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LAST UPDATED: October 2nd, 2023

SunRev provides start-to-finish solar management, sales, and installation services to homeowners looking to become more energy independent by utilizing clean, renewable energy sources. For decades, SunRev has helped clients enjoy decreased utility bills while maximizing energy production abilities through advanced technology and tier-1 solar equipment being used in its installations.

Over time, SunRev became a partner of and ultimately an Elite Dealer for SunPower. SunPower is the leading solar panel manufacturer in the world and is commonly found on residential properties all throughout the country. It is safe to say that SunPower has perfected the residential solar system and provides advanced solar technology and energy monitoring services to users.

The team at SunRev has over 30 years of experience in the solar industry. The in-house team provides in-depth expertise and knowledge regarding how solar works and how it can work for each and every client. All SunRev technicians are properly trained to effectively install SunPower solar technology and storage systems. 

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The Good

  • Solar and Storage Option
  • Federal and State Incentives Available
  • Production Guarantee
  • Free Solar Calculator

Solar and  Storage Option

The solar system and storage options available through SunRev is one of the best in the industry. The SunPower Maxeon solar cells combined with the SunVault Storage system allow for increased energy independence that other equipment manufacturers simply cannot match.

The technology used and installed on a property can make a big difference when it comes to savings and longevity. Solar clients will likely benefit from what SunPower manufacturers and SunRev subsequently installs. 

Federal and State Incentives Available

Bringing down the cost of solar equipment and installation is something all solar clients are interested in. However navigating the federal and state incentive programs can be daunting. SunRev relieves this pain point by assisting all clients through the incentives program at both levels.

California and Nevada each offer state tax incentives in addition to the federal incentives available. Some solar installation companies leave the financing and incentive programs entirely up to the customer to figure out, but SunRev assists clients throughout each step of the process. 

Production Guarantee

A general standard within the solar industry is that residential solar equipment should last anywhere from 25 to 35 years. While equipment may last that long, whether or not it maintains its same level of efficiency and production is another story. Most manufacturers will offer an equipment warranty while installation companies offer a workmanship warranty. A production guarantee is not commonly found within the solar industry, yet SunRev offers this through the SunPower equipment. 

All solar panels will lose at least a small amount of their production abilities year over year. However, SunPower’s proven technology offers the lowest degradation rate to date. This is why SunRev guarantees its energy production through its equipment for the lifespan of the system, or 25 years. Solar customers will likely not find these same guarantees with other manufacturers or providers. 

Free Solar Calculator

For many interested solar clients, figuring out how much money will actually be saved over time is a key determining factor in whether or not solar panels are installed on their property. Afterall, not many people are going to fork over thousands of dollars if that financial investment is not going to pay off at some point. Determining when this point will come is oftentimes left up to the imagination.

SunRev eliminates this problem by offering a free solar calculator to anyone interested in what solar can do for their home. Not all solar installation companies make this information readily available to prospective clients, but SunRev offers the tool online for anyone to use. The data provided will in turn help prospective customers decide whether solar is worth pursuing. 


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification
  • Limited Service Area

No NABCEP Certification

Typically, solar companies that have been operational within the solar realm for over 20 years have at least one professional on staff that has taken the time to receive certification from the National American Board of Certified Energy Practioners. The certification organization has been around for quite some time, so obtaining its gold standard certification is not a new goal.

Most solar installation companies will employ at least one NABCEP-certified professional, if the company itself has not sought out its own certification. SunRev does not have any in-house professionals that are NABCEP certified. 

Limited Service Area

Generally, any solar installation company that offers services in more than one state has a larger geographical area than a vast majority of its competitors. And while SunRev offers services in both Nevada and California, that service area is somewhat misleading. SunRev provides localized services in two regions in states that sit right next to each other. The SunRev service area includes Las Vegas and Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

While the company has expanded services to cross state lines, it still only services specific cities in certain geographical areas. Outside of these cities, SunRev will not be able to take on the solar project. 


The Bottom Line

SunRev offers high-quality solar services to homeowners looking to save on monthly energy bills. The solar and storage option available through SunRev is a huge draw for many solar customers as it creates one of the best opportunities on the market to be energy independent. The team at SunRev will help clients navigate the incentives process at both the federal and state level to reduce the overall costs of the system and installation.

SunRev through SunPower offers a production guarantee, something not all equipment providers can promise. Interested solar clients can utilize the free solar calculator tool available online to determine whether solar is worth looking into and providing context to some key pieces of data. 

Prospective customers should be aware of the following limitations in regards to what SunRev offers. There are no NABCEP-certified professionals on the SunRev staff, which is concerning considering the company has been in business since 1978. And while SunRev provides services in two states, services are restricted to Las Vegas and the Los Angeles metropolitan area. 

Residential homeowners looking for a SunPower solar system to be installed and have access to the industry’s leading warranty will benefit from what SunRev offers to its clients. SunRev will handle all aspects of the solar project, making it fast and easy for clients to start saving with a reliable renewable energy source. 

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Paula Hansen Covina, CA

We're new to Solar, and actually have just completed the Sales Presentation and Contract portion of the experience, and had a SunPower Project Manager assigned to us, with a date on the calendar for our roof and attic inspection. When I was reading BestCompany's review of SunRev, the following couple of sentences had me concerned -- "There are no NABCEP-certified professionals on the SunRev staff, which is concerning considering the company has been in business since 1978." I read this statement to our SunRev sales rep, and he clarified something for me. SunRev is simply the SALES force for SunPower, so they don't NEED to have NABCEP*-certified professionals on staff. THAT is needed for the installation folks who, as I understand it, are true SunPower employees. (I will, however, run this past our SunPower Project Manager, to see if her answer mirrors SunRev's salesman's answer. ) So far, so good! *NABCEP = National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

10 months ago


Review Source

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Debbie Belkin Northridge, CA

We were looking into the purchase of a solar battery. First thing we did was to contact Scott A. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about the battery and the process for us to purchase it. He is always available by phone or email when we need answers to questions we have. We highly recommend his company for all your solar needs.

7 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Troy Los Angeles, CA

Overall very satisfied with the process so far, communications with project is key and so far they have been excellent.

4 months ago

star star star star star

Yazen Haddad Orange, CA

Really good service. Interviewed multiple companies and they were the best and most knowledgeable.

11 months ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Kay Pace Moorpark, CA

Kerry F was our representative who did an amazing job at explaining everything and answering all our questions!

1 year ago