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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

SunPower by Energy Plus Solar is a residential and commercial solar and alternative energy provider servicing the Northern Los Angeles region of California. Energy Plus Solar has worked in the solar industry for over 25 years and, in 2013, fully transitioned to being a SunPower dealer offering some of the industry’s best technology and equipment to interested clients.

All technicians employed by SunPower by Energy Plus Solar are trained in panel, inverter, and battery storage installation. The team at SunPower by Energy Plus Solar will handle all aspects of design, installation, and provide high quality craftsmanship to each project that is taken on regardless of property size. 

Those interested in utilizing SunPower by Energy Plus Solar will have access to solar incentives and assistance throughout the entire project. None of the work, equipment, or technology is outsourced in any way.

The work, production, and equipment are also backed by SunPower with industry-leading warranties covering all possible complications for a full 25 years. The “Complete Confidence Warranty” will also cover labor and shipping so clients can truly rest assured that their financial investment is fully protected. 

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The Good

  • Cell Technology Difference 
  • All-in-One Approach
  • Mounting Options
  • Additional Services

Cell Technology Difference

The cells that make up the SunPower panels set it apart from its competition for a number of reasons. Clients that utilize SunPower by Energy Plus Solar for solar management services will have access to these technological benefits. The SunPower Maxeon cell compared to the conventional solar cell provides the following advantages:

  • No grid lines on front of the cell whereas other cells have lines of metal paste on the front of each cell.
  • Each SunPower cell is backed by solid copper whereas the competition utilizes typical metal backing which is less resilient.
  • Each Maxeon cell utilizes thick connectors eliminating future problems whereas the conventional cell has loose, thin connections.

The SunPower Maxeon cell simply offers a more durable and efficient cell that also couples with a more aesthetically pleasing look. Competitors cannot offer this same cell technology.

All-in-One Approach

The solar system installed by SunPower by Energy Plus Solar is the industry’s only complete home solar system, meaning the entire piece of equipment was designed by one manufacturer (SunPower). Competitors within the same industry could have as many as 16 possible manufacturers involved in the makeup of a solar system. This can lead to problems as there are over 2,5000 possible combinations. That means errors in installation or with specific equipment communication and connection are infinitely more common than for clients that utilize the Equinox system installed by Energy Plus Solar. 

Mounting Options

Many solar installation companies will have to pass on projects where roof mounts are not possible. While SunPower by Energy Plus Solar is still able to install systems on pitched roofs, flat roofs, clay roofs, slate roofs, metal roofs, asphalt roofs, and canopy roofs, the company also recognizes that a traditional roof mount is not always the desired or ideal placement of a system. In addition to roof mounts, SunPower by Energy Plus Solar has also completed ground, carport, and utility mounts.

Each client will receive a detailed analysis as part of the initial consultation process with SunPower by Energy Plus Solar and during this process the desired mounting location will be discussed and determined. 

Additional Services

In addition to offering traditional solar sales, design, and installation services, SunPower by Energy Plus Solar also offers an array of other energy and home services. Most solar installation companies solely offer solar sales and installation services, but SunPower by Energy Plus Solar offers the following additional services:

  • EV charging installation
  • Smart home solutions
  • Re-roofing services

While a handful of solar installation companies will offer EV charging installation or some roofing services, very few also dabble in smart home solutions like SunPower by Energy Plus Solar does. 


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification 
  • Limited Service Area

No NABCEP Certification

All technicians that operate under the SunPower umbrella are properly trained to install the manufacturer’s solar products. However, a SunPower certification is not the same as obtaining NABCEP Certification. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is considered to be the most respected certification organizations in the renewable energy field. The organization has certifications for those involved in solar sales and installation.

SunPower by Energy Plus Solar offers both of those services but does not have an in-house staff member certified with the NABCEP. It is not required to be certified with the NABCEP, but it does go a long way in displaying a certain level of knowledge and skill. Many solar installation companies have at least one NABCEP-certified professional on staff. 

Limited Service Area

Since SunPower by Energy Plus Solar is a dealership under the Sunpower enterprise, there is a specific and designated service area that the company covers. The team at SunPower by Energy Plus Solar covers the greater Antelope Valley or the Northern Los Angeles region.

Because the company is a dealership, there is no room for expansion into other areas at this time. This means interested clients outside of the Antelope Valley will not be able to access the services provided by Energy Plus Solar. Solar installation companies that are not dealers for one specific manufacturer are not geographically limited in this respect and could break traditional service area boundaries to take on projects. 


The Bottom Line

With SunPower by Energy Plus Solar, clients can expect a high level of service essentially guaranteed when working with a SunPower dealer. Energy Plus Solar is no different. The company utilizes a top tier cell technology which provides top tier energy many equipment providers simply cannot match. The all-in-one approach eliminates potential complications by ensuring all work and technology is completed in-house through SunPower.

Interested clients can take advantage of the SunPower by Energy Plus Solar mounting options, particularly for properties where a roof mount is not the best option. Lastly, SunPower by Energy Plus Solar also offers EV charging installation, smart home solutions, and re-roofing services.
There are several reasons prospective solar customers should consider SunPower by Energy Plus Solar. However, there are limitations to the operation that clients should be aware of. While the installation team at SunPower by Energy Plus Solar is well-versed in SunPower specific equipment, they are not certified with the NABCEP. Additionally, the service area is restricted to the dealership's geographical limits covering the northern parts of Los Angeles. 

Residential and commercial clients in the Antelope Valley area who are interested in having an aesthetically pleasing solar system that produces solar energy at a highly efficient rate would likely benefit from what SunPower by Energy Plus Solar offers. 

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