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LAST UPDATED: December 19th, 2021

A subsidiary company of CVS Health Corporation, Aetna was founded in 1853. Utilizing its vast number of in-network providers, it strives to provide insurance to employers, organizations, and individuals. Aetna is the preferred provider for federal employees.

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The Good

  • Large Network
  • Rich Benefits
  • No Deductible or Copay

Large Network

Aetna has a large network consisting of over 97,000 providers, which increases the chance that you’ll be able to find someone within network. It also has a program in place to help make your transition easy, especially if you already use one of its existing providers. 

Rich Benefits

Aetna has an extensive list of benefits, including retinal imaging discounts, LASIK eye surgery discounts, 40 percent off a second pair of glasses, and additional discounts and coupons that are only available to members. It’s worth noting that Aetna is one of the few providers that offers a discount on retinal imaging.  

No Deductible or Copay

Aetna has no deductible and its plans start paying right away. In addition, there is no copay for eye exams, so you’re getting a great value right off the bat. With premiums starting at just $6, Aetna vision insurance is quite affordable.


The Bad

  • High Price on Progressive Lenses

High Price on Progressive Lenses

While Aetna keeps upfront costs low, the company charges a higher out-of-pocket price for progressive lenses than other vision insurance companies. With its standard plan, you’ll pay anywhere from $95 to $120 for progressive lenses. With its higher-level plan, the price drops down to $40 to $65. 


The Bottom Line

With a large network of providers, a variety of benefits, and no deductibles or copays, Aetna is a great option for vision insurance. However, if you need progressive lenses, keep in mind that you'll pay a bit more for those with Aetna than you would with most other vision insurance companies.

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Maryann farrell Marlton, NJ

We high option vision plan and it covered everything for my daughter. She picked $169, but could have chose up to $250. Eye exam 100% covered as well as poly lenses. We opted for no drops and a picture of her eyes instead. That cost me $39, but we’ll worth no headache and all that comes with those awful dilation drops . The drops weee covered by Aetna if we chose. We also opted for no glare lenses which had a small copay if $25-30 our choice I also bought her prescription sunglasses not covered, again my choice. I took advantage of the covered regular exam for her sunglasses that way I didn’t have to pay again for another exam later. So essentially I saved on the sunglasses too. I only have to pay for less expensive frames and lenses cause I chose to do that. My whole family will be covered for frames, lenses and exams with the high option eye care. Well worth it, but make sure you find a doctor you like or you may have trouble finding a doctor. A lot of people choose insurance without asking g their doctors if they take it . Big mistake. Always do your research and most times you’ll be happy with your coverage.

3 years ago

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BVince Sevierville, TN

I used on of Aetna’s “Preferred Providers” from their list. My wife and I went to the provider, and as soon as we walked through the door this guy was rude and uncooperative. We though he may have been just having a bad day, so we went ahead with the exam, explaining that we would need a copy of the prescriptions, so I could take them to the Veterans Administration for glasses. His exam room was unkempt and dirty, and H didn’t wear any PPE during the whole time we were there, not even during the exam. He told me we would have to come back for the prescription another day. We came back on three different occasions and he said he didn’t know where Our files were. After the fourth week I called, and he went on a tirade about how he doesn’t get paid enough from the insurance providers, and he said he would not give us our prescriptions. I contacted Aetna Vision, and after the barrage of automated call options I spoke with a person who said I needed to write a letter or email to customer support for help on the matter. I sent a very detailed message to them, asking to be allowed to go to a more competent provider, and the website stated they would respond within two weeks. It has been two weeks, so I called again and was told it may be a month before a response. All this should have been able to be resolved in a phone call or two, and it has been well over a month since the exam. My wife and I are in need of glasses, and are not getting the help we need, and I’ve faithfully paid my premiums for the past year. This is totally unacceptable!

2 years ago

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Sharon Villarosa Washington, DC

very poor. they don't provide a card or any information about finding a provider. Because I happened to also have Aetna as my health insurance, I went to find a plan provider, which was listed for my health insurance, but it turned out not for this insurance. despite their creating the confusion, they refused to make any adjustments, then told me they would pay for the refraction, but then turned it down because I hadn't gone to their preferred provider. I will never pay for this vision insurance again

1 year ago


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Steven Klaproth Phoenix, AZ

Aetna vision insurance is one of the best products on the market. They offer a variety of products and services second to none.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Rocio Diaz Tallahassee, FL

Aetna has a large network of coverage for vision insurance at an extremely cheap price. It is accepted by almost all optics.

3 years ago

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Amanda Warrendale, PA

Aetna Vision Insurance had reasonable co pays and covers your treatment at most eye doctors.

3 years ago