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LAST UPDATED: May 21st, 2021
ForeverCar began as a warranty comparison website. Over the years, it has grown. It offers four kinds of extended car warranties. It's wise to do read reviews and learn more about the company before purchasing a car warranty through ForeverCar.

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The Good

  • Warranty Cost
  • Warranty Plan Options
  • Other Features
  • Time in business

Warranty Cost

Cost is not disclosed as a sample illustration, rather after prospective customers has entered information that is specific to their situation. Most companies, brokers or direct sellers, selling extended warranties or vehicle service plans do not disclose sample prices online before collecting this information. ForeverCar, in addition to giving quotes for its brokered plans, includes quotes for some of its competitors, which is unusual for a broker.

Car warranties cover car repairs that result from malfunction or mechanical breakdown. Car warranties can defray the cost of an unexpected and expensive car repair.

Warranty Plan Options

ForeverCar categorizes vehicle protection plans four ways:

  • Silver plan
  • Gold plan
  • Platinum plan
  • Platinum Plus plan

Each of the plans which are brokered through ForeverCar includes some level of protection against expensive repairs to the vehicle's powertrain components. Covered components are the engine, transmission, and drive axles. Other coverage may be available depending on the plan, but specifics are not available for all of the plans which ForeverCar brokers or those which are presented during a price comparison.

Silver plans offer the least amount of coverage, but cover the car's most essential parts, like the powertrain and air conditioning. Interested car owners can view a sample contract online.

Gold plans builds on the coverage available from Silver plans. A sample contract for Gold plans can also be viewed on ForeverCar's website.

Platinum and Platinum Plus plans are exclusionary plans. These plans cover all car parts except for the parts listed in the vehicle service contract. Platinum Plus plans cover more parts than Platinum plans.

Other Features

As ForeverCar is a broker for consumers to comparison shop for the best prices and coverages from companies, there is great variability in the plans which it offers.

Each ForeverCar Warranty includes rental car reimbursement for covered repairs under the service contract. This coverage may be void if the dealership or repair facility has included free loaner car availability as one of its perks.

Many vehicle service plans include some level of roadside assistance. ForeverCar's plans are no exception. ForeverCar clients can expect to pay $100 every time they use this service.

ForeverCar also offers trip interruption reimbursements. This is convenient for people who are on the road frequently and travel long distances. This benefit is not available to New York residents.

It is notable that while ForeverCar is a great option for consumers to comparison shop for vehicle service plans, its initial information is not as transparent as other brokers. The company would benefit from additional transparency about the added features which are often included in its brokered plans.

Time in Business

ForeverCar was founded in 2011 as a broker for extended warranties or vehicle service contracts. While ForeverCar does not have as much experience comparatively to many of its competitors, the companies which are the administrators for its extended warranty or vehicle service plans are as experienced as other administrators.


The Bad

  • Basic Warranty Length

Basic Warranty Length

The average length of coverage under any of the plans brokered by ForeverCar is not available as this information varies greatly by company. Additional factors which cause the term of coverage to vary include the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Customers may also select different term lengths with some companies based upon their eligibility.


The Bottom Line

ForeverCar has many attractive features, like trip interruption and rental car reimbursement included with each service plan. These benefits are fairly standard within the industry. The company states that it is fully transparent, but it still could use some increased transparency to be comparable to other brokers. For those wanting to do their comparison shopping for a vehicle service contract in one place, ForeverCar may be a good option.

It's a good idea to check customer reviews before making a final purchase decision.

Car owners should perform regular maintenance on their vehicles. Missing an oil change or failing to take care of your car in any other way can void you extended car warranty.

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Dan Clavier Riverside, IL

I don't write reviews very often but I have to write one today: I bought a service plan contract for my 2009 Ford Focus 3 months ago. Last week I had a mechanical problem (water pump) and everything was covered!! I only had pay a small deductible. I would definitely recommend this company if your are looking for a reliable extended warranty company.

7 years ago

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Mack Bowie Houston, TX

This is a terrible company with very deceiving business practices. My credit union referred me to the company, so I made the mistake of thinking they were background checked and s safe bet. Here is my issue, when I was called the sales person advised me the silver package for coverage was a good package to invest in, but the platinum package was the best one they offered. January 2021, I purchased two packages at once, one for my mother (platinum) and one for me (silver). Between the months of April & May, I filed two claim after mycheck engine light come on. I took the car to my mechanic and after troubleshooting the issues he determined the camshaft sensor was band the headlights ECU needed to be replaced. We called ForeverCar and the mechanic was told to reach out to a third-party company. The third-party informed my mechanic there was no coverage passed on the vehicle's mileage. I called to dispute this with Forevercar and the end result was them explaining the Silver policy wording has to specifically state it covers a specific component that failed or it's not covered by the policy i.e my camshaft sensor failed, but the policy only states it covers a failure to the entire camshaft system. Also, the headlights computer was not listed per Orlando in customer service. The policy has been canceled as of May 2021. The Italians having a Proverb, 'He that deceives me once, its his fault; but if twice, its my fault

