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LAST UPDATED: July 28th, 2020

The Teeth Whitening Company was established in 2002 and has since become one of the leading suppliers of teeth whitening and salon products. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and also has a European office in Orihuela Costa Alicante, Spain. Unlike a number of teeth whitening companies, The Teeth Whitening Company provides a number of products for many industries. There are wholesale options for those wanting to sell its products, at-home whitening kits for those seeking to use the products themselves for a whiter smile, and options for offices and dental practices to purchase products to use with their patients.

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The Good

  • At-Home Products
  • Inexpensive Products
  • Non-Peroxide Treatments Available

At-Home Products

The Teeth Whitening Company offers the following whitening products that are available for at-home use:

  • Complete at-home teeth whitening kit
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening pen
  • Whitening gel or whitening serum
  • Whitening trays

These products come with multiple options, such as whitening trays with whitening gel or iWhite trays that plugin to a smart phone and lighten teeth with an L.E.D. light. These trays act like whitening strips but are more durable. Some people experience tooth sensitivity during whitening tray treatments, but The Tooth Whitening Company claims that it should go away in one to two days post-treatment, leaving the customer with whiter teeth.

Whitening pens come in different forms, some with peroxide products and some without, and can be used to lighten a stain on a specific tooth or few teeth. Customers should see results with white teeth in as little as 30 minutes. These treatments are minor, only involving a thin film from the pen to be rubbed on teeth, and can decrease tooth sensitivity when compared to a 30-minute L.E.D. or gel whitening treatment. 

Inexpensive Products

Compared to other at-home teeth whitener products on the market, The Teeth Whitening Company’s prices are inexpensive. A complete tooth whitening kit with iWhite mobile whitening is £34.99 (approximately $45), which is much cheaper than a complete home teeth whitening system at other leading brands. That being said, a complete kit from each company will include different products and may have different benefits for a higher price.

Non-Peroxide Treatments Available

The major ingredient in most teeth whitening products is peroxide. It acts as a whitening agent, bleaching tooth enamel when there is a surface stain. Though peroxide aids in the whitening process, it isn't available over the counter in all countries. For those who don’t want peroxide or live in countries where peroxide isn’t legal over the counter, The Teeth Whitening Company offers non-peroxide treatments. These treatments don’t have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and can be used anywhere to whiten teeth.


The Bad

  • Lack of Website Information
  • Shipping Delays and Customs
  • 3-Day Return Policy

Lack of Website Information

The Teeth Whitening Company’s website lacks information about the company. The “About Us” section only states that the company was founded in 2002 and states that anyone with questions can contact the company directly. 

Shipping Delays and Customs

It’s important for customers to know The Teeth Whitening Company’s shipping policy before buying. The company will not offer any refund for a delay in their one to three day United Kingdom average delivery time. Delivery times also don’t constitute U.K. working days since some supplies come from the EU. 

The Teeth Whitening Company will not replace any order until a customer makes an enquiry with the postal company. Once that has cleared, The Teeth Whitening Company will replace the order, but there will be no refund for the original order shipping cost. It’s also important to note that if an order is stopped by customs, customers must take all responsibility and The Teeth Whitening Company won’t pay any extra charges incurred. 

3-Day Return Policy

If a customer wants to return an item that is still in original packaging and in good condition, they have three days to do so. If a customer wants to return, they must contact The Teeth Whitening Company first and all shipping costs must be paid by the customer.


The Bottom Line

The Teeth Whitening Company offers many types of products for at-home teeth whitening treatment. These products are typically more inexpensive than other companies on the market and both peroxide and non-peroxide options are available. If there is a problem with an order during shipping, however, customers will have to file a claim with the postal service before it will be replaced by The Tooth Whitening Company, but the initial shipping costs won’t be refunded. If a package has a problem with customs, all costs will also have to be paid by the customer. 

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