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What You Need to Know About Federal Student Aid

January 21, 2020

A year of college in the United States costs an average of $23,091, according to the National Center for Education Sta...

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40 Statistics Proving the U.S. Student Debt Crisis Is Solv...

October 18, 2019

Americans disagree on a lot of things, and what to do about student debt is yet another source of partisan conflict. Re...

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Student Debt Impacts Parents, Too

October 04, 2019

Parents all over the United States are giving up savings, retirement, and even mental and emotional health to pay for c...

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    The TBC Podcast Episode 1: FinCon and Student Debt
    Editor's Note: We are excited to announce the maiden voyage of The TBC Podcast, our informational blog designed to help everyday consumers make smarter decisions with their money! For this week's podcast, we visit FinCon, a ...
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    Geographical Mapping Illustrates U.S. Regions with Highest Student Debt
    Student debt has taken center stage in the 2016 Presidential campaign and with $1.2 trillion and rising, it's no wonder college students across America have been on a plight to voice their concerns to the tune of protests and...
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    Connecticut Student Debt Reform Plan
    As student debt continues to rise, Americans watch as the 2016 Presidential candidates address their ideas on reform; however, Connecticut launched a plan to tackle their student debt crisis, moving forward beyond federal reg...
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    The Top 4 Student Debt Bloggers for 2018
    Debt stories usually start with bad decisions. Maybe you made a bad investment decision or you struggle with a shopping addiction. This is usually not the case with student debt. The majority of college students need to go in...
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    The 3 Best Credit Cards for Students in 2018
    Before students even think about getting a credit card, they need to understand how to use one responsibly. Just like student loans, credit cards can either help students build credit or ruin their credit scores for years to ...
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    Press Release: BestCompany.com Releases Its Updated Student Debt Refinancing and Consolidation Company Rankings - December 2016
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BestCompany.com Releases Its Updated Student Debt Refinancing And Consolidation Company Rankings - December 2016 Pleasant Grove, UT - December 5, 2016 - BestCompany.com has released its student debt refi...
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    Top 5 Student Debt Companies—November 2016
    How We Evaluate Student Debt Companies We evaluate student debt companies on a number of carefully selected data points, the most significant being a company's fixed and variable interest rates; companies with lower interest...

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