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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Your Energy Co provides customized solar systems for customers to take control of their energy. Your Energy Co design experts customize a specific solution for every job. The company's stated goal is for the consumer to have maximum energy production for the lowest price. 

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The Good

  • Battery Back-up with Every Install
  • Leading Solar Industry Warranties
  • Emphasizes Fastest Possible ROI

Battery Back-up with Every Install

Your Energy Co is unique in that it includes a battery backup with every solar system installed. The company wants to know that its customers will be protected and never be without energy. 

Leading Solar Industry Warranties

Your Energy CO provides a 25-year workmanship warranty, as well as the panel’s 25-year performance warranty. For the solar industry, these warranties are some of the longest and strongest terms you will find. 

Emphasizes Fastest Possible ROI

Your Energy Co brings consultants to you to look at all available purchase options for your system. Its goal is to have the customer’s system paid for in the quickest time possible with the most tax benefits applied to the purchase.


The Bad

  • Important Information Not Disclosed
  • No Specific Product Information 
  • Young Company

Important Information Not Disclosed

Your Energy Co is barely getting into the industry. Important information about financing, service areas, certifications, and warranties are not available. Well-rated solar companies provide their potential customers with information about their start, who they partner with for financing, certifications, good reviews, incentives, manufacturing partners, etc. 

No Specific Product Information

Your Energy Co focuses on what the customer wants to hear about money, more money in the customer’s pocket, less money to the big energy companies, free battery backup, and the lowest price guarantee. Unfortunately, there is nothing mentioned about what products the company uses.

Your Energy Co's website states that the company uses “Tier 1” products, but doesn’t explain what this tier consists of.  Which types of panels a company uses is crucial in deciding if you want to use its services or go with another company. Strong companies in the solar industry list the products, manufacturers, warranties of the specific products for their customers to review. 

Young Company

Your Energy Co is a new company. This is evident by the lack of information and reviews available. Your Energy Co is in the growth phase and using its platforms to recruit employees. The age of a company is critical when choosing a solar company because many of them risk not being around for their warranties and the consumer may not be able to take advantage of the warranties they were promised. 


The Bottom Line

We would suggest being cautious of Your Energy Co. Its website lacks important information most customers would look for before even getting a quote.  Although Energy Co promises a battery backup with a solar installation, the details of what type of battery that is may end up causing customers more problems than its worth.

We appreciate Your Energy is trying to recruit employees but using their web presence to solicit salesmen that want to be millionaires may strike the wrong chord with a consumer doing research on a solar company that claims to be the lowest priced in the industry. We want consumers to know what they are getting with a company, and this company doesn’t have strong markers for us to recommend it. 

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