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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2022

The Tax Defense Partners operates out of Encino, California and is comprised of licensed and certified tax relief representatives and tax preparers. It offers a number of tax relief services designed to close and control cases with the IRS. Tax Defense Partners provide a monitoring service that also enforces strict tax debt relief practices. This ensures that all client information remains confidential while also helping clients receive the help they need in dealing with the IRS.  It does not outsource any of its client work or negotiations, and instead, handle all client business in-house.

Tax Defense Partners helps clients understand the nature of their tax relief options and the strategies they can use to reach a permanent resolution. Tax Defense Partners can deal directly with the IRS and resolve tax debt on behalf of its clients. It aims to help taxpayers clearly understand the breadth of its tax services, how it will help them, and the associated costs.

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The Good

  • Professionals
  • American Society of Tax Problem Solvers
  • Variety of Services
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Fixed Fee Pricing


Tax Defense Partners team consist of CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys. The varied educational backgrounds of this team of professionals help clients receive higher quality services. The team at Tax Defense Partners will completely take over all communication with the IRS and both federal and state tax agencies if requested.

American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

The full team of Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys, and CPAs at Tax Defense Partners are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. The ASTPS provides tax resolution training and specialized education services for industry professionals. The fact that all tax relief professionals at Tax Defense Partners are certified with the ASTPS gives their tax resolution services much more credibility.

Variety of Services

The list of tax debt relief services offered by Tax Defense Partners is extensive, covering pretty much any need a customer might have in regard to tax issues. This allows customers with multiple tax problems to use one company for all of their issues. Some of these Tax Defense Partners services include:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Back tax help
  • Tax audit
  • Tax lien
  • Tax levy
  • Asset seizure
  • Unfiled Tax Returns

The Tax Defense Partners website offers a wealth of information on the vicious cycle of back taxes that begins when customers leave their tax returns unfiled. When tax returns from a previous year are not filed, taxpayers assume not filing the following year will keep them off of the IRS' radar. Once the IRS finds out about income during years of unfiled tax returns, they file a "Substitute for Return" or an SFR, which function as tax returns but have higher fees and fewer deductions. An SFR will lead to hefty back taxes that end up costing taxpayers much more than it would have had they filed their tax return. Tax Defense Partners will help you file back taxes, assist you in preparing tax returns or even give you a free consultation with actionable advice.

Negotiation Tactics

Tax Defense Partners also has a large range of negotiation tactics it uses to help its customers. Having a wide range of negotiations helps customers get the best quality of services. Some of the negotiations that are offered include:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Installment Agreement
  • Audit Defense
  • Currently Not Collectible Status
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Wage Garnishment Help
  • Bank Levy or Bank Tax Lien Help
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • IRS Appeals

Such tax negotiation tactics (Offer in Compromise, installment agreement, penalty abatement, help with a wage garnishment, etc.) will help taxpayers and their tax preparer find the best avenue for tax resolution available. An Offer in Compromise is among the best options for those in need of tax resolution, so the fact that Tax Defense Partners have experts with experience in filing for an OIC is a huge benefit for potential customers.

Flat Fee Pricing

Tax Defense Partners offers fixed fee pricing for its tax debt relief services. During the free consultation, consumers will receive a quote. Tax Defense Partners does not charge any hidden fees. Pricing starts as low as $500, which is much lower than many competitors. 


The Bad

  • No Refund Information
  • Negative Tax Defense Partners Reviews

No Refund Information

Tax Defense Partners does not advertise a money-back guarantee. Many tax debt relief companies offer at least a few days or partial money-back guarantee. Such assurances avoid the risk of paying for tax resolution services that can't be carried out and end up resulting in $0 saved. A money-back guarantee covers this risk. The fact that Tax Defense Partners does not offer information about any existing money-back guarantee is worrisome. Potential customers should check with Tax Defense Partners representatives in order to get accurate information. 

