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LAST UPDATED: November 24th, 2023

Founded in 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, TIER 1 Solar Solutions is a full-service solar energy provider. The company has partnered with industry leader SunPower to offer Nevada homeowners with some of the best solar panel systems on the market.

TIER 1 Solar Solutions offers additional system upgrades like solar energy storage, as well as a suite of payment options that includes zero-down financing.

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The Good

  • SunPower Partner
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • Comprehensive Solar Consulting Services

SunPower Partner

TIER 1 Solar Solutions' strategic partnership with SunPower signifies a formidable collaboration at the forefront of the solar industry. Leveraging SunPower's global leadership and innovative technology, TIER 1 Solar Solutions ensures customers receive cutting-edge, high-quality solar panels and materials.

The partnership also extends to the warranty. TIER 1 Solar Solutions offers SunPower's Complete Confidence 25-year warranty on parts, labor, and performance.

This collaboration not only underscores a shared commitment to staying ahead of industry advancements but also enhances TIER 1 Solar Solutions' credibility as a trusted solar provider in Las Vegas. Customers benefit from top-tier materials, advanced technology, and a seamless solar journey, solidifying the partnership's position as a powerhouse in delivering reliable, efficient, and customized solar solutions.

Flexible Financing Options

TIER 1 Solar Solutions facilitates the adoption of solar energy by offering a diverse range of flexible financing options tailored to individual financial needs. Collaborating with industry-leading finance partners, the company ensures customers have accessible pathways to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

From zero-down financing for an effortless entry into solar energy to various payment choices, including cash, leases, and loans, TIER 1 Solar Solutions provides flexibility to suit diverse preferences.

The collaboration with industry leaders like Dividend Solar, Mosaic, and others also opens avenues for customers to qualify for federal solar tax credits, enhancing the financial attractiveness of their solar investment.

With a streamlined application process, TIER 1 Solar Solutions ensures a straightforward and efficient experience, making solar energy financially viable and accessible to a broad audience seeking a clean and sustainable energy transition.

Comprehensive Solar Consulting Services

TIER 1 Solar Solutions extends its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering a suite of additional consulting services, ensuring a holistic approach to solar solutions. Beyond expert installation, the company provides valuable services like ground-mounted solar system consultations, solar covering quotes, and assistance with roofing and HVAC replacement.

The inclusion of these services showcases TIER 1 Solar Solutions' dedication to meeting diverse energy needs, whether through alternative installation solutions, customized solar coverings, or comprehensive support for roof and HVAC replacements.

By expanding its offerings, the company reinforces its position as a one-stop solution provider, guiding customers through every aspect of their solar journey and empowering them to make informed decisions for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.


The Bad

  • Not NABCEP Certified
  • Only Available in Nevada
  • Questionable Web Practices

Not NABCEP Certified

A notable drawback for TIER 1 Solar Solutions is the absence of certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification is widely recognized as a benchmark for solar professionals, indicating a commitment to high industry standards.

The lack of NABCEP certification may raise concerns for customers seeking assurance of the company's technical proficiency and adherence to best practices in the solar industry.

Only Available in Nevada

While TIER 1 Solar Solutions excels in serving the Nevada market, its limitation to this geographical area may disappoint customers outside the state. This regional exclusivity restricts the company's accessibility, potentially excluding interested customers in other regions from benefiting from its reputed services.

Questionable Web Practices

A notable issue plaguing TIER 1 Solar Solutions is its questionable web practices, specifically rampant keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing involves excessively loading web content with keywords to manipulate search engine rankings. This dishonest practice not only compromises the integrity of the company's online presence but also creates a poor user experience.

Such tactics can mislead search engines, resulting in inaccurate rankings and potentially leading customers to irrelevant or misleading information. The implications include reduced trustworthiness, potential penalties from search engines, and a diminished user experience for those genuinely seeking information about solar solutions.


The Bottom Line

In navigating the landscape of solar energy providers, TIER 1 Solar Solutions emerges as a prominent player in the Las Vegas market. The company's partnership with SunPower, commitment to customization, and competitive pricing are commendable attributes that position it as a reliable choice for those considering a switch to solar.

However, the absence of NABCEP certification raises concerns about the company's adherence to industry standards, impacting its credibility in the eyes of customers seeking the highest technical proficiency. Additionally, the limited availability of TIER 1 Solar Solutions exclusively in Nevada may disappoint those outside the region, narrowing its reach in the solar market.

Furthermore, the questionable web practices, particularly keyword stuffing, tarnish the online integrity of the company. This not only raises ethical concerns but also jeopardizes the user experience, potentially steering customers towards misleading information.

In conclusion, while TIER 1 Solar Solutions exhibits strengths in certain areas, the drawbacks, including certification absence, regional exclusivity, and questionable web practices, necessitate careful consideration.

Prospective customers should weigh these factors against the company's positive attributes to make an informed decision based on their unique preferences and priorities in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient solar solutions.

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