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LAST UPDATED: December 7th, 2022

Having started as a small family-owned business, Quality Water Treatment has grown to be one of the largest online water treatment companies today, selling more than 49,000 systems nationwide. 

The company offers a variety of products and sells some of the top-name brands in the water softener industry, such as SoftPro Elite, Drop Water Systems, Fleck by Pentair, and Quantum Water Systems. 

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The Good

  • Free Water Score Report
  • Top Quality Water Treatment Products
  • Free Shipping on Orders $75+
  • 60-Day Return Policy
  • Financing Program
  • Website Resources

Free Water Score Report

By visiting Quality Water Treatment’s website, consumers can check the water quality in their neighborhood. The analysis is free and there are only a few questions, so it shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to complete the questionnaire. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll be asked to give your name, phone number, and email address. A report for your community’s water quality is generated and sent to your email, with ratings given in the A, B, C, or D format. 

The report will give you some recommendations on which water softeners will best improve your life and how they compare to the competition. You’ll even get a list of which contaminants were detected. 

The free water score report is genuinely helpful as it easily guides you to a water softener that will best suit your needs. 

Top Quality Water Treatment Products

Purchasing a water softener from Quality Water Treatment can make a huge difference in many aspects of your life. Not only can a new water softener make your tap water taste better, but it can reduce your monthly energy bills, give you softer hair and smoother skin, effectively clean your laundry, eliminate hard water spots on your dishes, and more. Plus, a new softener can protect you, your family, and your pets from unwanted contaminants in your water. In fact, a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system can remove up to 98 percent of the contaminants in your water.

Free Shipping on Orders $75+

All orders that are $75 or more receive free shipping unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii. 

Additionally, Quality Water Treatment works hard to get all products shipped out within 24 hours, but your shipment could be delayed up to four to seven business days.

60-Day Return Policy

Customers have 60 days to return their Quality Water Treatment product for any reason.

Financing Program

Quality Water Treatment has partnered with PayPal to offer consumers 0% interest financing for six months. 

Of course, you’ll need to apply for the program and be approved. Still, we appreciate Quality Water Treatment making it possible to finance its products and reduce the upfront costs for customers. 

Website Resources

Quality Water Treatment has a robust website. The information is extensive and helps consumers make informed decisions about which water softener they should purchase. 

In addition to the general information base provided on the website, Quality Water Treatment provides helpful resources for water safety and upkeep information. Consumers can even check out the water softener comparison chart that explains the different products and the different features. 

Additionally, Quality Water Treatment has a FAQ page that answers most questions regarding installation, pricing, products, and customer service options. The company also provides various starting guides and how-to guides to help consumers get started with their water softener needs.


The Bad

  • Return Policy Stipulations
  • No Free Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

Return Policy Stipulations

Quality Water Treatment allows customers to return products for any reason as long as they are within the 60-day time frame. This is a reasonably generous return period, but there are some things you’ll want to be aware of before making a purchase. 

Returns and exchanges will not be accepted after 60 days. All items are subject to a 25 percent restocking fee (shipping costs are non-refundable). Opened items or installed items cannot be returned. Both Berkey and Kangen products are not eligible for returns as the manufacturer warranties them. 

None of these conditions should be anything too surprising, but it is good to make note of these in case you are thinking about returning an item. 

No Free Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

Unfortunately, there is no free shipping option for those living in Alaska or Hawaii. And if you’d like to purchase a Quality Water Treatment product, you’ll have to call the shipping team directly for a quote. 


The Bottom Line

This once small, family-owned business has grown into a reliable and trustworthy water treatment company throughout the years. Having been around since the 1990s, Quality Water Treatment has a vast selection of water softeners and filters that will help you stay happy and healthy.

If you are unsure which water system you need, we suggest taking advantage of the free water score report and seeing which brand and model number Quality Water Treatment recommends. Just keep in mind that if you need to send back a product, there are some stipulations, and not everything is eligible for a return. 

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We were assured that this was an easy install system. Not only is it going to cost an additional $2400 to install, but we received the kit with missing parts. Now we are being asked to prove we don't have the part. Due to the utter lack of customer service and good product, we now have to pay this company to send their product back on top of the 25% stocking fee. 100% would not recommend.

3 months ago

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Werner Chicago, IL

We purchased equipment from this company which sounded almost too good to be true. They charged our credit card for over three thousand dollars and confirmed a shipment date of 10-14 days. Many many days after this waiting and waiting for a FEDEX shipment and rehiring and rehiring the plumbing team to continue to push the date of installation, the company continued to say over and over that it was being shipped, and then stated it was shipped. Things started to sound really fishy, as the days went on, the thousands of dollars remained on our credit card. When it looked like something was going to arrive we let the charge remain, yet after weeks FEDEX stated that the shipment was requested by the sender TO BE RETURNED TO THE SELLER. We tried to contact someone there; the manager, the salesman who sold it to us, the support staff that said it was being shipped and NO ONE from the company responded to our emails, to our calls which are screened, nothing. FEDEX said the seller had received whatever packages were initially sent back yet NO CREDIT ON OUR CREDIT CARD WAS GIVEN. This is fraudulent business activity. With the way this company works as well as seeing other reviews of fraudulence we have blocked the company from being able to charge anything onto our credit card, have had to change our credit card number which is a huge pain, and have let our credit card company know the details of this fraudulent transaction to be aware of this fraudulent company. We get things are weird after COVID, yet the layers upon layers of fraudulent activity from this company is well beyond anythig we have experienced and we felt we should warn future buyers. We wish we had read more of the negative reviews posted on other sites rather than their own website.

