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Established in California in 1990, Quality Water Treatment was initially founded as a rural water treatment company for farms and private wells. Over the years they have grown from a rural water company to a national and industry-acclaimed water softener company. Additionally, Quality Water Treatment is a family-owned business that serves a diverse clientele.

The Good

  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Website Resources


Quality Water Treatment offers various products including water softener systems. They provide four main types of water softening services: city water, well water, commercial water, filter systems. They also offer drinking water systems, whole house water filters, and parts and replacement filters. Quality Water Treatment covers most water softener needs.  


Quality Water Treatment offers many different products and resources for customers to help with their specific water softener needs, at a cheap price compared to other industry competitors. They have products and features for all types of budgets. The prices differ based on the different systems, but they range from $100-$2,500.

Website Resources

Quality Water Treatment has a very knowledgable website. They provide very extensive information to help consumers make informed decisions for which water softener to purchase. In addition to the general information base provided on the website, they provide helpful resources for water safety and upkeep information. There is a water softener comparison chart that explains the different products and the different features each offers. It goes into detail about each water softener and the specs for each. Additionally, Quality Water Treatment has a FAQ page which answers most questions regarding installation, pricing, products, and customer service options. They also provide various starting guides and how to guides to help consumers get started with their water softener needs. 

The Bad

  • Brand Size
  • Undisclosed Information

Brand Size

Quality Water Treatment was established in 1990. They have been around a short time compared to other companies in this industry who have been around for over 30 years. Additionally, Quality Water Treatment's brand isn't as well known as other companies.

Undisclosed Information

There is a lot of information that Quality Water Treatment doesn't include on their website. They do not provide any information regarding contract length or a cancellation policy. Other industry competitors are very transparent when providing information about contracts. Companies often provide month-to-month or annual contracts, but Quality Water Treatment does not release this information on their website. Additionally, they do not disclose if they have a cancellation or refund policy regarding contracts.

The Bottom Line

Quality Water Treatment is a great water softener company with many different services and products. They are a family owned business and they value customer satisfaction. The comparison chart on the website is very helpful for customers who aren't sure which type of system to purchase. Although there is a lot of information that isn't disclosed on their website, we recommend purchasing from Quality Water Treatment.

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Richard Bell

January 4th, 2018 Auburn, CA DETAILS

Value for your money
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Customer Service
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I called Quality Water Treatment in need of help with treating my well water, i have very hard water and a decent amount of iron in my water as well as low P.H. We went over my well water report and they pointed me in the right direction with what equipment would or wouldn't be best for me and everything showed up in timely manner undamaged. My water is 10 times better then it was and they helped me all the way to the end of the install and with any question i have had since then.