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LAST UPDATED: May 13th, 2022

Coast One Tax Group is a San Diego based tax firm with several years of industry experience. The company claims it can solve tough IRS and state tax issues. It is not a member of top professional associations in the industry such as the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).

Coast One Tax Group's parent company is Coast One Financial Group.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Tax Services
  • Professional Staff
  • Glowing Customer Reviews

Free Consultation

Coast One Tax Group offers a free consultation. This consultation is one-on-one, and allows the company to understand the client's situation. Unlike other companies, Coast One Tax Group claims to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The website lacks important program and process information, so the consultation acts as a way for potential customers to learn more about the company, and receive answers.

Tax Services

The company does not provide a list of available tax services, so it is partially unclear exactly which tax issues the company can resolve. Coast One Tax Group does claim it can stop collection efforts, remove a tax lien placed by the IRS or state, and help reduce back taxes up to 80 percent. It is not clear whether Coast One Tax Group can provide tax lien discharge, tax lien subordination, tax lien withdrawal, partial pay installment, installment agreement, or penalty abatement services.

Professional Staff

Coast One Tax Group's website boasts that the company is comprised of tax advisors, attorneys, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants (CPAs).

Glowing Customer Reviews

Though not many, the customer reviews that have been written about Coast One Tax Group relay a quality of tax expertise and customer service that warrants consideration. Customer reviews relate that the tax reps at Coast One help customers understand every step of their tax problems, the tax relief process, and how to handle negotiations with the IRS. Other reviews tell of high debt savings in low-income situations, where the IRS hounded customers until Coast One stepped in to negotiate a lower payment. 


The Bad

  • High Minimum Debt Requirement
  • Limited Online Information
  • No Professional Membership
  • No Live Chat

High Minimum Debt Requirement

To qualify to work with Coast One Tax Group, consumers must owe at least $10,000 in federal or state taxes. While $10,000 is common in the industry, there are companies that only require $5,000 or $7,500. The upside to this number is that those with lower tax debt usually do not want or need tax relief services, as the whole industry was created in order to relieve higher tax debt. However, a low debt requirement would mean more depth to the company's financial services.

Limited Online Information

Coast One Tax Group offers a lot of information about its services and success online. However, details are very limited regarding cost. However, this is fairly standard for the industry because pricing depends largely on each client's tax situation.

No Professional Membership

Coast One Tax Group is not a member of top professional associations in the industry, including the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), or the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).

No Live Chat

The company does not provide any kind of live chat feature. Many competitors offer this feature. 


The Bottom Line

Coast One Tax Group is a company that utilizes a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents to resolve tax debt. The company can help negotiate installment agreements with the IRS. To qualify with the company, clients must owe at least $10,000 in IRS or state tax debt. 

Coast One Tax Group has a high level of success in assisting clients with tax relief. While online cost information is limited, potential clients should use the free consultation to learn more about solutions to their tax problems and what the cost would be for their situation.

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michael jamison Rockwall, TX

Highly professional and answered my in a timely basis. The fact you can speak to the person who actually working on your behalf is a plus for me and I must admit the person helping that person was also very professional and followed up with me to keep me on track. I cannot say how happy I am. I would like to names, however I am sure they have more than one great group.

2 years ago

Coast One Tax Group Logo

Reply from Coast One Tax Group

On behalf of Coast One, we thank you!

Aug. 23rd, 2019

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After I hired Coast One Financial Group I finally got relief from my state tax debt. I am on fixed income and I was unable to make my monthly payments but I kept getting collection notice. Coast One team and my case attorney presented my case and reduced my debt down to $500. The process took time but most important got resolved. State kept asking documents after documents but my attorney got it done for me. Thank you.

4 years ago

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Jim Bober

My friend reffered me to this company and at first i was sceptical but i decided to give it a shot. I called and the person i talked to was super friendly and broke all the steps to show me what the possiblilties i have. I owed 67k and they made my debt into 2k and i payed that and i got a fresh start. I would reccomend this company to anyone that owes more than 10k. They will lower your payment substantially and affordable.

4 years ago

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Gina woehler Hamilton, OH

I was in debt from a divorce and ,I gave all my info to coast one financial and ,they worked my case and ,with amazing results I only have to pay 4,500 instead of 22,000.00 so I am very pleased with the out come! The employees are all very nice and respectful and , always on top of things! Great company!

