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LAST UPDATED: September 8th, 2021

Your Solar Shop is a Utah-based company, specializing in solar panels, battery backups, and home generators. The company’s mission is to provide energy stability to homeowners through affordable, clean energy. Your Solar Shop has completed 296 projects in its three years of operation. 

The company provides the following solar services to commercial and residential customers:

  • Solar design and installation
  • Battery backup
  • Whole-home generators
  • Energy planning and audits
  • Solar cleaning

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The Good

  • Complete Service
  • Generac Home Generators

Complete Service

Your Solar Shop promises to be with its customer through every step of the process. The company offers energy planning and energy audits. Potential consumers are able to see for themselves where they are spending the most energy and how solar energy can help their specific needs.

If a solar system is a right fit for the client, Your Solar Shop will provide a full-service installation: design, planning, installation, cleaning, maintenance, etc. The company also offers battery backups and home generators to complete a full solar power system. A client can receive a full residential solar power system through Your Solar Shop’s services.

Generac Home Generators

Your Solar Shop offers a home Generac generator installation service. Generac is a longtime, top-quality generator brand. Clients can assume the generator to be reliable, high quality, and sustainable. Your Solar Shop’s website claims the warranty for Generac generators is five years.


The Bad

  • Lack of Information
  • New Company

Lack of Information

Your Solar Shop’s website has helpful information about the process and importance of solar energy. Any general solar questions can be answered by reading the website.

However, many questions specific to the company are left unanswered. Pricing, warranties, and product details cannot be found on the website. The website also doesn’t have any specific references or past projects. To find out more information, clients should call a Your Solar Shop representative. 

Fairly New Company

Your Solar Shop has only been in business for three years. The company is fairly new to the solar industry. Because of its newness, Your Solar Shop doesn’t have much of a reputation. External reviews, outside Your Solar Shop’s website, don’t exist. New clients might be taking a risk using such a new company, rather than a more established Utah solar company. 


The Bottom Line

Your Solar Shop provides many services to its customers, including full installation, designing, and planning. The company promises to empower its customers every step of the way. Your Solar Shop also offers high quality generator installation services. 

The company is fairly new; reviews, product information, and references are hard to find. Overall, the company seems to provide quality solar services; however, clients could be taking a risk with such a new company. It’s suggested that clients meet with a Your Solar Shop consultant to find out more information. 

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