicly disclose costs for its services. Generally, credit repair providers will disclose all or some of the following associated costs:

  • Upfront fees
  • Monthly costs
  • Additional monitoring fees
  • Document pricing

It is the industry standard to offer some transparency in terms of pricing for services as this plays a major role in determining if a consumer wants to pursue professional credit repair help. Unfortunately for 700 Credit Scores prospective clients, this information has not been released making it difficult to determine the affordability of the service. 

Unknown Service Area/Coverage

Credit repair companies can service clients on a national scale; however, not all companies are able to do so. Some opt to perform a more localized service only assisting consumers in certain states or regions. Generally, companies will make the geographic service area of its program publicly known.

Again, 700 Credit Scores has failed to disclose its service area or make it known its capabilities in servicing clients outside of where its headquarters are in Florida. Prospective clients outside of Florida may want to consider utilizing the free consultation to determine whether or not their case meets eligibility requirements for service. 


The Bottom Line

The main purpose behind 700 Credit Scores is to help get its clients ready to be approved for desired loans and credit cards. This is done by utilizing Metro 2 and E-OSCAR. These methods allow for 700 Credit Scores to go in and meticulously start improving credit scores by eliminating false, negative items.

In addition to utilizing Metro 2 and E-OSCAR, 700 Credit Scores employs an aggressive disputing process to ensure that items are removed as quickly as possible allowing for faster results. There are a number of items that the credit specialists at 700 Credit Scores can target and have removed to bolster scores. Lastly the timetable for results and program benefits are of great value to a growing number of consumers. 

There are a number of reasons and services offered that would cause any interested consumer to look into utilizing the 700 Credit Scores platform. That being said, there are also limitations and unknowns surrounding the service as well that may be a reason for hesitation. For example, 700 Credit Scores has not publicly disclosed its costs for services nor has the company provided any information in terms of a geographical service area that it covers.

Considering the known benefits as well as the undisclosed factors, those considering 700 Credit Scores may want to take advantage of the free consultations to determine eligibility prior to making a final decision on what credit repair provider to go with. 

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