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LAST UPDATED: July 17th, 2023

The Energy Company is committed to providing superior renewable energy solutions in an industry that can be tricky to navigate. With a focus on customer service, high-quality installations, and cutting-edge products, The Energy Company aims to revolutionize the residential solar industry. 

Situated in San Diego, The Energy Company serves homeowners throughout Southern California. Recognizing the region's abundant sunshine and growing demand for clean energy solutions, the company is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solar systems to households in the area. 

By focusing on this specific geographic market, The Energy Company can prioritize localized expertise and deliver personalized services to their customers.


The Good

  • Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Solar Batteries and EV Charging 
  • Off-Site Assessment and Solar Suitability 

Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

Distinguishing itself from traditional solar companies, The Energy Company possesses a unique specialization in renewable energy semiconductor manufacturing according to its LinkedIn page. 

Leveraging its expertise in this field, the company produces advanced solar panels and components, ensuring optimal efficiency and durability for customers' solar systems. By combining renewable energy manufacturing with residential installations, The Energy Company demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Solar Batteries and EV Charging

In line with the company's commitment to comprehensive energy solutions, The Energy Company offers solar batteries as an integral part of its solar systems. These batteries allow homeowners to store excess solar energy generated during the day and use it during evenings or high electricity demand, thereby maximizing self-consumption and reducing reliance on the grid. 

Additionally, The Energy Company recognizes the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and offers EV charging station installations in conjunction with solar, enabling homeowners to conveniently power their electric cars using clean energy generated by their solar systems.

Off-Site Assessment and Solar Suitability 

Understanding that every home is unique, The Energy Company offers an off-site assessment to determine if a property is suitable for solar energy integration. Through this process, the company evaluates various factors such as sun exposure, shading, roof orientation, and structural considerations. 

By conducting a thorough assessment, The Energy Company ensures that homeowners receive accurate information about the feasibility and potential benefits of solar — tailored to customers’ specific needs.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information
  • Needs Verified Reviews

Undisclosed Information

The Energy Company has not disclosed its financing partners or equipment partnerships, which may warrant further inquiries from prospective customers. Important financing details include eligibility requirements, interest rates, and homeowner loan transferability. 

Additionally, the company does not include warranty information on its website. Most solar companies disclose the manufacturer’s warranty details, workmanship warranties, and performance guarantees, where applicable. 

Needs Verified Reviews

As a relatively new player in the solar industry, The Energy Company has yet to accumulate verified customer reviews. This limits our ability to gauge the company’s performance and customer satisfaction. 


The Bottom Line

While the company is relatively new compared to more-established competitors, The Energy Company's dedication to excellence sets the stage for a promising future.

As The Energy Company strives to establish itself as a prominent player in the residential solar market, its San Diego base, manufacturing expertise, and offerings such as solar batteries and EV charging stations set it apart. 

While the company's lack of verified reviews and undisclosed information may raise some questions, it also signifies a chance for homeowners to discover the benefits of working with The Energy Company and contribute to shaping its reputation for excellence in the solar industry.

If you’ve worked with The Energy Company, please leave a review below. 

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Bart landsman Huntington Beach, CA

I was not sure about what The Energy Company was offering at first. It sounded too good. But I Yelped them and SunCo and there were no fraud alerts, only good reviews. So we went forward with the solar process. It took some time for it all to happen, permits and such.... but it did happen as they said it would. I was in contact with Ryan G the whole time. He always answered any questions immediately. The solar panels are up and now waiting for final inspection. I'm very pleased to this point.

2 months ago