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CarMax is a well-known car retailer that also offers different car warranty plans. It was founded in 1993 and has grown to be one of the largest used car dealerships in the United States. Buyers can be confident in when car buying from any CarMax dealer because all of its certified pre-owned vehicles come with a vehicle history and safety report.

CarMax dealerships have many different kinds of used cars for sale, from commuter cars to trucks and cars with low and high mileage. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls, but consumers can find that information before ever stepping foot in the dealership and taking a test drive.

CarMax offers its signature extended auto warranties that can be purchased for any of the vehicles it sells. There are two kinds of MaxCare extended service plans. These options allow car owners some choice when finding a plan with good coverage that fits into their budget.


Car buyers can purchase a CarMax limited warranty with a 5-day money-back guarantee or an extended auto warranty plan which is underwritten by The Warranty Group, the largest underwriter for car warranties in the United States.

Details about the cost, the terms of the warranty, and corrosion coverage are not disclosed to the general public but are provided to each car buyer at the time of purchase. Potential clients should carefully read the provided vehicle service contract and consider cost, exclusions, and coverage information to determine if a CarMax warranty is a good deal for them.

Warranty cost, availability, and eligibility vary based on the car's make, model, and mileage, and the buyer's location. However, a CarMax extended warranty is available on all of the certified pre-owned vehicles the company sells. Working with a CarMax representative can help you understand details about coverage and what the monthly payment looks like or what you would pay if you purchased it all upfront.

A CarMax extended warranty also includes 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

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The Good

  • Basic Warranty Features
  • Powertrain Warranty
  • Other Features
  • Time in Business

Basic Warranty Features

CarMax MaxCare extended warranty covers the pre-owned car's cooling, electronics and electrical systems, front suspension, steering, front and rear wheel drive (all-wheel drive), air conditioning system, assemblies and controls and the interior of the vehicle.

Excluded are aftermarket accessories (entertainment consoles, GPS, radar detectors, satellite radio, CB radios) which were installed by the owner after purchase as well as oil change, tune-ups, and other maintenance visits. Tires, headlights, interior bulbs, and brakes are not included in the MaxCare extended warranty.

Powertrain Warranty

The MaxCare auto warranty covers both the car's engine and transmission against defects. There is a deductible for each repair, usually between $50 and $100.

Some pre-owned cars may still have its initial manufacturer's powertrain warranty, depending on the age of the vehicle and its mileage. CarMax MaxCare coverage is supplemental to any to this warranty and may cover repairs which are not included in the original warranty.

Other Features

CarMax MaxCare, an optional add-on feature to any extended warranty, which includes several benefits that are designed to decrease the inconvenience when one's car needs repairs.

All CarMax MaxCare service plans include nationwide coverage, which ensure that cars are covered in all 50 states no matter where the car was originally purchased. Should one experience a breakdown and need to be towed, up to $100 of towing expenses is eligible for reimbursement to get the vehicle to an approved service center or service department for any necessary repair.

MaxCare includes car rental reimbursement for up to seven days at $40 per day for repairs which require the vehicle to be in the service center or repair shop overnight.

Courtesy same-day transportation or a loaner car(s) are not available during the repair.

If you buy a car from CarMax, it is eligible for coverage. Some vehicles which are purchased from CarMax are covered by the original manufacturer's factory warranty. MaxCare enhances the coverage, rather than replacing it.

If accessories or upgrades are purchased with the vehicle from CarMax, these are included in the MaxCare Service Plan.

Should buyers change their mind about their MaxCare warranty coverage, they can cancel their coverage and receive a prorated refund for the remainder of their service contract. The company charges a $30 administration fee for all cancellations.

Additionally, any accessories or upgrades issued and installed by CarMax are covered by the MaxCare extended service plan. CarMax offers customers the option to include the additional costs in most financing plans. Buyers have the option to make these upgrades to a CarMax vehicle:

  • Leather Upgrades
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote Start
  • In-Dash Navigation
  • Mobile Video
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Lojack Theft Recovery

Time in Business

CarMax was originally founded in 1993. While CarMax does not have as many years in business as many car companies, it has grown at an incredible rate and is one of the largest car dealers of certified pre-owned cars in the United States. CarMax used cars are all CarMax certified, which means that there is no flood or frame damage and no salvage history.


