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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Student Tutor is an online tutoring service in which tutors go through a rigorous process in order to become qualified. However, tutors charge a high hourly fee and classes in foreign language and social sciences aren't available. Student Tutor appears to be a legitimate company, but we recommend looking to other top competitors before considering Student Tutor.

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The Good

  • Robust chat functions
  • In-person tutoring
  • Strict tutor certification

Robust Chat Functions

Student Tutor provides a plethora of communication tools with students. This includes text chat, audio chat, video chat, shared electronic whiteboard, file sharing, and equation tools. This is one of the more impressive arsenals for communication that we've seen in the industry. For example, many tutoring companies will provide tools that will allow students to chat through video or text, but not necessarily have shared online whiteboard. Student Tutor seems to have all the tools necessary to communicate efficiently and effectively to students.

In-Person Tutoring

Aside from having online tools for communication, there isn't anything quite like an in-person tutoring session to be sure communication is being conducted correctly. Having a real person to talk and explain problems to provides the personal touch that might be necessary for some student to progress properly.

Strict Tutor Certification

Tutors for Student Tutor go through a rigorous process to become certified. Tutors must have a clean criminal record and have references or proof of prior teaching experience. There is also a series of intense interviews that a tutor must follow through in order to illustrate outstanding teaching skills and academic excellence. These interviews also test tutors for friendliness and social skills, along with the ability to adapt custom lesson plans to students.

The Bad

  • Expensive rates
  • Undisclosed time availability
  • English, math, and science only
  • Only grade eight and above

Expensive Rates

Student Tutor requires a fairly high rate of $49 per hour for tutoring services. Other top tutoring services can provide similar services for a lower price with hardly any compromise when it comes to features. A small number of services will even offer help for free.

Undisclosed Time Availability

Every student has a different schedule. Some students might be heavily involved with extracurricular activities that keep them from their homework until inconvenient hours. It's unclear whether or not Student Tutor will be available to help students when these situations arise. More information on the company website would score them higher in this criteria.

English, Math, and Science Only

Student Tutor is only available to help students in subjects relating to English, math, and science. If a student is looking for tutoring help regarding a foreign language or social sciences, they are going to have to look elsewhere.

Only Grade 8 and Above

Student Tutor is only available for students in college, high school, or students preparing to enter high school. It's unclear whether this is due to a predesignated age limit, or if tutor training is simply restricted to courses tailored to grade eight and above. Regardless, cutting out tutoring services ranging from kindergarten to seventh grade is restricting a large potential audience for Student Tutor.

The Bottom Line

Student Tutor offers a wide range of services from subjects to communication tools. Tutors are rigorously tested and trained before they are qualified to teach students, so parents can know that their kids are getting a certified expert. However, the price is fairly high in comparison to competitors that can deliver similar services for a fraction of the price. The lack of foreign language and social sciences help will be discouraging for some. The lack of time availability also doesn't stand up well to companies that are straightforward about their operating hours. We recommend that customers look into top industry performers before considering Student Tutor.
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