5 months ago

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Reply from Quality Water Treatment

Unfortunately, we have no way to verify whether this person is actually a customer of ours and what may have occurred with their purchase if they are a customer of ours. Best Company does not require reviews to prove that they have actually purchased products or services before leaving a review, meaning just about anyone can come on here and post any sort of review they like - Positive or Negative. We have searched our database for the name of this reviewer and we do not have a customer under this name in our database. I have requested this information by sending a private message to the reviewer through Best Companies platform. I have received no response.

Sep. 30th, 2022

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David Fitting Bentonville, AR

This company is one of the work online experiences I have ever had! First of all, the picture of the item I ordered was wrong and not even made any more apparently. The actual filter sent was the same filter I could have ordered directly from the manufacturer for $30 less. I ordered 2 filters. Their solutions were to refund me $15 only or for me to return the filters, during which I would have to pay shipping and also a 25% percent restock fee. And they didn't even have the filters in stock as a lady has to talk to their "supplier" when I called her. DO NOT use this company. And it took 2.5 to receive the items. Use anyone but this company. Total crap!

1 year ago

Quality Water Treatment Logo

Reply from Quality Water Treatment

Hello David, like most other dealers of this product we drop ship direct from the MFG themselves. Also, like all other dealers of this product, we are contracted to sell no lower than a minimum price set by the MFG, which is what we are carrying them for on our website. We are not able to sell for the same price as the MFG, if we were to give you the same price as the MFG website we would have actually lost money on your purchase. We did however offer to credit you over half of the difference and save you $ in returning the product. The MFG also charges shipping on the website and would have been $192.53 after shipping to purchase through them - you paid $215.91 through our website, a $23.00 difference. We offered you an additional $15 off that so there is only an $8 difference which would save you money on returning the filters. It is the same filter, the MFG just changed the design so it's a different color. It operates exactly the same.

Mar. 16th, 2022

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Dorian Williamson Springville, UT

We purchased the SoftPro Elite system from Quality Water Treatment at their regular price of $1379, shortly before it went on sale for $1071. That didn't bother me at all. Sales come and go. At the same time that they lowered the price by $309, they also offered the "Quick Connect Hoses" for FREE, an advertised $130 value (Just pay $8.97 for shipping and handling). I ordered the "free" hoses, paid online with my credit card and then waited. And waited. After a few MONTHS, I phoned QWT to follow up on delivery of the hoses. They never did answer the phone or return my phone messages as promised on their voice recording. Rhea A, one of their sales team, did finally respond to one of our three emails and said that they, "...didn't fulfill that order as we don’t just send out free hoses..." We sent them a copy of their paid invoice showing we had purchased a system from them at full price just a little while before it went on sale, to which Heather P replied, "They were not an available option at your time of order which is why they weren't included..." Not only have they been impossible to speak with and have not sent us the advertised hoses, but they still haven't returned my $8.97 since cancelling my order back on 09/29/2021

1 year ago

Quality Water Treatment Logo

Reply from Quality Water Treatment

Hello, While we certainly respect your opinion of your experience you seem to leave quite a few things out of your reviews. 1. You fail to mention that you came to the QWT site to purchase free hoses that clearly state on the product page that they are only free at the time of purchase on qualifying systems. Absolutely nowhere has it ever said free just pay to ship. 2. You fail to mention you tried to get the free hoses over 6 months after your original purchase of the unit from another website. 3. The website you purchased from is the Brand website and does not offer any add on's or free options. 4. You also failed to note that the price difference you actually saw was QWT's prices being lower than the site you purchased from. Nothing to do with QWT lowering our prices after we said we were raising them. We did in fact, raise them. 5. Your order confirmation would have come from and shown softprowatersystems as who you purchased from. We also have a system that logs all calls, texts, and emails to your customer profile - I've found no calls or texts from you aside from two initial calls where you spoke with a customer service agent. I did apologize in my direct email to you that our customer service team failed to credit you the shipping on the item and we've now credited it. However, if we contact every single person that tries to order the free hoses without purchasing a qualifying system at the same time we would be tied up all day simply doing that and we have support on actual systems to attend to which is why we have the notice on the product page that they are only available at time of purchase of qualify systems. Also why our standard policy is to immediately cancel and refund orders on hoses where there is no recent existing order that has not yet shipped. I understand our customer service team failed to follow this policy and this has been discussed with them and will not happen again. We are glad you are happy with your softpro water softener. They are wonderful systems

Mar. 16th, 2022

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Larry Mulligan Gilbert, AZ

Purchased a $2000 system in 2021. It arrived with both missing and broken parts. QWT was advised of the problems on a Friday. I followed up with them on the following Tuesday and was told that the replacement parts had been shipped the day before. This is now the following Friday and I have still not received the missing parts. Worse still, QWT thought that their service was just fine and that I (and 80 year old, wheel chair bound customer) was the problem because I did not open the boxes the day of delivery and check to see that all the parts were there and in good condition. Shame on me for waiting for a plumber to do that. Bad fullfilment. Bad service. Bad attidude.

1 year ago