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LAST UPDATED: January 26th, 2020

Since its debut in 2008, Bliss Tubs has aimed to provide aging seniors and others struggling with mobility the highest-quality bathtubs, excellent service, all at an affordable price. Over the past few years, Bliss Tubs has developed several walk-in tub models. The company now offers 14 high-quality models that serve the needs of 95 percent of the population. 

Bliss Tubs works through a dealer network that spans the U.S. so seniors and those with limited mobility can purchase a walk-in tub in their area. All the dealers Bliss Tubs works with are licensed and professional, Bliss does a full review of each dealer company to make sure they offer first-rate service. 

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The Good

  • Tub Sizes & Standard Features
  • Therapy Tubs
  • What Benefits Can You Get From A Walk-In Tub?

Tub Sizes & Standard Features

Consumers have plenty of variety and options when it comes to a tub size. Bliss Tubs knows that not every bathroom is built the same and every customer has unique wants and needs from their walk-in tub. Customers can select from the following tub sizes and models:

  • Most Popular 
  • Space Saver 
  • Extra Large 
  • Wheelchair Access 
  • Compact Tub

No matter whether or not a bathroom has plenty of room to install a walk-in tub or homeowners are looking for a smaller tub to save on space. Bliss Tubs aims to help customers find the right size and style of tub.

When purchasing a tub from Bliss Tubs, customers can expect their tubs to be equipped with secure and modern features:

  • Made of marine-grade fiberglass
  • High-strength stainless steel frame
  • Contoured tub seat and backrest
  • Standard door features
    • Right or Left handed door
    • Guaranteed leak-proof door
    • Ergonomic door handle
    • Stainless steel door hinge
  • Low 6" entry threshold
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Grab bars
  • Cable actuated drain and overflow kit
  • Two easy-access maintenance panels
  • 5-piece faucet set
    • Roman-level hot and cold water handles 
    • SpeedyFill ¾” faucets
    • Chrome-plated

Therapy Tubs

In addition to selling tubs solely for bathing purposes, Bliss Tubs offers six specific therapy system tubs. Here are a few notable features each therapy tub offers:

  • Soaker Walk-in Tubs 
    • Deep soak bathing
    • Low 6” walk-in tub door threshold
    • ADA compliant 17” high seat
    • Incorporated heater
    • Wall-mounted shower slide bar
    • Ozone self-cleaning purification system
  • Hydromassage Walk-in Tubs 
    • 10 state-of-the-art water jets
    • Jets are individually customizable
    • Ultra-quiet pump
    • “Green Energy” pump maintains water temperature
    • Easy-touch controls to adjust jet strength
  • Air Massage Walk-in Tubs
    • 18 state-of-the-art chrome air jets
    • CG Air Systems blower powering air jets is quietest in the world
    • Blower’s ceramic heater preheats air for body comfort
    • Following shutoff, air jets self-clean automatically
  • Dual Massage Walk-in Tubs
    • Combination of Air and Hydromassage
    • 16 state-of-the-art chrome air jets
    •  10 state-of-the-art water jets
    • Separate on/off buttons for individual or simultaneous use of jet systems
    • Ultra-quiet pump
    • CG Air Systems
    • Following shutoff, the air jets self-clean automatically
  • Aromatherapy Walk-in Tubs 
    • All Bliss Tubs offer the option of a built-in aromatherapy system. Installed with an easy-care diffuser, built into the tub deck, the air is filled with therapeutic fragrances. 
    • Easy-clean diffuser well mounted on the tub deck
    • Easy-touch on/off keypad
    • Bowl is oil-resistant for easy maintenance
    • Small 0.5 Amp air pump effectively distributes fragrance
  • Chromatherapy Walk-in Tubs
    • Those interested in light therapy will be happy to find out that Chromatherapy is available on all Bliss Tubs models. 
    • Three 9-LED lights
    • Easy-touch keypad control
    • Color Forward – Manually cycle through and pause on a favorite color
    • Rainbow Cycle – Automatically sets the chromatherapy system to transition through the entire spectrum of colors. Each color lasts for five seconds before cycling through to the next

What Benefits Can You Get From A Walk-In Tub?

Bliss Tubs designs all their walk-in tubs to provide consumers with an enjoyable, therapeutic, and safe bathing experience. The company hopes that with the numerous tub features and options, those in need of a walk-in tub will have peace of mind won’t have to worry about slips and falls. Bliss Tubs also understands that a walk-in tub can also improve and aid in one's health. A Bliss walk-in tub can provide numerous health benefits:

  • Sit down and relax
  • Warm water bathing relieves arthritis pain and alleviates stiffness 
  • Can increase heart rate while lowering blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Can aid in a recovery from a stroke
  • Promotes a good night sleep
  • Water therapy can alleviate back, knee and hip pain
  • Soothe hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and tendinitis

The Bad

  • Not Available to Residents of Hawaii or Alaska
  • Hours of Operation

Not Available to Residents of Hawaii or Alaska 

While Bliss Tubs serves the entire continental U.S. the company’s services are not available to the residents of Hawaii or Alaska. 

Hours of Operation

Bliss Tubs advises customers to call with any questions or concerns they have about a Bliss Tubs product. However, the company doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service. Consumers will need to call within the timeframe Bliss Tubs is open.

8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time

11:00am – 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time 


The Bottom Line

Overall, Bliss Tubs is a considerable walk-in tub company. Consumers have plenty of tub sizes and models to select from and each product comes with a substantial amount of features. Residents of the continental U.S. can reach out to the company and be put in touch with a local dealer to get their walk-in tub with ease. 

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karen wright Oklahoma City, OK

we dealt with a bliss dealer in Oklahoma city area. we are extremely pleased with the entire process and the actual dealer a safe solution walk in tubs, gave us a lifetime warranty because they had used bliss for 8 years with no problems. John, the owner took care of us himself and made the perfect recommendation. Please feel free to call him at 405-226-8424 and he will take care of your needs!

5 years ago

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Randy Bird Peoria, AZ

Worst customer service. I contacted them a month ago then every week for three weeks was told that tech support would get back to me within 24 hours that never happen then told they escalated my request for service, that never happen either. My bliss tub valve doesn’t turn off the water so needed new one, I have looked for replacements but have been told that bliss tubs valves are different size then plumbing supply company’s carry. So wanted to purchase a new one or see if warranty would replace. But since customers are not important to them I must continue to find a different solution. Unhappy customer. We purchase a new house with this bliss tub in it so willing to purchase new valve but if they don’t respond to calls I am not able to

4 years ago

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