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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021
Alliant Credit Union was founded as the United Airlines Employees' Credit Union in 1935 and has since grown to become the eighth-largest credit union in the United States. Alliant has over 335,000 members and manages more than $9.3 billion. Alliant offer two credit cards, Platinum and Platinum Rewards, with APR rates ranging from 9.49 to 23.49 percent.

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The Good

  • No annual fees
  • Rewards
  • 0 percent APR for 12 months
  • Free card balance transfer
  • Purchase alerts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Works with mobile payment apps

No Annual Fees

Some credit cards charge annual fees or one-time starting fees that cost cardholders hundreds of dollars. However, with Alliant, there are no fees to activate or hold a credit card.


Alliant's Platinum Rewards card comes with a rewards system that gives cardholders one point for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for cash back, travel, and merchandise such as electronics and gift cards. Points can also be applied toward your monthly credit card bill. Additional points can be earned through offers from chosen retailers.  A complete list of promotional offers can be found on Alliant Credit Union's website. There are no limits to the number of points that can be earned.

0 Percent APR for 12 Months

Both of Alliant's credit cards have 0 percent APR for the first 12 months. After the promotional period ends, interest begins to apply to new purchases and remaining balances. APRs range from 9.49 to 23.49 percent.

Free Card Balance Transfer

Credit card companies, banks, and credit unions often facilitate card balance transfers from other companies. Cardholders can transfer balances from credit card accounts with a higher APR to save money on interest, get out of debt faster, or take advantage of introductory periods with low APRs. Such card balance transfers sometimes have fees associated with them, but Alliant does not charge a fee for card balance transfers.

Purchase Alerts

A method of fraud prevention that is employed by many credit card providers, including Alliant Credit Union, is a purchase alert system. Users can be sent a text or email for purchases over an established threshold, for international purchases, and for purchases made online or over the phone. These alerts can be used to immediately identify fraudulent activity so that it can be reported and action can then be taken by the provider and the customer.

24/7 Customer Service

Alliant's customer service team is available 24/7. The company also guarantees a response to email queries within 24 hours.

Works With Mobile Payment Apps

Alliant credit cards can be joined with a number of different mobile payment apps, including Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Benefits for mobile payments are the same as for those of the Alliant Visa card.

The Bad

  • No free credit score tracking
  • $25 late payment penalties
  • Undisclosed foreign transaction fees

No Free Credit Score Tracking

Credit card providers often provide free credit score tracking to notify customers of any significant changes to credit reports and help them stay on top of their credit. Unfortunately, Alliant does not offer free credit score tracking.

$25 Late Payment Penalties

When a payment is made late, penalties are applied to credit card accounts. This is often in the form of a fee added to the bill for the following month's payment. These penalties can be as low as $10 to $15 with some providers, but Alliant charges a late fee of $25 for late payments.

Undisclosed Foreign Transaction Fees

For customers who frequently travel internationally, knowing about any fees associated with foreign transactions would be very important. Sadly, Alliant does not disclose whether or not it charges foreign transaction fees. 

The Bottom Line

For consumers wanting to pay off their debts, Alliant Credit Union may be a good option because it offers an introductory APR of 0 percent for 12 months and does not charge a fee for balance transfers. However, for customers interested in credit score tracking or different rewards programs with a higher point-to-dollar ratios, Alliant may not be the best choice. Further, individuals who plan on using their credit cards during international travel may need to inquire directly with Alliant to learn more about potential foreign transaction fees that are currently not disclosed online.
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Sally Rice Orange Beach, AL

Excellent 24 seven customer service. Some of the highest interest paying savings accounts available

4 years ago