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LAST UPDATED: September 14th, 2023

Sunlink Energy is a solar system company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to the company’s LinkedIn, Sunlink Solar has been installing solar systems since 2019. The company offers full solar system packages: solar panels, battery systems, microinverters, and mobile monitoring systems. 

Sunlink Energy is NABCEF-certified in solar design and installation. The company’s team has been responsible for over 120,000 solar installations. Of the few available reviews, clients referenced the team’s impressive solar knowledge, friendly staff, and quality products. 

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The Good

  • Impressive Warranties
  • Quality Products
  • Mobile Monitoring App

Impressive Warranties

The top solar industry standard for performance warranties is 25 years. Usually, top equipment warranties land around 10 to 12 years. Workmanship warranties can vary from 10 to 25 years. Sunlink Energy’s website states, “Our panel and microinverters carry a 25-year product, performance, and labor warranty.” The company’s warranties meet and exceed the highest warranty standards for solar products and installations.

Quality Products

Sunlink Energy prides itself on its top-of-the-industry products. The company’s premium panels generate around 400 watts, about 80 watts higher than the industry standard (315 watts); Sunlink’s standard panels are around 340 watts.

The company also offers SolarEdge or Micro IQ7+ inverters, rather than the average string inverter. These microinverters enable clients to generate more electricity from their solar panels, install solar panels with more flexibility, and enjoy the benefits of a longer inverter lifespan and warranty. Compared to average solar companies, Sunlink Energy’s products are more efficient and advanced.

Mobile Monitoring App

Several solar companies have mobile tracking available to clients. Sunlink Energy is one of those companies. Clients can monitor their solar system’s performance 24/7. System tracking enables clients to optimize energy generation and consumption, as well as monitoring possible damages to the solar systems.


The Bad

  • New Company
  • No References

New Company

According to Sunlink Energy’s LinkedIn account, the company opened in 2019. While solar is a fairly recent industry, Sunlink Energy has not been open for very long compared to other solar companies. Sunlink Energy has not yet built a strong reputation among clients. Reviews on external sites are few and limited. The company’s service and organization are unclear.

No References

Sunlink Energy’s website does not have any client references or evidence of past projects. Many solar companies provide galleries or past project details so potential clients can get a feel for the company. The lack of references is especially concerning since the company has only been open for a couple of years. Sunlink Energy does not have evidence of a good reputation.


The Bottom Line

Sunlink Energy is a solar company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company opened fairly recently in 2019. The company’s main selling point is its product quality. Sunlink Energy exceeds average solar standards in its inverters, warranties, energy generation, and mobile monitoring systems. 

While the company’s products and services seem extremely impressive, Sunlink Energy’s reputation remains a little fuzzy. The company provides zero client references and company reviews are difficult to find. 

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Doug White Maricopa, AZ

First, the salesperson sat on my couch on October 13 and told me that I would be on solar power by the end of December 2022. When that time was that approaching, I contacted SunLink Energy they told me that that was not going to happen and it would take at least six months for ED3 electric company to schedule a connection time. To shut me up they offered a payment. Then ED3 Electric company set the schedule from May to April 2023 they showed up and did the installation on April 4, 2023. After that they did nothing, on April 24 I contacted SunLink Energy to get an update because April was coming to an end and I was in fear of having to wait another six months to get the ED3 Electric company schedule. SunLink Energy contacted me and said they had approval from ED3 Electric company but they are waiting for a custom tag needed for final inspection and they would have someone out there during the week. Then I pushed the issue a little more stating the installation was done on April 4 why is it taking so long? Then they gave me the line that this was a custom tag and they were waiting for the vendor. Then I contacted them and accused them of dragging their feet and lo and behold they contacted me saying the guy would be there tomorrow April 25 and the final inspection the following day. On May 1 I contacted SunLink Energy stating April has come and gone and I still do not have active solar panels. I received a reply saying that the inspection was passed and now they are waiting for ED3 electric company. On May 10 I finally got my solar hook up. The timeline from signing the contract to getting solar was from October 13 to May 10. Then on August 31, we received our first heavy rain and we had water leaking in the house. On September 1 I contacted SunLink Energy about the issue they stated that they were booked up and would not be on the make it until September 6. When they arrived on September 6, they reviewed the problem and said it was a roofing issue, not their problem. My roof never leaked before the installation of solar panels. They must remove a solar panel to find the leak and it clearly shows that someone stepped on a weak spot on the roof and broke the underlayment then covered it up with the tile and left a hole in my roof. But they claim it’s not their issue. If you’re looking for a good decent solar company SunLink Energy is not the one. If you need more proof, I have emails and pictures to prove it.

5 months ago


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Nathan Phoenix, AZ

Working with Sunlink Energy to design and install our system was extremely easy and fast. They answered all my questions and John Maxie has been great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and if he didn't know the answer, he would let us know and get the answer. Highly recommend! Nate

2 years ago

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Andres Glendale, AZ

If you are looking for a system that is going to provide you with half the needs of your home and the most overprice system on the market this is your company you have to look no further just call Chase and be be really happy and smiley to help you If you are looking for a company that is going to help you save money and energy this is not your company, my neighbors systems are twice more powerful and half the price Just do your home work before you hire this company they were referred by a friend and it’s been the worst mistake that I made

8 months ago

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Kyle Longmore Gilbert, AZ

10 out of 10. I was very impressed by the companies attention to detail. Through the entire process the sales guy keeps me updated with whole process. I would highly recommend them.

2 years ago


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Ryan Zalevsky Phoenix, AZ

Having gone through a 3rd party sales company, we didn’t actually have the choice of contractors for the install. We had to trust our sales guy. We did and do trust the sales guy at Cold Fusion Solar, but it is very unfortunate that his company chose sunlink for the installation. Sunlink did not communicate or coordinate very well from the beginning. We were given an installation date but not given a time that the installation would begin. The crew was banging on my door at 6am on a Monday morning (which is fine if it is expected). They crew dropped some debris and various parts in my yard throughout the installation without cleaning up. When they were done, they left without letting us know the job was finished. We weren’t sure if they were coming back another day or what. After all was installed, sunlink made an error in our city paperwork which caused all kinds of confusion and delay with getting everything hooked up. I had to chase this down via my sales guy or I’m confident it would have just been dangling. Next, it took sunlink over a week to initiate getting the monitoring app provider (solar edge) to get us an account creation link. Then, the app indicates that my brand new system is not producing in the middle of the day in sunny Phoenix AZ. Turns out sunlink installed an inverter (solar edge brand) that has been recalled which is causing my system to shut down During the sunniest part of the day. So Sunlink installed a faulty inverter. Then, I Found out from my sales guy that sunlink has just decided to not use solar edge inverters anymore. My system was installed mere weeks ago so I guess I just got the last of their stock of crap?? Now, I’m waiting for sunlink to come out and replace my brand new inverter with another solar edge inverter knowing that sunlink no longer has a business relationship with solar edge. Meanwhile, my system is producing maybe 1/3 of the power it should because the inverter keeps shutting itself off. To top it off, we get emails from sunlink congratulating us on having our solar turned on. And inviting us to write these reviews. Our sales guy at Fold Fusion is running point for us, but seems like sunlink should know and care what’s going on. I have serious concerns with this company moving forward in terms of support of the product they installed. I would not recommend sunlink or Solar edge products or services to anyone. Steer clear!

1 year ago