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As the auto insurance industry was changed by Progressive and its introduction of competitors' quotes, so has the extended warranty/vehicle service contract industry with Forever Car.
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The Good

  • Warranty cost
  • Powertrain warranty
  • Other features
  • Time in business

Warranty Cost

Cost is not disclosed as a sample illustration, rather after prospective customers has entered information that is specific to their situation. Most companies, brokers or direct sellers, selling extended warranties or vehicle service plans do not disclose sample prices online before collecting this information. Forever Car, in addition to giving quotes for its brokered plans, includes quotes for some of its competitors, which is unusual for a broker.

Powertrain Warranty

Each of the plans which are brokered through Forever Car includes some level of protection against expensive repairs to the vehicle's powertrain components. Covered components are the engine, transmission, and drive axles. Other coverage may be available depending on the plan, but specifics are not available for all of the plans which Forever Car brokers or those which are presented during a price comparison.

Other Features

As Forever Car is a broker for consumers to comparison shop for the best prices and coverages from companies, there is great variability in the plans which it offers. Of the other companies reviewed by, Forever Car is the only one that gives prices for its brokered products as well as competitors, which gives customers added benefits for comparison shopping.

Nearly all of the plans which Forever Car brokers or uses as a quote comparison includes rental car reimbursement for covered repairs under the service contract. This coverage may be void if the dealership or repair facility has included free loaner car availability as one of its perks.

Many vehicle service plans include some level of roadside assistance. Forever Car does not disclose how many of its brokered plans include this coverage.

It is notable that while Forever Car is a great option for consumers to comparison shop for vehicle service plans, its initial information is not as transparent as other brokers. The company would benefit from additional transparency about the added features which are often included in its brokered plans.

Time in Business

Forever Car was founded in 2011 as a broker for extended warranties or vehicle service contracts. While Forever Car does not have as much experience comparatively to many of its competitors, the companies which are the administrators for its extended warranty/vehicle service plans are as experienced as other administrators.

The Bad

  • Basic warranty features
  • Basic warranty length

Basic Warranty Features

Forever Car, being a broker, cannot specify all of the features available for all of its brokered plans. Compared to other brokers, the company falls short of its promise of complete transparency and only states that it has three levels of coverage for its plans. Of the three plans, the only one that is somewhat explained is the lowest-level plan that only covers the powertrain. The other two levels of coverage only are described as having building coverage upon each other. Forever Car could easily explain the different criteria which put plans into one of the three levels or highlight similar features. Comparing the company's information to that given by other brokers, Forever Car falls short on its transparency and promise.

Basic Warranty Length

The average length of coverage under any of the plans brokered by Forever Car is not available as this information varies greatly by company. Additional factors which cause the term of coverage to vary include the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Customers may also select different term lengths with some companies based upon their eligibility. Additional transparency would help Forever Car establish itself as the "fully transparent" company it states that it is.

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The Bottom Line

Forever Car has many attractive features. The company states that it is fully transparent, but it still could use some increased transparency to be comparable to other brokers. In spite of this, the company offers its competitors' pricing, which is unusual in the industry. For those wanting to do their comparison shopping for a vehicle service contract in one place, Forever Car is a good option.

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Dan Clavier

February 27th, 2017 Riverside, IL

I don't write reviews very often but I have to write one today: I bought a service plan contract for my 2009 Ford Focus 3 months ago. Last week I had a mechanical problem (water pump) and everything was covered!! I only had pay a small deductible. I would definitely recommend this company if your are looking for a reliable extended warranty company.