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LAST UPDATED: August 16th, 2023

Among the many players in the solar industry, Tron Solar, based in the Chicago area, is a noteworthy contender. Tron Solar is a residential and commercial solar provider that has been serving customers in Illinois and Florida since 2018. 

The company prides itself on its expert operations team and quality customer service, as well as its custom solar arrays designed to save customers money and maximize solar energy output.

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The Good

  • Sustainable Impact
  • In-House Installations
  • Diverse Portfolio of Completed Projects
  • Roof and Property Restoration Expertise 
  • Solar Monitoring and Customer Service
  • Robust Warranties
  • Industry Partnerships
  • NABCEP Certified 

Sustainable Impact 

Tron Solar has made significant strides in reducing carbon emissions. The company’s achievement of preventing nearly 10 million CO2 emissions as of August 2023 showcases its dedication to making a positive environmental impact. 

In-House Installations 

Tron Solar's commitment to in-house installations is commendable. By controlling every aspect of the installation process, the company can ensure the highest quality solar panel installation, providing customers with peace of mind.

Diverse Portfolio of Completed Projects

Tron Solar's online portfolio of completed projects is a valuable resource for prospective customers. It allows them to visualize the types of projects Tron has undertaken and assess the quality of the company’s work. 

Roof and Property Restoration Expertise 

In addition to offering solar, Tron Solar has a sister company, Tron Restoration, which specializes in roof construction, windows, and siding. So customers can benefit from solar installation in tandem with various solar and home repair services through the same provider. 

As a note, Tron Solar has dedicated teams for maintenance, repair, solar leak repair, panel snow cleaning, animal control, solar audits, and general maintenance. This offering of various home services is unique in the solar industry. 

Solar Monitoring and Customer Service

Real-time monitoring of solar systems is a major advantage offered by Tron Solar. Its emphasis on customer service, efficiency, maintenance, and performance underscores its dedication to ensuring your solar system functions flawlessly. The presence of nationally recognized solar technicians monitoring systems further boosts confidence.

Robust Warranties 

Tron Solar offers warranties consistent with industry standards, including a 20-year full-service warranty, which covers the solar installation portion of the system; a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects against damaged or defective parts (solar panels, solar inverters, etc.); and a 10-year roof warranty that protects the homeowner against any damage the installation process may have caused to the roof.

In short, these warranties imply Tron Solar’s total confidence in the expertise of its technicians and the quality of its solar PV systems.

That being said, there are some top competitors that offer a slightly longer, 25-year workmanship warranty. 

Industry Partnerships

To deliver these quality solar energy systems to homeowners, Tron Solar has partnered with a number of well-known names in the solar industry that span everywhere from solar panel and inverter manufacturing, to solar power system design, to solar financing:

  • SolarEdge — solar inverters and monitoring systems
  • Enphase — solar inverters and monitoring systems
  • Silfab Solar — solar panels with a 25-year equipment warranty and averaging 19.7% energy efficiency
  • Jinko Solar — solar panels with a 1-year warranty and averaging more than 20% energy efficiency
  • HelioScope — advanced solar design software
  • Mosaic — finances everything from solar panel systems, backup batteries, roofing, HVAC, and more
  • Dividend — financing home efficiency upgrades with some of the fastest approval times in the industry
  • Sunlight Financial — homeowner-friendly loans with low monthly payments

These industry partnerships ensure that customers will not only receive a top-of-the-line system, but also that they’ll be given fair and flexible zero-down financing options that will allow them to take full advantage of state and federal incentives including the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

NABCEP Certified 

Tron Solar has NABCEP-certified team members. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) authors some of the most reputable certification programs in the industry, and companies with this designation mark themselves as true experts in the field. 


The Bad

  • No Solar Lease or PPA
  • Only Available in Illinois and Florida
  • Customer Reviews Shortage 

No Solar Lease or PPA

While Tron Solar does appear to offer leases for commercial solar projects, the same cannot be said for residential customers. Neither does the company offer the cost-effective power purchase agreement (PPA) option.

Both of these alternatives eliminate upfront costs and reduce expenses to low monthly fees that either rent the system or buy the power it produces.

Only Available in Illinois and Florida

Tron Solar is only available in its home state of Illinois as well as Florida. As both of these states are becoming increasingly competitive solar markets — with hundreds of solar providers operating in either state — the company could highlight its track record of quality installations and customer service by promoting verified Tron Solar reviews on trusted sites.

Customer Reviews Shortage 

While Tron Solar boasts an impressive array of features and services, the lack of a substantial number of customer reviews is a potential drawback. Customer reviews play a pivotal role in providing insights into real-life experiences and can influence prospective customers' decisions. An increased repository of reviews would provide a clearer picture of the company's performance.


The Bottom Line

Tron Solar showcases numerous strengths, from its sustainable impact and customized solar solutions to its comprehensive services, maintenance offerings, and in-house installations. The company's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer care is evident across its operations. 

However, the need for more customer reviews to offer a more complete evaluation cannot be overlooked. As with any major decision, prospective customers should carefully consider these pros and cons to determine if Tron Solar aligns with their solar energy goals and expectations.

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Doug Foerch Vernon Hills, IL

Very good quality. They are reliable. The company is easy to work with.

1 year ago