The Bad

  • Warranty Cost
  • Exclusions
  • Basic Warranty Length

Warranty Cost

The MaxCare extended warranty cost is not disclosed by CarMax until a potential buyer is in the process of buying a car. The service contract can be purchased upfront with a full payment or financed into the loan and paid with monthly installments.

Those buying a MaxCare service contract select the cost of the deductible. All deductibles are paid per visit, not per repair. Should additional visits to an authorized service center be necessary for the same issue, the deductible is only paid once for the warranty repairs.


An extended warranty does not cover every car repair, and this is the case for CarMax warranties. While there is some variability in exclusions depending on the service contract, most warranties do not cover repairs or part replacements due to normal wear and tear.

Extended warranties typically also do not cover repairs from accidents or off-roading. Additionally, if damage was caused by a failure to ensure proper vehicle maintenance, like a regular oil change, most warranty providers will deny the warranty claim.

Car owners must ensure that their vehicle receives routine maintenance on a regular basis to ensure they are not voiding their car warranty.

CarMax helps make this easy for its clients. It has service centers that offer maintenance services and repairs. These are located throughout the United States. Customers who bought their car from CarMax can enjoy some perks by taking their cars to these centers for any needed repair and maintenance.

Basic Warranty Length

CarMax also does not disclose the lengths of service contracts which are available for MaxCare online.

The absence of this information is significant, as it places the buyer in the position of not being able to compare without investing significant time into the car-buying process, and potentially arriving at the last steps of the purchase process before being given this information.


The Bottom Line

CarMax is a great car dealership to choose when buying a used car that does not already come with a certified pre-owned warranty. CarMax offers extended warranties and clear vehicle histories with each of its certified pre-owned vehicles.

An automobile extended warranty can offer peace of mind to consumers buying a used vehicle. While other extended warranty companies offer extended warranties for almost any car, MaxCare warranties are typically only available for cars sold by CarMax. CarMax's vehicle protection plans or vehicle service contracts are a good option for car shoppers buying from CarMax.

Although there are several exclusions to MaxCare's covered repairs, a certified CarMax limited warranty provides good coverage for some of the most expensive ones. Car owners need to maintain their vehicle through basic maintenance visits to ensure the validity of the MaxCare warranty.

The lack of transparency is a concern as well; however, for those wanting to buy an extended auto warranty for their CarMax vehicle, MaxCare may be a good option. recommends that users read the contract and understand its coverage thoroughly before purchasing any warranty, from CarMax or any other warranty company.

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Charles from Dallas, TX Carrollton, TX

The MaxCare warranty is great... according to the dealers. I have had many car repair facilities tell me that CarMax warranties are very good compared to others. I have bought it on every car I have ever purchased from CarMax and have never been sorry. For example, I bought a 2015 BMW 435i in July 2018. Two years later, my intake turbo charge pipe cracked where it connected to the engine. The dealer gave me an estimate of all the things they found. It was $6000.00. I laughed! I just needed my intake turbo charge pipe fixed but I told the dealer, if you can get approval from the MaxCare warranty for all these additional repairs, do it! CarMax sent an inspector to the dealer and they approved the work, AND there was one co-pay deductible for all the repairs. Within a month, I sold the car and went back to CarMax and requested a warranty refund. They sent a check for $1874.65 for the remainder of the warranty AND ALSO said they issued a refund for the GAP coverage I purchased too. One thing about the refunds, if you financed the car through another company and did not pay cash, they will send the check to your bank to pay the loan but then the bank will forward the refund to you. Buy the warranty! I wish I could buy MaxCare warranties for cars I purchased at other dealers!

