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LAST UPDATED: October 3rd, 2023

For the past 30 years, Treeium has specialized in environmentally friendly home improvement and remodeling services. The company offers a broad range of services from kitchen remodeling to artificial turfs to pool deck pavers.

Treeium also offers several services related to energy generation and conservation: solar, roof replacement, window and door replacement, energy audits, home batteries, and HVAC replacement. These energy services aim to decrease electricity bills and help customers wisely manage their energy use.

Treeium offers residential and commercial solar system installations and a variety of solar-related services:

  • Battery backups
  • Hot water home systems
  • Cool PV and thermo pool solar
  • Solar pool heating
  • Energy audits

The company has received multiple home remodeling awards and recognitions, as well as quality brand partnerships. Since its opening, Treeium has successfully completed 8,869 projects, over 400 of them being solar installations. The company is well experienced and established. 

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The Good

  • High Credibility
  • Well-Established Company
  • Quality Brands

High Credibility

Treeium is highly credible among its own customers and industry organizations. The company has received several home-improvement awards from various credible organizations. Treeium has made a reputable presence within the home remodeling industry. 

The number and quality of the company’s client reviews also give substantial evidence of Treeium’s credibility. Clients applaud the company’s professionalism, reliability, and quality workmanship. Treeium has the benefits of a local company with the credibility and quality of a top remodeling company.

Well-Established Company

Treeium has been in business for an impressive 30 years. The company’s home-improvement projects have expanded the company’s services throughout the years. For example, many of the company’s services are related to renewable energy or environmental projects. It’s unclear how many years Treeium has offered solar services. However, the company’s longevity is evidence of Treeium’s quality service, company success, and professionalism. 

Quality Brands

Treeium is associated with top-industry, quality brands. The company is partnered with SolarEdge, Panasonic, and REC Solar — all top industry companies. These partnerships enable customers to receive more impressive warranties and products. 

The home remodeling company offers several high-end solar brands: GAF, SolarEdge, Tesla, Solaria, and Panasonic. These products are praised and trusted by the industry.  


The Bad

  • Remodeling Focused, Rather Than Solar
  • Limited Locations

Remodeling Focused, Rather Than Solar

Treeium is a credible and impressive home remodeling company. Part of the remodeling services includes solar installations. The company is not a solar-focused business. All the company’s social media posts are targeted towards people in need of kitchen or bathroom remodeling, or anything in that area. Also, most of the company’s client reviews did not mention any solar service. Solar seems to be another great service Treeium offers.

Companies that specialize in only solar systems and installations become more experienced and well-versed in the solar industry. Many solar companies are continually innovating and finding the newest solar techniques and products. Other solar businesses have much more intense services including off-grid systems, a variety of inverters or microinverters, internal wiring installations, etc. Treeium seems to have quality solar installations; however, other companies provide more information, more services, and more experience.

Limited Locations

Treeium serves a limited number of counties in Southern California: 

  • San Bernardino
  • Orange
  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura

If a client lives outside of these areas, they should contact a Treeium representative.


The Bottom Line

Treeium is an impressive, well-established home remodeling company. The company provides several services including solar installations. Treeium uses top brands, giving the customer quality products, impressive warranties, and the most up-to-date solar technology. 

While the company has been successfully servicing Southern California residents for the past 30 years, Treeium is still less experienced in solar installations. The company’s main focus is remodeling services, not entirely solar products. Companies solely focused on solar services can have greater innovation, techniques, products, installation services, and maintenance. If a client is in need of remodeling services or simple solar installations, Treeium is a fantastic candidate. If a client is in need of an intense solar system, a local, well-established solar company might be the better option. 

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Edward Havens Long Beach, CA

Let me start off by saying that Treeium might have been a good company at one time, but in 2023, they are authentic scam artists. I contracted with Treeium to install a solar system at my house in January 2023, after going through numerous reviews of the company on more than a dozen websites. The permit from my home city took a little longer than expected, but we were supposed to have the system installed in early May. Then June. Then July. Then I was ghosted by the company. Eventually, in mid-August, I was able to get ahold of Moty, the CEO of Treeium, who explained to me that the company was going through some financial difficulties, and that the $30k I had already paid them for the materials had been spent on other projects (which is a breach of contract), and that it might be two or three months before they could install it... unless I gave them the next payment, which wasn't due until installation was completed, now, in which case they could get it installed in the next ten days. Which, incidentally, is extortion, and is stated twice in the contract they provided us that is illegal in the state of California. Instead of allowing myself to be extorted, I gave them one final opportunity to do the right thing and install the solar system we're already given them $30k to install, or I'd have no other choice but take them to arbitration. The arbitration company assigned a case manager today, because Treeium decided ghosting me again was the smartest course of action. So if you see all these bad reviews and still decide they are worth giving a chance, that's on you. You've been warned. Stay as far away from Treeium as possible.

8 months ago

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Robert R. Redondo Beach, CA

We contracted with Treeium Energy (a subsidiary of Treeium Inc.) to install a home solar system for us (photovoltaic panels, battery back-up and EV charger) on 1/25/22. As of today (10/12/22), the system is still not operational and the project is not complete. Here are some of the problems that have arisen in the course of this project. 1. The contract we signed specified an estimated completion date of 5/20/22. We are about 5 months past that date and the project is not completed or operational. 2. The contract was outrageously front-loaded so that Treeium collected funds before doing the associated work. There was thus no financial incentive for them to complete the project. 3. The process of getting plans approved by the city was needlessly delayed because Treeium was not aware of the proper protocol to follow in getting approval. 4. Treeium told us that, once materials were received, installation of the system would be complete in 2-3 days after starting work. It took over a month. 5. After installation of the system, Treeium left significant stucco damage unrepaired for a month. 6. Because of all the project delays, we’ve suffered financial loss as a result of having to pay interest charges and utility bills at the same time. 7. Treeium has tried and repeatedly failed to file proper paperwork to (1) get utility company approval to turn on the system and (2) to get the utility company rebate they told us we’d get. 8. Treeium has been unresponsive to our requests for information on project status and estimated completion dates. 9. Treeium has failed to respond to concerns at all. They’ve basically been ghosting us. I would avoid doing any business with Treeium at all, and particularly avoid doing any solar-related work with them. Treeium is not a professional operation.

1 year ago