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LAST UPDATED: April 12th, 2022

Synaptic Solar is a licensed and insured solar subcontractor operating out of the state of Texas. The Synaptic Solar tem specializes in the engineering, procurement, and construction of solar PV installs. The Synaptic Solar team provides a completely in-house installation experience, managing everything from engineering to the construction in an attempt to lower typical industry costs.

Synaptic Solar works for companies performing solar installs. While Synaptic Solar will interact with the solar clients, the company’s real client is the solar sales force that hired the team for installation services. 

Solar is expensive and installation costs contribute to those high prices. The dependable and experienced solar install team at Synaptic Solar offers competitive rates. The master electrician for Synaptic Solar has over a decade of solar installation experience and the project managers have over five years of experience. Synaptic Solar installs solar roof mounts and has experience with a variety of inverter systems.

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The Good

  • Installation Services
  • Certified Enphase Installers
  • Installation Certification
  • Fast Installation Times

Installation Services

The beauty of the Synaptic Solar business model is that solar sales departments can quickly scale and help more homeowners access the benefits of renewable energy because the installation work is contracted out. This reduces the amount of time clients are waiting for their solar system to finally be installed. By taking over the entirety of the installation work, Synaptic Solar relieves solar companies of the following duties:

  • Site surveying — Synaptic Solar uses drone technology and detailed roof assessments to create the most accurate measurements and details for any roof type. This step takes place in as little as 24– 48 hours. 
  • Design and engineering — The in-house design and engineering teams create the solar project to present to the client. Between the years of experience, NABCEP personnel, and MW’s of solar design, the solar package is guaranteed to adhere to AHJ guidelines and national codes. This step takes 30 minutes to one hour. 
  • Permitting and interconnection — The Design and Engineering team along with the Permitting and Interconnection department will work together to acquire permits and PTO as quickly as possible. The high volume of project Synaptic Solar completes has allowed the company to become acclimated in numerous cities and utility providers around the state. 
  • Warehouse management — Synaptic Solar has three warehouse locations statewide allowing for inventory management to help solar businesses save time and money. 
  • Installation — The expert Synaptic Solar installation team along with qualified electricians will take over the job ensuring quality and professionalism on each job site. Additionally, the company has close relationships with many city inspectors making it easy to schedule the required inspections on the same day as installation.
  • PTO and monitoring — Synaptic Solar understands the importance of achieving PTO as quickly as possible for each and every project. The Synaptic Solar team ensures that each homeowner is set up with a monitoring platform allowing them to see their solar system and its production at all times. 

Synaptic Solar is one of the few strictly solar installation providers in Texas. 

Certified Enphase Installers

Most solar companies have partnerships with solar manufacturers. These partnerships allow clients access to the top tier technology within the solar industry. Synaptic Solar, while the company does not sell solar equipment, has developed a partnership with Enphase and is certified in installing all Enphase equipment.

Enphase is a major producer of solar equipment, and Synaptic Solar has the experience and training required to seamlessly install Enphase solar systems. 

Installation Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a nonprofit professional certification and accreditation organization that offers both individual and company accreditation programs for a number of solar services. Being NABCEP certified is not a requirement in the solar installation industry, but it is the gold standard.

Many solar installation companies do have a NABCEP-certified member on staff, but all Synaptic Solar installers have this level of certification setting the company’s team of professionals apart from the rest of the industry.

Fast Installation Times

Since Synaptic Solar only handles the installation process and has the in-house staff to support it, the company offers some of the fastest turnaround times in the solar industry. Most solar clients experience a 180-day wait to get solar installed, but companies that use Synaptic Solar for installation experience a 30-day turnaround. 


The Bad

  • Subcontractor Status
  • Limited Service Area

Subcontractor Status

A vast majority of solar companies handle the sale, installation, and in some cases, the monitoring of solar systems. Synaptic Solar, however, does not do the sale portion of the solar process, meaning the company does not necessarily work directly with prospective solar clients. Synaptic Solar is strictly a subcontractor. 

Limited Service Area

Synaptic Solar has enough in-house manpower to fulfill 200 solar projects per month and over 2,500 annually. As subcontractors, Synaptic Solar bypasses the sales portion of the solar process and can get right to work with installation. The service Synaptic Solar provides allows solar sales companies the opportunity to quickly grow and expand, but the subcontractor itself has been unable to expand geographically.

Most solar companies do operate out of one single state or several populated areas within the state, but a few have expanded into other states and regions. Synaptic Solar has not been able to take this jump yet and as a result has a limited service area. 


The Bottom Line

Synaptic Solar is a high quality solar subcontractor that works directly with solar sales companies and indirectly with solar consumers. The company offers comprehensive solar installation services, have become certified Enphase installers, are certified with the NABCEP, and have some of the fastest installation turnaround in the industry. 

Synaptic Solar is not designed for the prospective solar client. Synaptic Solar does not do solar sales, so an interested homeowner will need to go to a company that actually conducts the sale process. Additionally, Synaptic Solar only installs systems in Texas limiting the company’s service.

For companies looking to expand, Synaptic Solar is an excellent subcontracting option. Prospective solar clients will have to involve a third party to complete the entire solar process as Synaptic Solar does not handle sales.  

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