6 months ago

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Doug Craven Gresham, OR

I purchased a 2013 Ford Focus SE from Carmax with only 3300 miles on it. I also decided to purchase the MaxCare Extended warranty with it. My car just reached 22000 miles and started having transmission trouble. I found out through research that this was due to faulty transmission equipment used in the 2011-2013 Ford Focus cars at the time they were built. Everything I read said the only way to correct this was to replace the transmission. I contacted the MaxCare warranty people and they referred me to a local repair shop 2 miles from my home. I took it in and the repair person agreed that the transmission needed to be fully replaced. Maxcare authorized the work however at first they wanted to ship the repair shop a used transmission. The mechanic explained the problem and they agreed to order a new transmission from Ford, have it sent to the repair shop so they could replace it. The whole process took about a week but the repair shop completed the work and what would have cost me around $5200, ended up only costing me $200 which was the deductable on the extended warranty. The repair shop took care of all the papework and Maxcare paid them directly, no further action was needed on my part. I think Maxcare did an outstanding job and it was so easy. My warranty has already paid for itself two times over and i've only had to use it once so far. I would recommend anyone who is purchasing a car from carmax give serious consideration to adding the extended warranty because its well worth the extra cost.

11 months ago

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gale Windsor Mill, MD

I have a service contract with CarMax/Max Care which was not honor. They refer me to Jay's Auto Repair Shop to work on Cadillac ATS my air conditioner and CarMax authorized the owner to do the work. The owner worked on the car to the best of his ability and notify them that the car needed to go to a dealer (the owner was not paid). They them authorized me to go to GM car dealership to do the work and since Jay's auto had try to do the work they deny GM. GM stated that the car need to go to a Cadillac dealer and it was approved by them as well. Once the dealer check the air conditioner and found the problem they call for authorization and was told that it was not approved and that I had to paid $2,702.55 for my car repair. Frankel Cadillac found the founding problem: Heat was coming from the upper windshield vent. The circuits were tested and found faulty left side temperature door actuator and mode door actuator. I have contact my attorney since the CarMax and Max Care would not honor the warranty.

8 months ago

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Regan Woolford Lexington Park, MD

I had to have major repairs made on my 2011 A4. A known (Audi) oil consumption issue on the model and year of my car that over time damaged my pistons to the point that they needed to be replaced. For anyone that has every needed to replace their pistons you know it is a huge repair expense (around $6300 for an Audi A4) because of the required engine teardown! There were also 2 minor oil leaks that needed repairing (around $800.00). MaxCare approved the repairs within 2 hours of being requested. I was working with the Audi Dealership Service Department in Annapolis so these were repairs made by Audi trained mechanics. The only caveat was to provide my service records to show that I was keeping up with the manufacturer recommended routine services (which I had been, thank Goodness). I would say that I have gotten my money's worth with this warranty. I bought the 125k/ 6 year warranty for around 4k and I am so glad that I did!!! It has paid for itself and then some and I can now rest easy that I was only out of pocket my deductible (which is pretty high at $500.00) but given the over 7k in repairs, I will gladly pay that in lieu of what it would have been. I still have 35k miles and almost 2 years left on this warranty. I truly hope that I do not need it, but if I do, I have peace of mind knowing that I have it.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Jim C

This review is more of a MaxCare review, since I think most people are interested in the service after the purchase, vs the purchase itself. I've had amazingly good service from MaxCare. I bought a Porsche Cayman from CarMax and just after a month found out I needed a complete transmission replacement, along with a new flywheel. That was almost $10,000 and I got no push back from MaxCare at all. I can't speak to the quality of CarMax service because I had the Porsche dealer do all the work, but MaxCare has been awesome so far.

2 years ago

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Eric Reyes

Overall I really believe maxcare has been a lifesaver for me. I have purchased atleast 10 cars from Carmax.Some never needed any major repairs. MOST RECENTLY my 2008 bmw 750i engine seals failed 3 of 4 were approved costing over 3500$. This warranty has paid itself off. I've had other repairs on this car adding up to a minimum of $10,000. Peace of mind is what I purchased and it paid off. Extended warranty for 125,000 miles or 5 year whichever comes first at a cost of $3500 deductible 50$ Free if done at carmax.

4 years ago

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

CarMax is the best coverage out their for car warranties. When we had our service, they covered bumper to bumper on all issues. And the price was reasonable for this. That alleviate the fact the car was a few years old, giving up peace of mind should anything breakdown.

1 year ago

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Tshay New Castle, DE

Had a problem with my car so I took it to Nucar dealership which had it for 7 days to monitor the issue. Once the issue was figured out, I told them to go ahead with the repair forgetting that I had maxcare. Afterwards, I forwarded all the details concerning the repair to maxcare and they mailed me a check for reimbursement no questions asked.