2 years ago

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Deveré Locke Eatontown, NJ

I purchased this warranty 18 months ago and never filed a claim until a few days ago. I recently had an issue with my car and attempted to file a claim since my transmission needs to be replaced. The adjuster refused to approve it and instead kept reiterating that I authorize (aka pay out of pocket) the repair shop to fully break down my transmission and look for another source of failure since I had a fluid leak and need to PROVE the transmission failed for another reason since fluid leaks aren’t covered. I've had other warranty providers and never had to prove the source of failure. Sidebar: I would've stayed with my previous warranty provider (which I had FOR SEVERAL YEARS) but they no longer offered coverage for my vehicle since its an older model. I purchased a powertrain warranty that includes transmission coverage. When I called customer service I spoke to 3 different people who gave me the run around. The worst was Blake who asked me to show him where in my contract the specific part that was damaged in my transmission was listed. Carlotta the adjuster/assessor was no help and I was told she was the 'manager'. She was clearly fed up with me inquiring about my claim which was indicated in her tone of voice and continued sighing throughout our call. So at the end of the day this warranty is a waste of money. The transmission is covered but not the specific part that's broken in the transmission? Hmmm interesting... This is truly pathetic/horrible customer service and you’re better off going with another warranty provider. I am cancelling my warranty and posting a review on every known site (Google, Yelp, IG, Facebook, BBB, etc). I’ve already wasted my time and money but hopefully I can save future customers from being preyed upon.

4 years ago

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A Farmer Advance, NC

Buyer Beware! I bought this extended warranty bc my credit union (Allegacy FCU) endorses it on it’s website. It had good reviews online and had to be better than the people hounding me on the phone to buy a warranty. Fast forward to July 8. 2019 when my 2017 Ford Escape started giving the message that it was running hot but the engine was cold. I took it to the nearest Ford dealership for diagnostics. I received a call back later that day informing me that the car needed a new engine. I gave them my warranty information and rested easy knowing I only had a $100 deductible and would have my car back in a little over a week or 2. WRONG!!! The dealership contacted the warranty company on July 8th after contacting me; the warranty company wanted proof so the dealership sent pictures. The warranty company sent an investigator who said ok but it’s over my approval limit, I’ll have to send it up....wait another week. Dealership calls for info to be told warranty company wants me to approve the engine be torn down to the point of failure or they will automatically not approve the claim. Catch 22-I approve it. Finally on July 26th, they approved the repair. At this point, I finally get a rental car that they pay for. Up until this point, I’ve been paying for my own rentals and have amassed a hefty rental bill of $379. Parkway Ford orders the engine and it finally arrives on the afternoon of Thursday August 1st instead of the morning of Wednesday July 31st. Ugh! Finally the car is ready on Monday August 12 but too late to get payment from the warranty company. So the dealership puts me in one of their courtesy cars bc my rental has to be turned in that day (max rental days allowed is 10). Dealership requests payment on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and gets runaround from the warranty payment department as do I. I finally picked up my car today, August 16th and paid my $100 deductible plus additional monies for fluids that were put in my new engine bc the warranty doesn’t cover those nor do they cover shop fees. So my $100 deductible became a $200+ deductible. I was without my car from 8am July 8th to 1:30pm on August 16th. ForeverCar/Assurant gave a devil’s care that I was pouring out money I couldn’t afford and missing work due to transportation issues! They blamed Allegacy, Parkway Ford and everyone else for the hold up on my car as if I wouldn’t follow through. BEYOND DISAPPOINTED!! The lack of professionalism in handling my case and not being handled in an expeditious manner has left me believing the company was trying to find a way to deny my claim even though the dealership assured them this was not due to customer error. BUYER BEWARE!!!

4 years ago

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G Fetts McFarland, WI

I bought a service contract through my credit union because as I was told by the sales rep for that they have partnered with Cuna who like the other review on this site is correct . Cuna is a stakeholder in They state when they sign you up that most is covered with this 3rd party extendedwarranty UNTIL something goes wrong with your vehicle. It took days to get my vehicle they used USED parts and PAID close to nothing . ForeverCar is a scam. Now I have to move my money Cuna because you are a_ __ _ _. Not my job to point out if you are supposed to look out for me looking into companies that are good for its members that you direct me to scam artists. Birds of a feather flock together.

5 years ago

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Chas F Chicago, IL

I had a auto warranty with them through Cuna that heads my credit union. It was over priced and needed it and they did not pay. Later I found out Cuna is part owner of ForeverCar, whatever they call themselves. On their site it says one thing on my contract another and what they tell me on the phone another. Stay clear of ForeverCar holdings now why is my credit union working with this bad company.

5 years ago