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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

William Brother Construction offers a wide range of home and construction services to residents in Southern California. The company is primarily focused on kitchen and bathroom remodeling but also offers complete solar and roofing services to clients interested in cutting utility costs. 

Each William Brothers Construction solar project is custom-made and tailored to fit the needs of the property. All prospective clients can take advantage of the initial free quote and financing overview prior to getting started. During this consultation, any questions or concerns from the client will be addressed.

The professional team with William Brothers Construction includes licensed contractors, engineers, electricians, and plumbers. The team can also help solar clients access energy efficiency rebates.

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The Good

  • Residential Property Services
  • Financing Options

Residential Property Services

William Brothers Construction offers comprehensive remodeling services to its clients. The company is heavily focused on offering a number of residential property services, including solar. In addition to solar installation, William Brothers Construction offers the following services:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • New construction
  • Interior remodeling
  • Exterior remodeling

Out of all of the residential property solutions William Brothers Construction offers, the most beneficial to solar clients is the experience in handling roofing issues. Many solar installation companies will install a system regardless of roofing lifetime status. William Brothers Construction has the expertise to analyze a roof’s state and determine if work should be done prior to installation. 

Financing Options

Having a solar system installed on a property is a financial investment. The average system installation in the United States costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. While there are some local and federal tax incentives, those breaks will not cover the entire cost. To combat the steep upfront costs, William Brothers has teamed up with a number of financing organizations to provide solar loans to its clients:

  • Foundation
  • EnerBank USA
  • Mosaic
  • FortiFi
  • Synchrony

While some solar installation companies have a number of requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for a solar loan, William Brothers has partnered with organizations that make it easy for nearly every property owner to harness the power of solar. The company offers zero interest financing, fast application and approval times, no home equity is required, and payments are not charged for the first 24 months. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Lack of Warranty Information
  • Limited Service Area
  • Not NABCEP Certified

Undisclosed Equipment Information

The equipment installed in a solar project plays a key role in the efficiency and production of energy. Most clients want Tier-1 solar equipment from some of the best manufacturers that offer the latest technology in the space. In order to provide this high quality service, most solar installation companies will set up an equipment partnership with or become an authorized dealer of a certain Tier-1 equipment provider. Some companies even make multiple partnerships to provide a comprehensive list of choices to clients regarding equipment options.

However, William Brothers Construction does not appear to have any of these high caliber relationships with solar manufacturers which should be a concern for prospective clients. There is no way to determine what level of equipment is installed in William Brothers Construction solar projects because that information is not disclosed. 

Lack of Warranty Information

Warranties are an industry standard within the renewable energy field. Due to the high costs associated with installing a solar system, extensive warranties are offered to protect clients’ investments.

There are typically two standard warranties offered to solar clients: equipment and workmanship. The equipment warranty generally lasts 25 years and is covered by the equipment manufacturer. The workmanship warranty is offered by the solar installation company itself and covers any issues that can be traced to installation errors. These warranties are on average 10 years.

William Brothers does not make any public mention of warranties or if these same industry standard services are extended to its clients. This should concern prospective solar clients as warranties are a must. 

Limited Service Area

Solar installation companies have been working on expanding to reach clients interested in solar energy. Not many solar installation companies have expanded into multiple states, but some in the industry have figured out how to grow their reach. Unfortunately, William Brothers has not expanded its operations and only offers services in the following counties in California:

  • LA County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County

By only offering services in these counties, William Brothers Construction drastically limits what clients can receive solar installation assistance. 

Not NABCEP Certified

Certifications matter in the construction field and while William Brothers Construction has licenses and certifications in other trades and skills, it does not have a NABCEP-certified member on its staff. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the ultimate certification organization in the renewable energy space. Most solar installation companies have at least one installation professional on staff that is NABCEP certified. While it is not required to have this certification to provide solar installation services, it goes a long way in highlighting a professional’s knowledge and skills. 


The Bottom Line

William Brothers Construction provides remodeling, repair, and solar installation services to residential property owners. In addition to providing general interior and exterior remodeling services, William Brothers Construction is known for its kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as new construction solutions. Solar clients will have access to a number of financing options provided through the partnerships William Brothers Construction has made with solar financing providers. 

While William Brothers Construction offers a wide range of residential services, there are some solar specific limitations prospective clients should be aware of. First, the company has failed to disclose any information regarding what equipment is used in installation and what warranties, if any, are available to property owners. The service area is also restricted to three counties in Southern California and the solar installation team for the company does not have any NABCEP-certified professionals. 

Considering all service offerings and solutions offered by William Brothers Construction, prospective solar clients should consider other solar installation companies prior to using a remodeling-focused operation to handle such an expensive investment. While William Brothers Construction may offer a quality solar service, there is not enough public information to make that determination. 

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