2 years ago

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Tori Arab, AL

I have had issues with my vehicle since I got it from CarMax. It’s been looked at by CarMax, the dealership, and a MaxCare preffered auto repair shop and it has taken more than 6 months for anyone to resolve the issues I am facing with my CarMax vehicle. Thankfully, I chose to get MaxCare and everything has been covered. Although MaxCare has been great, it’s almost not worth the terrible customer service I have received from both CarMax and MaxCare. As a young female in my 20’s, I have felt taken advantage of throughout the process of trying to get my car fixed. If I had to do this car buying experience over again, I would not choose CarMax to do it with.

2 years ago

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Eugene Palmdale, CA

I have a 2013 Jaguar XF the turbo booster began to act up took the car to Carmax I was told it would have to go to the dealership Galpin in Van Nuys,CA. Bottom line care was fixed without MaxCare I would have had to come out of pocket for over 4000 dollars. Thanks to MaxCare I paid my deductible and I’m back on the road the next day.

2 years ago

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Thomas Hullinger Pleasant Grove, UT

I have used CarMax for many car purchases and I always get the car warranty to go along with it. I have also had to use the warranty on a few occasions and they did everything they said they were going to do. Well worth the money.

2 years ago

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Jonathan Columbus, OH

CarMax warranty was well presented and covered what I know from my experience as the major issues that come up with out much notice. When compared to the $8. my wife pays in Iphone Insurance on a $700. devise, $28 per month for a $20,000 asset is smart money.

3 years ago

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LJ Minneapolis, MN

Do NOT purchase the CarMax Plus plan. I had issue with my Turbo going out. After a two week fight and letting them know I had a contract attorney look at the contract, and told them if need be I'll see them in court, they finally approved my claim. Car Max itself was wonderful and very patient and understanding. They mentioned many times they'd never had this issue before (I think maybe that statement was fabricated). I had to email my own documents (apparently is wasn't going through via car max service department). Which I found out was a glitch on the warranty service's side. They were trying to find any reason not to cover my repairs. It was a complete nightmare working with the extended warranty people. If you want to save yourself some stress check out outside warranties on your own. Don't trust this warranty company to cover your repairs without a fight.

9 months ago

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It's happening... So I brought a 2015 Hyundai Sonata ECO. within 3 months, the clutch went out. good thing I have the warrant, but the problems is it has been two week and a half and my car is still at the shop. they are replacing the whole transmission. I hate car problems... properly will not buy a used car ever again. thank you warranty tho

1 year ago

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Reese Pleasant Grove, UT

I did the extended CarMax car warranty last time I bought a car from CarMax and it worked out great. They took care of all the powertrain items and I used them a couple of times and they did not charge a thing if I brought it into a dealership and they were very professional and I was in and out for the maintenance quick.

1 year ago

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tini mapu Orem, UT

One of our vehicles are with CarMax and we love them. They are so easy to get a hold of. They take care of any questions and concerns that you have. And they have a veru user friendly website. That's a plus for someone like me who is not great with computers.

2 years ago

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Concerned buyer Fremont, CA

Let's talk, Bought a Porsche Cayenne about two months ago. First we had to ship it in from another store and when it arrived the front bumper was a totally different white. They painted it to match. Then after a few days there was a major oil leak under the care. They again took it in and fixed the car after a few days also changing out the water pump due to them finding a leak in it. Once again there is a leak under the hood. This time they took it in and ran some test to find the leak and said that it was not leaking. A week later I walk out and see another puddle of coolant. This time the found the leak and while fixing it they tore up a injection wire, on top of that the system would not charge and then order another gasket. This repair took over two and a half weeks. Right after getting it back in less than 24 hours, had to take it back cause it is throwing all kinds of codes of things going wrong. Out of having the car just 2 months it has been in the shop longer than I had it to drive.