Negative Tax Defense Partners Reviews

The company has received some negative reviews regarding its tax debt services. Though complaints are not uncommon to tax resolution companies, customers complaints need to be examined and addressed. The complaints tend to be about the same issues:

  • High fees
  • Long processes
  • Difficulty getting hold of an agent

The Bottom Line

Tax Defense Partners offers a variety of services and negotiation tactics. It hires professionals and is accredited. The company offers fixed-rate pricing, starting as low as $500. Consumers can contact the company to find out exact pricing for their situation. The company has received multiple negative reviews in regards to fees, process length, and communication. We recommend comparing Tax Defense Partners with other top-rated companies.

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R. B. Riverside, CA

For years I had been listening to the morning talk show hosts advertising for Tax Defense Partners before I found myself needing their help. I did as much research online as I could by having my assistant and myself read the various levels of comments (both pro & con). As business owners ourselves who have an extensive background in customer service, we took into consideration the reality of negative posts to come from legit customers and/or disgruntled employees and/or aggressive competitors. The positive comments also could come from legit clients and/or internal personnel trying to even the field, so we decided to go to them and see for ourselves if they were the "Real deal". Their knowledge, patience and respectful attitude on how they were going to deal with my problem convinced both of us that we were dealing with a "Real" team of professionals who had "Real" solutions. Today, I have peace of mind and I have recommended their service to colleagues and friends

7 years ago

star star star star star

Jim Cates Eugene, OR

Wow, you have heard the stories of how bad a tax problem can be, asking yourself if your local tax provider should help. NO, call TAX DEFENSE PARTNERS. Seriously, this company is what you need believe me. My condition was bad with a aggressive revenue agent on my case constantly. Shelly Murad and several other top professionals took an assessment of my situation, broke it down and then went on the offensive at protecting my company and my interest. They succeeded and I am happy for that. My wife said to me "honey only you could have pulled your company from the brink of failure to success" I told her no, it was Tax Defense Partners that saved my company, maybe more. Jim Cates CEO Federal Security

7 years ago

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Mark Glendale, CA

My husband refused to pay the IRS because the amount owed was way too much. We kept getting notices so I finally convinced him to figure out what our options are. He was thinking about contacting a tax professional who can reduce the costs and that way we would still be on good terms with the IRS. We found Tax Defense Partners through Yelp and scheduled a consultation through their website. We met with Gus who managed to save us over 80% after all was said and done. To say it was a relief is an understatement. My husband and I are eternally grateful for their help!

6 years ago

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Shant Manukyan Los Angeles, CA

Just got my taxes done by TDP for the third year in a row.. love the consistency from these guys. I heard about Tax Defense Partners from the Rush Limbaugh show, so I decided to give them a shot and they have never let me down. Feels great having my taxes DONE!

6 years ago

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Anna E. Los Angeles, CA

I found Tax Defense Partners via Google after browsing through the web for tax resolution specialists. They set me up on an IRS payment plan that I would have never been able to negotiate on my behalf. Thank you Pat and Tax Defense Partners for dealing with all my calls, questions and concerns. I can now sleep comfortably again!

7 years ago

star star star star star

Kam Abed

Tax Defense Partners helped me settle my case and saved $6,000. Gus helped a lot and walked me through every step and told me exactly what to expect. They were very responsive and handled my case with professionalism.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Tony H. Glendale, CA

Couldn't be happier with Tax Defense Partners. They were very responsive, dealt with millions of my questions and saved me money on my IRS payment plan. Thank you Patrick and TDP!

7 years ago

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Joe O Phoenix, AZ

Horrible. They collected over 10,000.00 from me. Ignored a state notice of lien and as a result a had a lien filed. When I questioned them they sent the following email. The IRS and State will file tax liens for any balance over $10,000. If they don't do it now, they will file them when a resolution is put in place. This is to protect their interest. There is really nothing that can be done to prevent them short of paying your balance or keeping your balance under their threshold. The Threshold to avoid tax liens with the IRS is $50,000 and each state is different. I called the state where is was filed and the state told me the lien was filed because no-one contacted them. All we had to do was ask for an extension. When I let tax defense partners know that they said told me they didn't call because: The reason I didn’t call is because they will get more aggressive if you wake them up and they will give you deadlines to provide The information and if you miss the deadlines, they will levy your bank account etc. Hmm. Thats logical. ignore the problem, I would have paid the balance before I let them lien my assets. Then they said they didn't do anything because I had outstanding federal returns do. The outstanding federal returns were for later years. The state lien was 2016 for which the 2016 return had been filed several years before. They will collect your money, ignore outstanding issues and then lie to you.

