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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021
As a not-for-profit organization, Public Service Credit Union is dedicated to offering the best possible service to its members. Since 1938, PSCU has continually expanded and grown to accommodate members and their ever-changing financial needs. More than 190,000 members can attest to that dedication as they have taken advantage of all of the services offered, which include checking and savings accounts, personal finance education, loans, credit cards, and more resources. This large selection of financial services and resources, paired with a staff that genuinely cares for members and their needs, has helped countless customers to meet their financial goals.

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The Good

  • No annual fees
  • Security measures
  • Educational resources

No Annual Fees

Public Service Credit Union does not charge any annual fees, which can save cardholders hundreds of dollars each year.

Security Measures

Because Public Service Credit Union values its members and their financial lives, the company has put security measures in place. The credit cards offered by PSCU are from MasterCard and include MasterCard Secure Codes, which is a program that protects customers and their cards while participating in online shopping. Since this is a major way that people use their credit cards and also a major way that hackers can get into accounts, this is an important security step. Customers simply have to choose to participate and sign up for this additional feature.

Educational Resources

Financial information can be pretty overwhelming to someone just learning or trying to be better at managing their money or credit. Public Service Credit Union understands this and has developed several programs that pair members with professionals to get the help they need. Members can choose between a variety of courses and learn about what really matters to them in their situation. They could also choose to sit down with a professional and go over their credit history to get an idea of where they are and what they could do to improve it if necessary. All of these educational resources showcase how dedicated PSCU is to its members and their goals.

The Bad

  • Limited card options
  • Lack of information

Limited Card Options

There are very limited card options for Public Service Credit Union members to choose from because the company only offers two credit cards-Platinum Elite MasterCard and Platinum Elite Rewards MasterCard. This selection does not give customers many options to find the card that will best fit their needs.

Lack of Information

Every financial institution that offers credit card options is different, so it's important for each financial institution to be very clear about what it offers and the exact terms for each card option. Public Service Credit Union has a definite lack of information when it comes to its credit cards. There is a lot of information that is not readily available to potential customers doing initial research. For example, there is no indication of the possible rates that a prime customer would be able to get through PSCU, which could make a huge difference in the final decision. Potential customers who want more information about a certain card will have to speak to a customer service agent and possibly begin the application process.

The Bottom Line

Public Service credit Union offers no annual fees, security measures, and educational resources. However, the company is not entirely transparent about its offerings and its card options are limited.
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