1 year ago

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Andrew Tubbs

Once again I am reminded of why you do not buy additional insurance when purchasing a car. My wife purchased a Kia Optima from CarMax in 2016 with MaxCare Auto Warranty. The transmission failed at 91000 miles and CarMax claimed it was not under warranty and that they could not fix it due to specialized parts. We had it towed to a Kia dealership where they confirmed it was out of warranty as we were not the original owners. $4200 later, the Kia is repaired. We take the Kia to CarMax to resell it back to them as our daughter has purchased a vehicle on her own. They give us a quote less than the cost of the new transmission when it is only 7 months later with an additional 1000 miles. CarMax looks up our records and determined that we DO have a warranty and the repairs should have been covered. We submit a claim to MaxCare with all the paperwork and 3 weeks later are denied because we are not in the 30-day window since the repairs had been done. We understand that we should have known what the warranty process was per the contract. However, CarMax should have also known we had MaxCare as we purchased it from CarMax and then were told by CarMax that the vehicle was not under Warranty. So we are still out $4200 dollars on a valid claim. I know that I will never buy from CarMax again!!!

1 year ago

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Robert Price Aston Mills, PA

I have purchased 4 cars from car max with great experience. My wife and I bought a car two years ago with the warranty. The warranty was such a great deal I decided to purchase another car a year later solely because of the warranty itself. THEN I had my first issue. Found out quickly It is third party with little not heart. My wife and I have not seen her car for over 3 months! They tell the mechanic where he can buy the parts from which will take time. Our mechanic had a faulty part and ford would not take it back. The warranty company suggested having the car taken to a ford dealer to verify the part. The ford dealer had the car for weeks and then said not being was wrong. The warranty company suggested taking it to another ford dealership. It took them several weeks to look at the part. When it appeared as if the part might be faulty the warranty company then flew out their inspector who “found the issue” to be with the original mechanic. Tons of finger pointing....warranty company asking where my car is etc.....I should not have to be involved with it after paying several grand for my warranty. I loved car max and literally look on their site every day. I have referred tons of family members, friends, and co-workers to their business. They are great at what they do but cannot support a company that supports a warranty company like that. I plan to get a lawyer and expose this to local news agency. The king of Prussia car max is a large dealership and people deserve to understand what they are getting into.

1 year ago

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CC Richmond, TX

What Carmax DEOSN'T tell you is that it will take up to 60 days to get your reimbursement when you have to pay for rental using your Maxcare Extended Warranty. These are the type of deceptive practices that will keep me from ever purchasing from them again. Its not that I am out of my money for up to 60 days, its the principal that makes this feel very shady.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Jeffrey Salas Gilbert, AZ

I've feel secure in knowing that carmax will cover expenses necessary when needed.It's important to find a company that will provide this piece of mind, happy that they are around.

2 years ago

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Gregory Estero, FL

They refused to cover necessary work needed to be done to fix my car. I had to payout 1000 out of my pocket because the warranty made up some bogus number of how long it took to do a job when the dealership clearly explained to CarMax that the correct hours it would take. Their customer service in the warranty center is awful don’t bother calling them they refused to help and refused to transfer me to someone else to help solve my problem. Will never buy from CarMax again.

2 years ago

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Melissa Shorb Bossier City, LA

First of all they gave me a dirty car. It was filthy inside. It had 1000 miles more than they told me it had. They overcharged me on my state sales taxes so I got a loan for more than I needed and had to make two trips to my local dmv. Also took them two weeks to fax paperwork for my loan. Said it was something wrong with fax machine. I think it was operator error. Would not buy another car with them.

2 years ago

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Gina DeFeLL Chicago, IL

I purchased an extended warranty from carmax 5years ago. The salesman did not explain to me anything about this extended warranty. With that being said, if your car breaks down and you drive or drove for any ride shares company, their warranty company will not pay for the repairs.I SUGGEST THAT YOU READ YOUR WARRANTY THOUGHLY.

1 year ago

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Randy Scoville Pleasant Grove, UT

A carmax account was included with my new car purchase. They sent me constant updates about my car, warranties, book value, etc. I appreciated the notifications.

1 year ago

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Amber Monticello, GA

Dont waste your money on this warranty. Doesn't even cover the hybrid battery. For a kia Optima. I would have never recommend to anyone this battery run the entire system. 4000 to replace

1 year ago

star star star star star

Rashida Laumatia Saint George, UT

Great company! Amazing pricing and fast sales. Employees are so helpful and I could tell they love what they do.

2 years ago

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NT Pleasant Grove, UT

when i was caling around to get a price quote i wasn't impressed with the customer service at all. didn't really seem like he liked his job nor did he want to help / answer my questions.

2 years ago

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