2 years ago

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Terezia District Heights, MD

Tax defense partners are a waste of your time and money. I called them for help with the penalties and fees I was being charged by the IRS and State of Md. I was promised that they can help to lower the amount owed. I specifically explained to Adam that I will use the service if they can help me lower the dept. He promised me that they will definitely be able to help to lower the dept. However, not only did Ms. Dana K (who was supposedly good at what she does) fail to save me not even a penny, they also have me stuck further in dept, because I'm stuck paying lending tree $3,850. 00 plus a high interest fee. This is a financing company they use to get paid up front. All Ms. K did was get me in a payment plan. This is something I could've very well done myself. Do not believe these people. I feel like I was robbed.

5 years ago

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Gregory G. Hyattsville, MD

Extremely high fee, difficult to get ahold of agents, a process that took so long the penalties and interest killed me, and no relief whatsoever from monies owed. In retrospect they did nothing that I could not have done for myself in a more timely fashion. Rush Limbaugh who I respected should be ashamed of himself for shilling for this company. After I paid off what I thought were all my obligations according to TDS, I got a letter from the state saying I owed an additional $10.0K. When I finally got ahold of TDS after days of calling I was told that I was no longer their client, I should get on a payment plan and essentially it was my tough luck. Give my email address to anyone who is considering them and I will gladly talk them out of it.

6 years ago

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Robert Leyshion Gainesville, VA

Tax Defense Partners are only interested in one thing...your hard earned money. Very unprofessional. When transmitting sensitive info via internet, they don't even send the info encrypted! I got a bad feeling from the first conversation . The person I spoke with sounded like a sleezy telemarketer, only interested in how fast I could send $$$. Don't walk away from these people...RUN FAST!!! Any problem you have with the IRS, will become worse, after wasting your time and money with these clowns. After I told them I wasn't interested they have continues to harass me with phone calls and emails. If they continue I will file a complaint with the FTC. DON"T BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY, IT"S ALL BULLSXIT!!

7 years ago

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Richard Bequette Valrico, FL

Horrible!! Super expensive. Every time I tried to communicate with them, I was assigned a new attorney because the last one "is no longer with us". Serious turnover means no one knows what's going on with your case. They subcontract their tax court work to a firm called "Victory Tax Law". I had to pay this form to pick up the pieces that TDP left me with, but it was worth it. Victory is great. Go with them initially and pay once.

2 years ago

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I took out this insurance for my 2015 tax return through tax act. I contacted them about a problem with my return and I was blown off. Not sure why I took out this service a waste. Now I deal with the IRS on my own anyway. Don't waste your time or money with this company. They do nothing for you, its a sales scam. Read all these reviews they tell a negative story, stay away

6 years ago

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Tyson Johnson Oceanside, CA

I ALMOST hired them and lucky I did not. Total boiler room style sales. Check out this more in depth review that a tax attorney posted: What he explained about the yelp reviews is true. Do they have some special deal with yelp to hide those reviews?

7 years ago

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Ted K Racine, WI

Charged a large sum and were quick to backpedal on verbal promises after they were paid. I actually received a monthly payment amount (quoted) from the state that was less than TDP was able to negotiate. State asked for re-submission of financials for review, which TDP did supply, but then told me any more help required a new retainer. Poor communication throughout and follow up was only done when prompted by me. Process was tedious and drawn out. Very disappointing and misleading. Not recommended.

7 years ago

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patricia santoro Branford, CT

All issues I previously had with Tax Defense Partners have been resolved.The issue was handled professionally and in a fair time frame.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Donna Clough Atlanta, GA

Fast experience with great short term help

4 years ago


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Brittany Norfolk, VA

Wouldn't recommend paid them to help me out never got what I actually needed waste of time and money

1 year ago