1 year ago

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FRANTZ Pascal Brockton, MA

My experience with Coast one was the best decision I could ever made for my future..the service was great and the People are very helpful. I was very shocked when I heard,I only have to pay 10 percent from all the money that I owe IRS.....

2 years ago

star star star star star

Bruan New Caney, TX

I had great service from coast one. Ended up paying IRS half of what i owed. I would refer this firm to anyone that has tax problems. PS. Only problem i had was coast one would not help me cheat on my paperwork. After i sent in all paperwork filled out that was it. What i needed was ajustments made to bring anount owed down to zero.

2 years ago

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The best company ever. I got audited because my husband drives UBER and IRS send me 20K bill. In less than one month Coast One Financial Group helped me to resolve the issue. Highly recommend their business. Got audited by IRS and they helped me in no time. Great company. Professional and knowledgeable.

4 years ago

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Cathy Elmore City, OK

I hired this firm to settle my tax problems its been 3 1/2 yrs and I am still not settled the paper you get from the IRS saying how much they will settle with you for i got that last year summer of 2020 I sent in a check with that paper for a certain amount and waiting now for the paper the IRS sends back to you saying how much to pay in payments or to pay it off I ask and I ask have you heard from the IRS I get answers the IRS isn't returning their calls then I get told the IRS said it should be done by the 1st of the month ok great that would have been March first and nothing and I am still being told the IRS isn't returning Coast One's phone calls and today is May 7 2021 I feel like they got my money 3 1/2 yrs ago so they don't want to take time for me now they just want to move to the paying customer. C Eastep Oklahoma

1 year ago

Coast One Tax Group Logo

Reply from Coast One Tax Group

Coast One Financial Group takes pride in ensuring our client’s satisfaction. We value our customers, and we strive to deliver the highest quality Customer Service. Coast One Financial Group completed full financial analysis of your case and has filed an Offer in Comprise for you. Coast One Financial Group has successfully taken your case to appeals. Appeals conference was held, and Appeal officer assigned on your case agreed to make recommendation of your Offer in Compromise and sent it for acceptance. The offer accepted was a savings of over 81% of your original balance. Due to Covid-19 IRS processing times have been extended which is clearly out of Coast One Financial Group’s control. You have contacted the IRS Appeals office yourself wherein they have advised the appeals office will try to close your case as soon as possible. Furthermore, Coast One Financial Group has sent you copies of communication with the IRS Appeals Officer assigned on your case. We have made multiple inquires with IRS Appeal officer and Appeals office responded asking for an additional time to process your acceptance. Due to Covid-19, some of the IRS offices have not yet return to their normal business operation which beyond our control. Coast One Financial Group has made all attempts to expedite your case resolution and we have successfully resolved your case with the IRS office of Appeals and got recommendation of OIC acceptance with a savings of over 81% of your original balance.

May. 28th, 2021

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Lewis R. Flovilla, GA

Took longer than told. 1st returns were wrong had to send back and redo and wait even more. Multiple people assigned to case was confusing in who I should call if I had questions or concerns...the I think) assigned was great in response to messages and explained in detail and keeping me updated on status.

2 years ago

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Ronald Duarte Sacramento, CA

I payed Coast One 3,500$ to take care of my state and federal taxes. I owed a little over 2,000$ state and over 14,000 federal. All they did was get my state monthly payment lowered . I still had to pay the full amount. And they didn't do anything for my federal. They said I would have to pay them more money. So I ended up paying over 5,500$ for state resolution. And still owe the feds

11 months ago

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Emily Grandusky Junior, WV

The marketing agent made a lot of promises that did not happen, 2016 taxes were completely by coast One and we found in 2017 $10k in depreciation was missed, they did not setup payments as promised they did not settle any liability, did not return calls, the attorney was horrible and did not complete necessary paperwork for IRS revenue officer, this was a complete waste of $5k, Collin Shanan is a terrible attorney this entire company is a scam

3 years ago

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Viki Wichita, KS

They worked with me every step of the way and I am very appreciative of them. I would recommend them to others.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Cesar Lowell, MA

I appreciate their service, they were very nice and I’d recommend them to anyone.

2 years ago