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Car warranties, traditionally, required car owners to pay up front or make a large down payment for years of coverage. This format resulted in car owners have to spend hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars when they made a car purchase. Toco decided to create an auto repair protection service that functions the same way as a utility bill. With Toco, customers pay a small amount each month to ensure that their vehicle is protected.

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The Good

  • Plan options
  • Plan benefits
  • Coverage
  • Transfers

Plan Options

Assuming the vehicle meets Toco service requirements, there is a plan that will provide the coverage needed to protect you. Each plan was created to protect vehicles based on mileage and age. There are four different plans available through the Toco platform, including:

  • Orange - designed for vehicles under 60k miles and five years of age. This is the most comprehensive Toco plan.
  • Yellow - designed for vehicles under 100k miles and 10 years of age. This plan features additional technology coverage.
  • Green - designed for vehicles under 100k miles and 10 years of age.
  • Blue - designed for vehicles under 175k miles and 20 years of age.

Plan Benefits

Regardless of what plan a vehicle is covered under, all Toco customers receive similar benefits. Applied benefits include: no down payment, affordable monthly payments, pay as you go options, simple claims process, and nationwide repair facilities. Additionally, there are benefits outside of car repair that customers can take advantage of. These additional benefits include: 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, rental car benefit, and hotel/motel discounts.


While there are some differences in plan coverage, the major discrepancy between plans will be the monthly costs. That means that all of the Toco vehicle service contracts cover: engine, electrical, transmission, cooling system, drive axle, and air conditioner repairs.

Differences in plan coverage do exist. Some VSC plans will cover repairs in additional categories on top of the regular coverage. With a more comprehensive plan, customers can receive coverage for: transfer case, turbo/supercharger, steering, brakes, fuel system, suspension, electronic high tech, technology package, modern features package, and applicable taxes and fluid.


In the even that a Toco customer purchases a new vehicle while coverage is still in effect, the ability to transfer is available. Specific documentation will be required along with a transfer fee in order to switch over coverage, but customers will not have to cancel their current plan and apply for a new one with the transfer capabilities.

The Bad

  • Cancellation fees
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Unavailable areas

Cancellation Fees

There are no long-term commitments, but cancellation prior to the contract ending may result in a cancellation fee having to be paid. Contracts are generally three years, but there is also a mileage limit. The contract expires at the end of the agreed upon year or whenever the mileage limit is hit. While you can technically cancel the contract at any time, a fee of $50 or 10% of the vehicle service contract price may apply.

Vehicle Requirements

Each Toco plan only accepts certain vehicles based on a couple of factors. However, vehicles have to be eligible for a Toco plan to begin with. The car must have fewer than 175,000 miles and must be less than twenty years old in order to get a plan. If your car exceeds either of these limits, it will not qualify for a Toco plan.

Unavailable Areas

Even though Toco is a national warranty provider, there are still states that do not accept their services. Residents of Alaska, Missouri, and Washington will not be able to purchase a Toco plan because their services are currently not available in those states.

The Bottom Line

With a number of plan options and coverages, Toco has warranty solutions for almost anyone. However, there are some requirements that a vehicle must meet in order to qualify. Toco is a valid option for those who want to protect their vehicle and financial responsibilities without having to break the bank by purchasing an expensive warranty.

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